Free Printable Dachshund Christmas Cards

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I couldn’t let the series pass me by without an adorable doggy Christmas card (or two!). These Dachshund Christmas Cards are modeled after my own 11-year-old Dachshund. Because who doesn’t love a good wiener dog? You can grab either design of these 

Dachshund Christmas Cards below.

I just love a cute dog card…and if it’s a Dachshund? Even better, y’all. I’m a dog person through and through…but more than that, a wiener dog owner and lover. Whether you own a dog or have a friend who is a dog-lover that would appreciate one of these in the mail, be sure to grab either design of these 

free printable Dachshund Christmas Cards for some holiday happy mail.

Free Printable Dachshund Christmas Cards

While I chiefly post my greeting card designs over on my new blog, Print Pretty Cards, these days, I figured, what ‘s a Christmas printable series without any actual greeting cards ? so, I ‘m throwing today ‘s prints in for that very rationality.

If you haven’t met her yet, allow me to introduce you to our own Dachshund, Chloe. 

She is actually a Standard Dachshund (not the more common miniature version of this breed). Chloe’s been with us for almost six years, but she’ll actually turn 12 in January (she was a rescue dog). While she’s an ornery one, she’s also the sweetest pup around. These Dachshund Christmas Cards were made with our Chloe in mind. 

Christmas also happens to be Chloe’s favorite time of the year. No, really. I know this because every year when the tree goes up, she drags her bed across the room to lay underneath it and bask in the glow of the twinkle lights. It’s quite comical, actually. But, it also tells me of her love of the holiday season (I’m sure).

Dachshund Christmas Card Designs

I have both Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays versions of this card design below. Both Dachshunds are surrounded in a red swirly badge-shaped frame and then beyond that is the classic black and white gingham check print. I just love black, white, and red as a fun Christmas color combination. It’s just a slightly out of the range of “classic Christmas colors”, but still feels so holidayish.

Who wouldn’t love to receive a card with a Dachshund in a festive sweater and a pom-pom topped stocking cap? If I could only get Chloe okay with wearing sweaters, I’d have made her the cover model for this card.

print and Using Your Dachshund Christmas Cards

  • As with all of my free printables, these are for personal practice alone ( please do not resell in any manner ). If you ‘re interest in license, be certain to see all of the available Commercial Licensed Printables that I do have available .
  • These cards are designed to be printed onto white, letter-sized cardstock. regular paper is excessively reduce for greeting cards .
    • Grab a pack of cardstock here on Amazon (that’s where I buy my own!).
  • Print these using your normal or BEST setting on your home printer .
  • After they ‘re printed, cut them out around the perimeter ( or barely inside it to remove the outline ) .
  • Fold the tease in half. You can rub either the manage side of stainless steel scissors or a bone booklet along the close up border of your card to create a placid rumple.

  • Write your own sentiments inside the poster .

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