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It ‘s authoritative to choose a world name or URL, that ‘s easily to remember and spell so customers can find you easily. You can customize your sphere name to your memory mention, and it can end in .com, .org, .gov, and even more creative things like .co or .io .
Search the handiness of a world diagnose that reflects your business with Shopify ’ s free WHOIS search. This search tool is designed to help you find WHOIS information about a knowledge domain name, who might own it, and when it expires .
If the world name you searched for is unavailable, use the WHOIS search to find out when it expires before you move into other ideas. If you have an existing web site, the WHOIS tool can help you check domain information when transferring possession to a raw web site .

How to come up with the right domain for your business

The tool lets you search an inexhaustible total of sphere names for your business, from the public WHOIS database. If your business name has already been registered by person else, you can explore available domains based on your search.

Shopify ’ s WHOIS search tool will provide you a list of recommend domains, but finding the good matchless that works for your brand is up to you. Knowing what makes the best domain international relations and security network ’ t always easy, but when you register a web site name, here are some factors to keep in beware :

handiness : Make sure your brand name international relations and security network ’ t already taken by person else to avoid legal risks. If another brand has reserved your web site name ( or something similar ), it can be confusing for customers and misrepresent your on-line reputation and search handiness.

clarity : Choose a domain that is simple, net, and makes your business memorable for customers returning to your web site. If customers don ’ thyroxine understand your web site or brand initially, they will be less likely to remember it in the future. A good knowledge domain name shouldn ’ triiodothyronine want to be explained .
Searchability : It ’ south authoritative to choose a domain name that doesn ’ t look to close to any major competitors or brands online. This way, your consultation will have no trouble finding your business or the keywords associated with it. Your domain name should be american samoa memorable as your brand name and easy to associate with your business. once you ’ ve found the right sphere, make certain to reserve it adenine soon as possible .

Fast and easy domain names from Shopify’s business name generator

If you don ’ thymine already have a commercial enterprise name, try Shopify ’ second Business Name Generator to explore master and available world names, auto-generated in seconds. When you register a domain name with Shopify, you ’ ll receive a 14-day free test to start your on-line store .

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