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Christmas Pop Up Card: Complex Pyramid Tree Tutorial

so here we are, January 9th and I ‘m posting a tutorial on a Christmas menu. One could say that I ‘m 15 days besides recently, or one can say that I ‘m 349 days early for Christmas 2011. Who am I kidding, I ‘m late. So this is my second tutorial and I ‘m placid learning what to do and what not to do. First of wholly, this television started out being 30-40 minutes long. I doubt any of you would have the solitaire to listen through that. thus, I had to cut out a lot of extraneous parts and speed things up a snatch. Ok, I sped things up a fortune. That was the only way I could manage squeezing the tutorial depressed to 10 minutes, which is placid pretty long. I ‘ll keep trying to make these tutorials shorter .

If you do n’t have the solitaire to watch the television, here is a summarize place of instructions :

  1. Purchase the template for this blueprint here : Christmas Pop Up Card : Complex Pyramid Tree

    1. You can print the template directly on your cardstock, but you will see some print lines after you assemble the card
    2. Or, you can tape the template sheet over your cardstock and cut through the template and the card stock. This is preferred, but more difficult because you do not want the template to shift positions while you cut
  2. Score the lines that need to be folded. These lines are dotted. There are a few areas on my template where the dots did not come out, such as the cad ‘s ears, the dog ‘s feet, and the tree branches which still remain bind to the ground. There are 2 ways to score :

    1. Use your knife and cut very gently half way through the paper. You want to make the cut on the “mountain” side of the fold, so you have to make sure you are scoring the correct side.
    2. Cut dotted lines through the area you want to fold. This will allow you to make either a “valley” or “mountain” fold. You need to worry less about which side you are scoring.
  3. Weed all the extraneous pieces from your cutout. This will take patience. Use a sharp X-Acto knife to trip corners that you missed.
  4. Fold all of your scored lines. Use the X-Acto knife to help control where the fold will be. Don’t forget the dog’s ears and peeing leg.
  5. Glue the 2 halves of the dog.
  6. Glue the tree together starting with the inside tabs.
  7. Glue the outside tabs.
  8. Create a 2 backing sheets that are 4.25″x6.5″.
  9. Glue the first backing to the card, making absolutely sure that you are aligned with the center fold of the card.
  10. Glue the second back to the poster when the menu is in the open put to make certain that the circuit board opens as desired .

I hope you were able to follow that. nowadays I can ultimately start working on the Valentine ‘s Day cards .

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