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The Windmill Massacre, known as The Windmill in the US, is a 2016 English-language Dutch slasher movie directed by Nick Jongerius. Charlotte Beaumont stars as an australian fugitive in the Netherlands who joins a enlistment group to escape extradition. After their bus breaks down by a windmill reputed to be haunted by an revenge demon, the tourists begin cryptically dying. It premiered at the London FrightFest Film Festival in August 2016 and received a limited theatrical spill in the US in October .

plot [edit ]

After fleeing Australia, Jennifer takes a job as a nanny in the Netherlands. Her employer finally discovers her true identity and that she is a fugitive. Looking for a way to promptly leave Amsterdam, she attempts to bluff her way onto a tour bus. Abe, the driver, allows her to board without a ticket, joking that “ there ‘s always room for another sinner ”. The other tourists include british businessman Douglas and his son, Curt ; Jackson, a british soldier who incidentally killed a prostitute prior to boarding ; Ruby, a french photographer sent to take pictures of windmills ; Takashi, a university scholar who speaks alone japanese ; and Nicholas, a trouble british doctor. Takashi recognises Ruby as a promotional model who starred in a popular japanese ad crusade. Responding to him in Japanese, Ruby downplays her fame and asks him not to cause a scene. Jennifer drops a pill bottle, and Nicholas hands it back to her after examining the label. After seeing her dead father stand in the road, Jennifer claims the busbar has struck a valet. The other passengers become annoyed when she insists on check, and the situation only worsens when Abe can not restart the bus topology. Abe suggests they wait for avail to arrive, but Jackson and Jennifer leave to investigate a nearby windmill. After having flashbacks of killing the prostitute, Jackson is suddenly maimed by a scythe-wielding demon. Jennifer flees as the demon kills Jackson.

The other tourists do not believe her, and Nicholas points out that the bottle she dropped earlier was for an anti-psychotic. Jennifer angrily denies being crazy. The others attempt to calm her but do not believe her floor about a demon. As they argue, the bus wobbles precariously. As they disembark, Jennifer unintentionally injures Curt. Douglas announces that his son is a hemophiliac and accuses Jennifer of causing all their problems. Abe leads them to an abandoned cabin and, over Jennifer ‘s objections, leaves to seek aid from a moth miller. Takashi wanders off alone and, after seeing a apparitional apparition of his beloved grandma, expresses compunction for abandoning her. After returning, Abe finds an ancient document that says a local Devil-worshipping miller became an revenge devil after he was burned alive. Each of the tourists find personal items in the cabin that remind them of dark secrets, and they experience nightmares or flashbacks. Jennifer is revealed to have unintentionally caused her younger brother ‘s death while killing their abusive beget. After treating Curt, Nicholas wanders external, where he denounces a silent, apparitional patient for ruining his career. Nicholas was drunk while operating on her and caused her death. Takashi returns to the others, witnessing the demon as it kills Nicholas. The others at first blasted Jennifer for Nicholas ‘ death. Takashi says, through Ruby ‘s translation, that the monster spared him because of his compunction.

As the others come to believe Jennifer, they admit their sins : Ruby says she hired a yakuza to disfigure a rival model in Japan, and Douglas admits to killing his wife. Ruby drowns after admiring her reflection in a consortium of urine, and the demonic miller decapitates Douglas. Revealing himself as the miller ‘s adjunct, Abe kills Takahashi because the miller can not kill innocents or contrite people. Abe lures Curt and Jennifer back to the windmill under the pretense of helping them to set it on displace. Jennifer expresses no regret for killing her abusive church father, and the miller attacks her. She is saved when Curt escapes Abe and sets the windmill on fire. As the miller disappears, Jennifer remembers her dead brother and risks her life to rescue Curt, slashing Abe ‘s neck. Abe survives his wound by using bone meal from the mill to staunch the shed blood. As he taunts Jennifer, telling her she can not escape her fortune, the miller reappears and kills her in front of Curt. Later, Abe picks up another bus warhead of tourists. When one of them can not pay, Abe allows him on the bus, repeating the same line from earlier.

roll [edit ]

production [edit ]

Nick Jongerius grew up near a windmill and said he always found them creepy. The film was based on a concept dawdler that proved popular on YouTube. once he had support, however, Jongerius rethought many of the themes and changed their focus. [ 4 ] Jongerius cited Brian De Palma as an influence on his filmmaking, though he said he did not realize the extent of the charm until after completing The Windmill Massacre. other influence were Amicus Productions horror films and Agatha Christie. [ 5 ]

passing [edit ]

The Windmill Massacre premiered at the London FrightFest Film Festival on 29 August 2016. [ 1 ] XLrator Media released it via television on demand on 25 August and gave it a limited theatrical unblock in the US on 28 October 2016. [ 6 ] It grossed $ 90,634 internationally. [ 3 ]

reception [edit ]

Rotten Tomatoes, a review collector, reports that 44 % of nine surveyed critics gave the film a cocksure review ; the median evaluation is 5.5/10. [ 7 ] Though praising the premise, Justin Lowe of The Hollywood Reporter wrote the film “ never manages to connect the high concept with effective word picture ”. [ 2 ] Maitland McDonagh of Film Journal International called it “ formulaic stuff ” besides the placement and focus on windmills. [ 8 ] Writing for the Los Angeles Times, Noel Murray called it “ an unusually slick and well-acted slasher painting ” whose professionalism makes up for its lack of originality. [ 9 ] Rob Staeger of L.A. Weekly, in comparing it negatively to The Abominable Dr. Phibes, wrote that it focuses besides much on the slasher villain and not enough on the questions raised about grace and repentance. [ 10 ] Dread Central ‘s Matt Boiselle rated it 3.5/5 stars and wrote, “ Jongerius keeps the template simplistic, ferocious, and absorbing to those who like a bunch of butcher with their tour-information videos – recommended. ” [ 11 ]

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