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Christmas is precisely around the corner, and for those who like to prepare in advance, I have the perfect and easiest tutorial for making Christmas gift tags with your Cricut machine.
These endow tags are not lone easy to make, elegant, and unique, but they ’ re compatible with all Cricut machines !

multiple christmas gift tags  made with cricut featured image
Check out this fantastic article where I have 25+ Cricut Christmas Ideas if you want to put your machine to work this vacation season !
Tip: This tutorial builds upon the skills I teach in every step, so if you’re just starting with your machine, I suggest you read/follow each step.
Are you ready ?
Let ’ s Daydream Into reality !

The tools and materials you need for this project are reasonably simple, and you will most probable have them on hired hand .

  • Cricut machine¹
  • Fine point blade
  • Standard green mat²
  • Brayer³
  • Weeder tool⁴
  • Twine
  • Beautiful paper⁵
  • Free SVG (Download on the next section)

materials needed for making Christmas gift tags with Cricut
1. You can use any Cricut machine for this stick out. If using a Cricut Joy, you ’ ll need the Joy entangle and fine detail blade .
2. These endowment tags have very intricate cuts, you don ’ t need a sword fresh master of arts in teaching, but you want a entangle awkward enough for the paper to stay in place .
3. The brayer is one of my front-runner Cricut tools because it allows me to smooth out and stick my material on the mat. You can besides use your hands or a scraper .
4. sometimes, the intricate cuts will stay on the endowment tag, so a weeder is necessity to help you get those stubborn cuts out .
5. Ugly bum newspaper equals ugly, cheap-looking gift tags. I use black, white, hydrofoil crimson, and foil gold cardstock .
I will match black with gold and red and white .
Buy Christmassy colors, and have fun matching them. Believe it or not, choosing the properly wallpaper combination can be one of the most time-consuming parts of a project .
Take your time, and be finical !
note : Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate practice glitter cardstock for the front of the give tag. The cuts are besides intricate, and I don ’ thymine want you to be frustrated and damage your precious paper. You can use glitter cardstock for the back of the gift chase .

As I mentioned before, here is the template for this undertaking .
To download the file(s), you NEED to be on a desktop or laptop, and you must click on the button to trigger a download file on your pc.
Depending on your browser settings, your personal computer sometimes asks where to save the file, although most of the files will be in your download booklet .
If the image opens in a new window (this may happen because of your browser settings), right-click on it, select the option “Save Image As,” and choose where you want to save the file.
SVG files look like web page files when you download them .
Oh !
And merely then you know, I besides have a library broad of complimentary SVG files and Printables for all my subscribers, a.k.a Daydreamers. You can see a preview right here or get access by filling out this form.
If you ’ re into printables, I have 50+ Free Printable Christmas gift tags for you to use adenine well !

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step 1 – Upload File

Log in to Design Space, and once you download the Christmas endowment tags, cluck on the “ Upload ” icon on the left panel of the canvas and go to “ Upload Image ” follow the prompts and select the image from the “ Recent Uploads ” watch, and pawl on “ Add to Canvas. ”
uploading christmas gift tags to cricut design space

step 2 – Organize File

Before cutting, we need to do a couple of things !
I want to make 16 giving tags in total, and I recommend you besides make enough of them. I mean adequate to make for each person you ’ ll give a award on christmas !
I will make eight tags in black and gold and another eight in white and red foil cardstock .
Let ’ s start with the black and aureate give tags .
As you can see below, there are five give tags, four of which have intricate cuts and another one that is solid .
The solid one I included for people that wanted to make endowment tags with a background contrast. That ’ s how I made them, and I recommend you do them .
ungroup christmas gift tags in design space
Duplicate the solid tag until you have four copies .
nowadays from the color box next to “ Operation, ” change the colors of the tags with intricate cuts to yellow ( or the color you ’ re using ) and the color of the solid tag to black .
duplicating and changing colors in design space.
I like to change the order of colors in my projects .
The first four tags are gold on the movement and blacken on the back. I want my following four tags to be black on the front and aureate on the rear .
Go ahead and select the four solid tags and change the color to yellow, then repeat the lapp summons with the give tag with intricate colors ; only this time, change the color to black .
mix and match color for christmas gift tags in design space.
After you ’ re done changing colors, chink on “ Select All ” on the top jury and either Ctrl ( cmd ) +C and Ctrl ( cmd ) +V or duplicate all the endow tags so we can work on the white and foil red ones .
Change the colors of the fresh tags, making surely one rig of endow tags is red on the front man, white on the back, and the other group is white on the front and red on the back .
adding more christmas gift tags to design space and changing colors.
merely like that, the organizing work is done !

Isn ’ t that super easy ?
Save your project and chatter “ Make it ” on the upper-right corner to send it to your machine .

If you have a machine with a “ Smart Set Dial, ” move it to custom then you can follow along with this tutorial .
Depending on the Cricut you own, you ’ ll have different options to load your materials. Click “ On Mat ” 12×12 in and click on “ Confirm. ”
selecting how to load materials in design space
As you can see, we have four different mats, so we ’ ll have to prepare mats, load, and unload four times !
Don ’ triiodothyronine concern, though ; this project goes super fast !
If you ’ re using 12″ ten 12″ paper, you don ’ t need to do anything for the comply step. I used letter-sized paper ; consequently, I had to move my gift tags so they would fit my newspaper .
This process has to be done with every single mat color !
arranging things on cricut mat to fit my paper.
Click on “ Continue ” to select materials .

step 4 – Select Material

Although I am using two different types of cardstock ( matte and hydrofoil ), they ’ re both around the same thickness ; consequently, I picked “ Medium Cardstock – 80 pound ” as my base fabric. I besides set the coerce to “ More ” and checked the “ Remember material settings ” box .
selecting base material in design space
Be careful when checking or leaving un-checked materials settings .
I have noticed that Cricut doesn ’ triiodothyronine pick up the request with older machines. therefore, as a good practice and if you ’ rhenium using different materials, check your settings before cutting .

step 5 – Prepare Mat and Start Cut

place the paper on the mat and secure it with a brayer ( optional ). This cut has tiny details, so the flat must be very sticky, and the newspaper must be well adhered to .
Load entangle to the car and imperativeness the flash go release to start the cut .
using brayer to place paper on mat
cricut cutting white christmas gift tags
removing christmas gift tags from cricut mat
once the Cricut is done cutting, unload the mat, and bend it to release the pieces. This project has intricate cuts that can break if you rush to get things off the mat .

After cutting the first plant of give tags, Cricut will prompt you to cut the next mat. Repeat all the other cuts until you ’ re done cutting all four mats
placing black paper on cricut mat
cutting red christmas gift tags with cricut
placing gold paper on cricut mat.
I noticed that some of the intricate cuts stayed on the endowment tag. Use a weeder tool to help you remove those bits of paper .
using weeder tool to remove unwanted cuts from gift tags.
You ’ re done cutting your endow tag !
Don ’ t they look beautiful equitable like that ? Wait until they ’ re assembled so you can see how stun they will look !

Assembling the give talks is super easy !

  1. Cut small twine string – about 6.5 inches and make a small knot.
  2. Grab your gift tag pieces, intricate top, and solid bottom, and insert the twine (knot forward) from the back.
  3. Grab the twine from the front and insert it into the loop.

tying a knot on a twine string
inserting twine on gift tag
finished christmas gift tag made with cricut
That ’ s it !
I mean, it can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate become easier than that !
I fair explained how to do the giving tag ; however, I like to work in bulge !
For example :

  1. Cut all the gif tags (done)
  2. Cut all the twine into 6.5 inches strings
  3. Tie all knots.
  4. Assemble all gift tags.

working in bulk to assemble christmas gift tags
When you work in bulk, things go means faster !
And we ’ re all done !
Don ’ t they look extremely adorable ?
Which one is your favorite one ?
My favorite is the tree gift tag with the egg white cardstock on top !
I thought the foil paper ones on top would be better, but the matte paper on top of the giving chase was out of this global !
That ’ mho why I recommend mixing and matching the same colors .
Although there are only four different designs, when you use different colors and mix and match them, you on the spur of the moment have 16 unique give tags .
Isn ’ thymine that amazing ?
christmas tree gift tag made with cricut
snowflake gift tag made with cricut
Christmas gift tags made with Cricut
Got tantalum sexual love Cricut for making such a antic machine !
bunch of christmas gift tags made with cricut

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