Farmhouse and Primitive Christmas stocking patterns

Make a variety of Farmhouse and Primitive stocking ornaments by changing out the fabric Farmhouse and Primitive Christmas stocking patterns are used to make the main decorations sprinkled throughout the family this year. There are therefore many fabrics to use for making Christmas stocking ornaments. My favorite is red homespun and loss and white pillow tick. I have besides used linen, tea towels, old embroider towels, wool, and more. These Christmas stockings can be very simple or more detailed .
When the children were younger, they made stocking ornaments for their Christmas craft. When making these ornaments, they used the very same stock patterns that are provided down below. They liked the two patterns below for variety. once finished, adding decorations that are natural products or boughten is completely optional. The stocking patterns may be enlarged, reduced or reversed by choice !

primitive Bedroom Reveal Videos

I love decorating with anything archaic. I have three videos that you may like. The first television is Decorating My Room DIY with Primitive, Rustic, Farmhouse, and Log Cabin Décor that was filmed in the summer months. Another primitive and farmhouse video I made was during the fall where I showed you my archaic and countrified Fall Decorating Ideas. My most late video recording is my Christmas Bedroom Reveal, where I decided to decorate in a more archaic way rather of the traditional manner. Be certain and check them out !

Fabric Needed to Make Christmas Stocking Ornaments

here is where the fun begins. There are indeed many fabrics to use for making Christmas stocking ornaments. My front-runner is crimson homespun and red and white pillow click. I have besides used linen, tea towels, old embroider towels, wool and more. These Christmas stockings can be identical dim-witted or more complicate. You can decide how much you want to put into them. To give the stockings a vintage look, dye them. It ’ randomness easy to make a coffee bean and cinnamon dye. Or, try using walnut hulls tea dye. even using strong black tea will work besides !

Fabrics needs to make these stockings can be found all over the home.

Supplies Needed to Make Christmas Stocking Ornaments

  • Free downloadable patterns can be downloaded by clicking the buttons above
  • Fabric-cotton, muslin, wool and more
  • Sewing machine (recommended but not necessary)
  • Neutral thread for top and bobbin
  • If hand sewing, heavy-duty thread, and needle to accommodate the thread
  • For wool using the blanket stitch, embroidery floss is recommended
  • Marking utensil, preferable iron away pen
  • Jute
  • Faux Christmas greenery
  • (optional-fresh cut greenery)
  • 24 gauge wire for hanging (brown or black is best)
  • Faux Christmas berries
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Little bells
  • Buckwheat hulls are optional
  • Stuffing, I use natural undyed cotton
  • Natural Cotton Batting ( or Poly-fil stuffing if not using a natural filler)
  • Cotton and linen fabric scraps
  • Wooden spoon or wooden dowel
  • Essential oil (optional)
  • Hemostat (optional)
  • Fabric scraps-used for pet beds for partial filling (optional)
  • Pendant sayings (optional)

Directions to Make Christmas Stocking Ornaments

Directions and PDF printables how to make stockings

  • Download the Christmas stocking ornaments patterns
  • Cut out the patterns
  • (optional and recommended-glue the patterns to a cereal box, cardboard or clear plastic mylar and then cut out)
  • Cut out a 9×9 inch square of fabric for each stocking
  • Fold the fabric in half, right sides facing together
  • Use the fabric’s selvage as the top of the stocking if possible
  • Trace the patterns onto the fabric (use a light color pen)

Christmas stocking tutorial

  • If sewing on the drawn line (leave room on each side of the pattern when tracing the pattern-this makes it easier to handle)
  • When using striped fabric, ensure the lines match before pinning-see image below

How to match lines when sewing a stocking pattern can be frustrating, but it's important to have them lined up for a pleasing result.

Sewing the Christmas Stocking Ornaments

If the selvage boundary was not used, you will have to decide if you want a clean finished edge. If you do want a clean top edge ( hem ), press under 1/4 to 1/2 inch to the inwardly and either topstitch each ( hem ) of the sprout or leave pressed to the inside. A frayed attend can be achieved by stitching a 1/4-1/2 inch from the top and gently pulling out the top threads .

  • Sew with a very small stitch on the drawn line
  • Backstitch several times the first few inches and the last few inches to reinforce the stitches
  • Cut a ¼ inch away from the stitching
  • Clip very carefully around the curves, up to the stitching line but not breaking the thread
  • Turn the stocking inside out (a hemostat is very helpful)
  • Press with an iron (settings to match the fabric)-this looks the best
  • Optional pressing, use a wooden iron

This is what it should look like if the lines were by rights matched prior to sewing. If you want a more “ vintage ” feel, you do not have to absolutely align the stripes before sewing .

Stuffing the Christmas Stocking Ornaments

  • Fill the toe and heel with buckwheat hulls (optional)
  • Stuff the toe and heel tightly with small pieces of batting (cotton, fabric scraps or polyfill)
  • Continue to stuff the rest of the stocking, using small pieces of fill or better yet (use very small scraps saved in the “pet’s bed container) and using the end of a wooden spoon or dowel to push and compact the filling until firm
  • If using partial fabric scraps be sure to start and end with cotton or polyfill
  • Stuff up to 1 inch from the top
  • Tie jute below the 1-inch mark now or after all the decorations are put in the stocking
  • If using an essential oil on the filling, do so before stuffing to allow the fill to dry otherwise the oil may stain the fabric

Use recycled cotton quilt scraps for stuffing stockings

Decorating the Christmas Stocking Ornaments

  • Store-bought faux greenery
  • (Optional) Fresh-cut greenery (remove bugs if necessary)
  • Cut pieces of greenery to allow enough to be inside the stocking securely
  • Add little bells to the greenery
  • Cinnamon stick(s) are always festive
  • If the stocking was not tied after stuffing the stocking, now is the time to add the jute and tie, ensure all the decorations are encased in the jute and pull tight
  • Add as much of the wire to the jute (length will depend on your preference) wrap it several times around the jute to secure
  • Optional-poke the wire through the fabric and bend the ends back on itself to lock the wire inside the stocking

Places to Hang Christmas Stocking OrnamentsThroughout the House

  • hang these stocking ornaments on the tree
  • on handles and knobs
  • house plants (ones with heavy stems of course)
  • adding one to the top of a present (instead of a fake bow) is a gift in itself

Places to hang stocking can be all over the house to be used as ornaments Another vacation craft my children use to constantly make, that I find to be a perfect equal with these stockings, are Easy DIY Salt Dough Keepsakes ! besides, Making a Himalayan Salt lamp is so much fun when you scour old-timer or junk shops for the cable baskets to make the lamp ! See the video in carry through, it ’ randomness very addictive if I say indeed myself !

DIY Mercury Glass Crafts

When it comes to Christmas and the holidays, I constantly remember the Mercury glass ornaments we had on our tree growing up. I made 2 videos on DIY Mercury glass with vinegar and water and Gift Ideas using DIY Mercury Glass. The possibilities are endless, specially using dollar storehouse glaze objects and turning them into a fake Mercury Glass gift !

DIY Sewing Projects

If you ’ rhenium interest in a Circle of Friends Quilt Sew Along” visit that blog post for more details vitamin a well as a swerve plane for the quilt. That quilt was challenging, but I loved doing it. I wound up donating the quilt top to an organization out west that finishes quilt tops and donates them to hospice and hospital recipients. besides be certain to check out my video on the YouTube impart of a Silk Tie Quilt where I gave many people the estimate of creating a quilt out of their loved ones erstwhile ties ! The feedback I received on the video, was incredible and people loved the estimate, so I highly recommend trying it out for yourself !

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Christmas stocking decoration supplies :
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Bonus tiptoe for all those cover girl people who can crochet :

I recently stumbled upon Jen Hayes who is another fiber artist who crochets the cunning stockings. actually, they are called “ endow card stockings ” and she includes very detail instructions on how to make these cute stockings. just look at these cuties !
Click HERE to visit Jen ’ s web site to grab her exempt tutorial .

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