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This monster wreath tutorial will take you through the steps to make my adaptation of the wreath from The Nightmare Before Christmas. A perfective Disney DIY craft, whether you are decorating for Halloween, Christmas, or any day. I am a huge Disney Fangirl and this project was inspired by a vacation Halloween trip to Disneyland .
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The Haunted Mansion Holiday is an annual vacation offer at Disneyland that combines The Haunted Mansion attraction with characters from Tim Burton ’ s The Nightmare Before Christmas. On the ride, one of the most big things you see as you pass into the conservatory is a giant Monster Wreath ( besides called the Man-Eating Wreath or The Evil Wreath ). His arms are outstretched and he grins with a mouth full of teeth .

Here’s the tutorial video


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DIY Monster Wreath

craftymcfangirl-nightmare-before-christmas-monster-wreath-squareMATERIALS YOU WILL NEED

Download the pattern at
Thin craft foam in white, yellow and crimson
Black and white striped ribbon ( 1.5 inches wide-eyed )
Black and white fabric paint
A glue gunman and glue sticks
A ruler, black marker and a pair of scissors
About 30 inches of garland
( if your garland does not come with wire inside you will besides need )
Floral or craft wire
Wire cutting tool


measurement and cut approximately 40 inches of 1.5-inch-wide decoration .
Use white and black fabric paint to add more stripes. The lines can be a act wavy to add that Tim Burton stylus. When you ’ re done, cautiously set the decoration aside to dry. ( If you want to skip this fabric painting footstep you can plainly shop for ribbon that already has thin black-and-white stripes. )
Cut out all of the pattern pieces and trace them onto your foam. Trace and cut out two sets of teeth and one skull from the white foam. Fill in the eyes and scent of the skull with a black marker. Cut out two eyes from the yellow foam and add pupils with a black marker. then cut about 18 berries from the loss foam. I did not use the traffic pattern for my berries. I just cut 18 small circles of varying sizes .
Take your cycle wreath and supreme headquarters allied powers europe it into an ellipse by squeezing the sides in ; then, fluff the branches out a bite. measure about 15 inches of floral wire, fold it in half and twist it into a coil ; then secure the loop to the top kernel of your wreath .
adjacent, cut two pieces of florilegium. Each one should be about 15 inches long. besides, cut two pieces of wire, 30 inches long each. Fold the wire in one-half and wind each side in opposite directions down the garland. then use the ends of the wire to connect each garland arm to the sides of the wreath. Wind the wire several times around to make sure each weapon is secure .
Heat up your glue gun for the future region. Working on the back, glue the top and bottom tooth. I used a fortune of glue to make certain they were impregnable. Leave some space in between the teeth so they do not touch each early .
adjacent impudent the wreath over and work on the front. Glue down the eyes. Both eyes should slant down toward the center a moment .
You should have 6 sets of three berries. Glue them down in groups of three in respective positions down the sides of the wreath. Do not put them at the bottom.

future, get your ribbon and make certain the fabric paint is completely dry. then tie a big downy bow, making sure the paint stripes are visible on the front. once you have the bow the way you want it, put glue inside the knot to hold it, and add the skull on exceed. then glue the bow in plaza at the bottomland of the wreath. Once the glue is dry, your wreath is done and quick to hang up for Halloween or Christmas !

Thanks for making Christmas with me. If you make a Monster Wreath or deck for the holidays with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme leave me a gossip and let me know, or tag a photograph on Twitter or Instagram # craftymcfangirl .

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