Role & Responsibilities of Test Manager / Test Lead

Your ship’s company, a fiscal pot, built up a banking web site. This is the biggest software project ever in your company & your boss wants the highest quality product .

The development team worked so hard to make the web site. now this web site is setup at server.
however, they are not certain how effectively it will work when launched in real business environment .
Your boss assigned you as Test Manager of the project. Your task is to verify and evaluate the choice of web site Guru99 Bank before delivering it to the customer .

If this is the foremost time you have taken in-charge as a Test Manager, you may ask some stick to questions

This tutorial series will help you to answer above questions. You will have a gamble to become a Test Manager of the real number undertaking Guru99 Bank .
Before kicking off the project, you should know the basic concept of the Test Management answered with following series of questions –

What is Test Management?

An important separate of software quality is the process of testing and validating the software .
Test Management is the practice of

  • Organizing and controlling the Testing process.
  • Ensuring visibility, traceability, and control of testing process to deliver high-quality software.

Why do we need a Test Manager?

The role of Testing in software development Life Cycle

The watch number shows the position of Testing in Development serve

In above waterfall model, software test is one of the phases of the software development lifecycle ( SDLC ). The Testing phase plays an important function and a key factor in SDLC, which helps to improve the quality, reliability & performance of the software system .
Let ’ s take a look at advantages of software testing in the Software Development Life Cycle :

  • Improves the quality, reliability & performance of the system.
  • Produces good quality product in the competitive market.

We can not deny that Test Management is a key role because the leave of it affects the success of the project. therefore, to create an effective test process, we need a full Test Manager

What is the Role and Responsibility of Test Manager?

The function of the software test coach is to lead the testing team. Test Manager plays a central role in the team .

The Test Manager takes full responsibility for the project ’ mho success. The role involves timbre & test advocacy, resource design & management, and resolution of issues that impede the testing feat .
The Test Lead / Manager is responsible for :

  • Building up and leading the Testing Team to the success of project
  • Defining the scope of testing within the context of each release / delivery
  • Deploying and managing resources for testing
  • Applying the appropriate test measurements and metrics in the product and the Testing Team
  • Planning, deploying and managing the testing effort for any given engagement.

The Test Manager must understand how testing fits into the organizational structure, in early words, clearly define its character within the administration .

What are the challenges in Test Management?

now let ’ s answer the following questions

Did you ever lead a Testing Project?

It’s ok. These tutorials will help you to effectively manage your project

Sound Good! You have some experience of Project Management

Do you think Test management is very challenging task?

You should think again! Under-estimating management activity may cause the project to fail
Good answer! Even if you used to be a Test Manager, Test management is always a difficult task

Being a screen Manager, you must guarantee all the play along requirements :

There are tons of difficulties and challenges you will face when leading a project. here are some typical issues :

  • Not enough time to test
  • Not enough resources to test
  • The project budget is low, and schedule is too tight
  • Testing teams are not always in one place
  • The requirements are too complex to check and validate

You already knew some typical difficulties in Test Management, let ’ s start with a virtual example
think now you are Test Manager of the project : verify and evaluate the quality of web site before launching it to the customer .
Your boss wants to discuss with you about the project plan, the screen sufficiency, budget, and build up. Are you ready ? Let ’ s join in the discussion

The above exemplar is equitable one of many difficulties you may face in your undertaking. The following tutorials will help you overcome these difficulties to your success .

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