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The 80K point IHG is again making the rounds – this time by e-mail. Find out what to look for to make certain you don ’ thymine miss it ! It is funny story how you truly never appreciate something – until it is gone. The previous 80,000 point IHG circuit board offer was around for quite a while and even included a $ 50 argument credit. When the populace yoke was taken down, people were still successful calling in to get it but even that has changed as time went on .

Chase 80K Point IHG Offers By E-Mail

nowadays, the official public propose is 60,000 points. With a hotel program like IHG ( because of their Pointbreak hotels ), that is a loss of up to 4 supernumerary nights in the bonus !
But, IHG has started targeting more people with the 80,000 steer volunteer. frequent Miler wrote not long ago about he and early IHG Platinum members were targeted through their IHG account when they signed in. I am not a Platinum ( which you can be just for holding the wag – but I do not presently have the card ) and so did not have the offer in my account.

yesterday, I did receive the offer through e-mail. I tried to isolate the application link but it pre-populated with my information and stripping the link down to the basic tease offer brought up an “ offer not Available ” page. then, it does seem that you will need to be targeted to get the best offer – 80,000 points .

Finding The offer

If you are like many of us, we frequently do not pay attention to electronic mail ads or maybe it went to your junk/spam booklet. If that is the casing, here is what you need to look for to see if you have recently received the e-mail offer .
“80,000 Reasons To Book Your Summer Vacation” – try using that search string to locate the potential propose in your e-mail. It is the independent wrinkle of the electronic mail and that should bring it up, if you were targeted .

Offer Details

  • Receive 80,000 points after spending $1,000 in 3 months
  • $0 annual fee first year ($49 each year after)
  • Receive a free night each year your card remains open
  • Platinum elite status as long as your card is open

unfortunately, logging into my IHG account on-line did not bring up that offer – it stayed at the 60,000 point level. then, it would appear that you need to have the electronic mail .
alternatively, you could call into Chase and note that there is a 80,000 point offer being sent out and you want to see if you had been targeted. Maybe mention that the 80,000 points would get you excited adequate to apply while the 60,000 points is fair not enough. They may be able to “ find ” it for you on your score ( they did offer it to others who were not targeted in the past ) .


With IHG, 80,000 points can go a long way if you redeem for the popular 5,000 sharpen per night Pointbreak hotels ( stream number here ). If you are a fan of top-tier hotels, having 80,000 points is enough for one ( at 50,000 points ) while hush leaving enough over to redeem for other rooms.

even though the offer makes this a compelling poster, the best function about keeping the card is the excellent 1 release night each class with your reclamation ( $ 49 annual fee ). If you have trips planned near hotels that would give you the opportunity to redeem for that, it is an excellent tease to hold on to ( see The Dilemma Of Free Annual Hotel Nights for more information ) .

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