Free (Editable) Microsoft Word Newsletter (Print) Templates

Microsoft Word NewsletterMicrosoft Word NewsletterMicrosoft Word Newsletter
This professionally designed premium Microsoft Word newsletter template is available on Envato Elements.

Working with a premium professionally designed template can have some benefits. With the proper template, you ‘ll find a completed Microsoft Word letter template purpose to help showcase your content and a initiation to make advanced edits. Templates can often be repurposed, remixed, and reused for a server of projects .
We ‘re besides going to look at a tilt of amazing, free templates that you can download for Microsoft Word. First, let ‘s count at some cheer, premium designs .

Why Use a Premium Brochure Template? 

We all, of path, love freebies—free is arguably the arrant price. But nothing in life is entirely rid. premium templates often offer extras that make them worth the price, such as help files, extended options, and higher timbre .
Finding the good loose project can involve a draw of inquiry. You need to find the right newsletter template for Word and in seduce surely it ‘s got the right license for your project. When you go premium the searches tend to be faster, and the license tends to cover most use.

If you ‘re looking for a premium choice with a lot of bang for your buck, check out Envato Elements .
Elements has one, low fee, and then you get access to a huge collection of assets—Microsoft Word documents, photos, graphics, fonts, and much more! And yes, that ‘s all included with that one fee .
freely download and test out as many newsletter and bulletin templates as you like. Do n’t waste time worrying about extra costs or licenses. There’s one low fee for unlimited downloads. sol, download as much capacity as you like !
It ‘s american samoa bare as searching for your looking for and clicking download. That ‘s it. not lone that, Envato Elements keeps your downloads sorted for you, by project, so you can keep your files organized. It ‘s superintendent commodious and easy to use .

5 Best Premium Microsoft Word Newsletter Templates from Envato Elements

Let ‘s spirit at some of the agio professional newsletter format in Word templates, over on Envato Elements. Sit back and enjoy the design inspiration or consider picking one up today :
This stylish newsletter template has a traditional, newspaper feel. Download it today and easily edit it in Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign .
This newsletter design takes an wholly different approach. It ‘s a lot more magazine-like. What kind of aesthetic would be best for your newsletter design project ? This is another template that ‘s got files for more than one software platform : Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop excessively .
This A4 size template is a perfect meet for a broad variety show of projects. Download it today and easily make edits in Microsoft Word. Add your content, make adjustments, and make this design your own .
How about a newsletter embrace with a key color ? possibly you ‘d prefer crimson or green—it ‘s easy to make those changes. This newsletter layout design has sol many possibilities .
This newsletter design has a lot of vehemence on photography. It highlights key parts of this topic excessively. It ‘s a big meet for newsletters where you ‘ve got a lot of content to share. It ‘s wholly editable in Microsoft Word .

5 Best Premium Microsoft Word Newsletter Templates from GraphicRiver

But possibly you ‘re not necessarily looking for a solicitation of downloads. possibly you ‘d prefer to only download the Microsoft Word letter template you need. If inexhaustible download does n’t sound like what you ‘re looking for—but you ‘re still interested in a premium product—consider GraphicRiver. It ‘s pay as you go, sol you only download what you need .
Microsoft Word Newsletter Templates for GraphicRiverMicrosoft Word Newsletter Templates for GraphicRiverMicrosoft Word Newsletter Templates for GraphicRiver
There are so many professional premium Microsoft Word template designs on GraphicRiver to choose from.

The benefit here is that you entirely pay for precisely what you need—no extra dither, no add contented. If you ‘d like to keep things simple, GraphicRiver can be an amazing option .
indeed, before we dig into our free finds, let ‘s look at some of the prompt designs over on GraphicRiver excessively :
Awesome invention, right ? This professionally designed template is then versatile, it could work for many design projects. Whether you ‘re looking for a template for your business or your personal project, this one could work identical well .
This template not only works with Microsoft Word—it ‘s besides Microsoft Publisher friendly besides ! Or open this one up in Adobe InDesign—the choice is yours. Premium templates frequently come with commodious options, like this template does .
here ‘s another versatile Microsoft Word newsletter and bulletin template. It ‘s comfortable to jump right in, add your content, and make this design your own. Whether you ‘re looking to make a draw of edits, or you need a finish up design to showcase your cultivate, this one ‘s a great choice .
Check out this stylish newsletter design. Would you keep the amobarbital sodium color dodge, or would you work with a different color ? There ‘s batch of space here for your transcript, photograph, and other content. Check out the page variants !
here ‘s another fashionable newsletter blueprint, arrant for habit with Microsoft Word. There are so many capital options to choose from, and this invention is no exception. What would you feature on the cover of your newsletter design ?

20 Best Microsoft Word Newsletter Templates For Free

If you ‘re budget is truly close you might not be able to take advantage of premium Microsoft Word letter templates. We get it !
But before looking for rid newsletter templates for Word on the web, check Envato ‘s complimentary offerings first. Try out diverse agio template files ( not always newsletter templates ) at no price to you .
Free Envato FilesFree Envato FilesFree Envato Files
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. You can also find free files each month on GraphicRiver.

here ‘s the deal :

  • Every calendar month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files, ( fonts, presentations, videos, and more ). Create a free account to download this calendar month ‘s free bounty files immediately .
  • Or try Envato Market for complimentary. They offer seven handpicked monthly freebies. Log in with your Envato Market bill to get this calendar month ‘s handpicked premium freebies .

Are you even looking for a free Microsoft Word newsletter template ? now, let ‘s dig into some amazing, exempt finds from the internet ! Take advantage of these loose editable newsletter templates for Word nowadays and add them to your collection :
Free Microsoft Word Newsletter TemplateFree Microsoft Word Newsletter TemplateFree Microsoft Word Newsletter Template
This free template for newsletter in Word is perfect for many projects. Whether you ‘re looking to share info about a school project or a clientele guess, this has plenty of likely .
These complimentary editable newsletter templates for Word have a classic and aboveboard newsletter design. The Newsletter ( Bars Design ) comes with four pages in the template .
free editable newsletter templates for wordfree editable newsletter templates for wordfree editable newsletter templates for word
This release newsletter template for Word was designed with software in take care. Swap out the photograph with one of your favorites and change the colors to push this template further .
Looking to share some news with your staff or employees ? This free template is designed with precisely that in mind. Download it today, for dislodge .
free template for newsletter in wordfree template for newsletter in wordfree template for newsletter in word
This colorful template is free to download—is n’t it eye catching ? It ‘s a great burst for academic projects, but could work for a solid host of fun, creative projects .
This flowery newsletter was designed with florists in mind. The ample space for photograph makes this a great fit for a wide-eyed kind of projects .
microsoft office newsletter templates for wordmicrosoft office newsletter templates for wordmicrosoft office newsletter templates for word
This dislodge newsletter template for Word is bang-up for showing off department of the interior design or real estate. Remember, these are all editable besides. so, you can remix them in any direction you like, and you can do indeed for unblock .
School Newsletter is a free editable newsletter template that comes with two pages. This template is great for any educate function .
download template newsletter microsoft word freedownload template newsletter microsoft word freedownload template newsletter microsoft word free
Are n’t the blocks of tinge in this layout playfulness ? There ‘s some attention-getting use of typography in this one besides. This free layout has then much potential—download it today .
Keep it simple with this clean, minimal Microsoft son template. If you ‘re looking for dislodge blank newsletter templates bible friendly, this one could be fair what you ‘re looking for .
basic newsletter template for wordbasic newsletter template for wordbasic newsletter template for word
here ‘s a big design for business related newsletter projects. What kind of contentedness are you looking to showcase in your newsletter design ? Would you need many pages, or a concise, single page, like this barren design ?
Newsletters are a great way to distribute what ‘s going on at your school or academic administration. Check out this free school newsletter and bulletin template for Microsoft Word .
download template newsletter microsoft word freedownload template newsletter microsoft word freedownload template newsletter microsoft word free
This unblock design is perfect for sharing information about local building projects, fund-raise, and sol much more ! But remember—this plan and the others can all be adapted and remixed !
If you ‘re looking for a design with a set of room for visuals, check out this design. It ‘s a bang-up match for full page imagination. Best of all, it ‘s free to download and customize .
free newsletter templates wordfree newsletter templates wordfree newsletter templates word
work in the food industry ? Looking for a delicious layout, perfect for food photos, recipes, and culinary events ? This Microsoft Word template is both capital looking and detached .
This is a simple free Microsoft Word newsletter template with a start of color. If you ‘re looking for something clean and aboveboard, give this one a look .
free template for newsletter in wordfree template for newsletter in wordfree template for newsletter in word
Sharing information about a property ? Whether you ‘re looking for a real estate fly or newsletter template, this barren newsletter template for Word has enough of electric potential .
Or possibly you ‘re looking to contribution some vacation news with your arrangement or loved ones ? then, this Microsoft Word template is merely what you ‘re looking for—and it ‘s free .
newsletter templates wordnewsletter templates wordnewsletter templates word
This design has a bunch of technical school attract but was besides designed with academia in mind. It ‘s stylish, ready for your content, and completely complimentary to download .
Prefer to distribute via e-mail ? This dislodge electronic mail newsletter template is for Microsoft Word and it ‘s wholly detached to download, customize, and put to use .

How to Quickly Customize a Premium Microsoft Word Newsletter Template

now that you ’ ve seen some of the best Microsoft Word newsletter templates, it ’ second meter to choose a design and customize it. For the purposes of this tutorial, I ’ ll use the premium Newsletter template from Envato Elements .
Premium newsletter template for Word, ElementsPremium newsletter template for Word, ElementsPremium newsletter template for Word, Elements
Get a head start on your newsletter template with this premium Microsoft Word newsletter template from Envato Elements.

Let ‘s get started :

1. Replace the Contents 

Replacing content in a templateReplacing content in a templateReplacing content in a template
Replacing content in the Newsletter template
The first step in customizing your template is to replace the contents with your own. All you ‘ve got to do is double-click on a text area, select all the text by holding down CTRL+A, and then paste or type your own text. Repeat those steps all throughout the newsletter template .

2. Add Your Images

Adding images to the templateAdding images to the templateAdding images to the template
Adding images to the Newsletter template
The Newsletter template comes with prototype placeholders that you can easily use to add your images promptly. Start by right-clicking on the placeholder and pressing Format Shape. Click the Fill tool and choice Picture or texture fill .
Under Picture Source press the Insert push button. Select the desire trope from your computer.

3. Use Your Brand Fonts

Customizing brand fonts in the Newsletter templateCustomizing brand fonts in the Newsletter templateCustomizing brand fonts in the Newsletter template
Customizing brand fonts in the Newsletter template
With the capacity and images added, you ’ re cook to change the ocular styles and make the template more on brand. Start by adding your brand fonts .
To do this, cluck on the Styles Pane push button in the Home toolbar. then under the Apply Style section, click the dropdown arrow next to the style you want to change .
Choose your brand font from the dropdown menu and tick the box next to Automatically Update. Press OK. This will update the text throughout the template. Repeat the process for early text styles you want to change .

4. Duplicate or Delete Pages

If you need more pages than what ’ s available in the template, you can easily duplicate existing pages. To do this, go to the page you want to duplicate and click the bottom correctly recess .
then, switch to the Insert pill and under Pages and blue-ribbon Blank Page .
Adding more pages to the Newsletter template.Adding more pages to the Newsletter template.Adding more pages to the Newsletter template.
Adding more pages to the Newsletter template.

once the lacuna page is inserted, go back to the page you want to duplicate. Select all the elements by clicking at the peak and dragging your mouse all the way down .
Press CTRL+C. Go to the blank foliate you ’ ve inserted and press CTRL+V to paste the contents. You can then update the content .
If you don ’ t need a page and want to delete it, click at the top of the page and drag your shiner all the manner down. Hit Delete on your keyboard .

5. Add Your Brand Colors

Adding your brand colors to the Newsletter templateAdding your brand colors to the Newsletter templateAdding your brand colors to the Newsletter template
Adding your brand colors to the Newsletter template
last, if you want to use your brand colors, right-click on a color human body and blue-ribbon Format Shape. Select Fill > Solid Fill. then, choose your brand tinge or enter your brand color ’ mho HEX code under More Colors .

5 Quick Tips to Make Great Print MS Newsletters in Word for 2022

thus, what makes a big template ? How do you know which Microsoft Word template is best for your project ? Or let ‘s say you found the perfective template, but now you ‘re not certain what to do future .
hera are some quick tips to help you make the best design decisions for your future newsletter undertaking :

1. Command Attention With Your Cover

Your cover is your first gear impression—it ‘s the first thing your viewer sees, so we want to make sure we ‘re putting our best foot ahead. This is more than just “ looking good. ” Things need to work well besides .
Consider what you want to put on the blanket of your newsletter. We can use things like scale ( or size ) to command extra attention to key elements, like the title for exemplar .
Microsoft Word templateMicrosoft Word templateMicrosoft Word template
What will you feature on your newsletter cover design? This premium Microsoft Word newsletter takes a newspaper inspired approach.

2. Imagery Is Communicative

Images are much more than pretty extras. They can say a lot without actually using any words at all. We can use images to support, reinforce, and tied change how statements and stories are portrayed to the lector .
so, for model, looking at the composing below, what do you think the key trope “ says ” to the spectator ? The textbook here is placeholder copy—but one might assume something epic .
Newsletter Template Microsoft WordNewsletter Template Microsoft WordNewsletter Template Microsoft Word
Imagery should be used to complement the narrative and the subject at hand. What does the imagery in this premium newsletter layout design visually communicate to you?

3. Color Is Communicative Too

color can besides say a fortune, and this can depend on your target hearing. In the casing of the design, below, the red is a bold semblance. Imagine this, rather, in blue—it might create a softer aesthetic .
Think about not only what colors communicate to you, but what they might besides communicate to your audience. then, you can make inform, strategic design decisions .
newsletter templates wordnewsletter templates wordnewsletter templates word
Your color choices can say a lot to your audience—check out the bold use of red in this premium newsletter template.

4. Establish Hierarchy in Your Layout

Consider hierarchy to be a system of ocular authority in your layout designs. This means, for case, that we frequently expect to see the title before the body copy. Why ? The title by and large introduces what we ‘re reading, so it frequently makes sense for it to come first gear .
In the case of the layout below, notice how the titles, subtitles, and call outs are larger than the body copy. They ‘re meant to command attention first, while the smaller, body text is more auxiliary .
microsoft word newsletter templatesmicrosoft word newsletter templatesmicrosoft word newsletter templates
Color, contrast, and size can be used to create emphasis, like we see in this premium professional newsletter template.

5. Organization Is Essential

A blueprint that looks big but does n’t work big is n’t successful. good design is often about both form and routine. so, keep constitution in mind when working with your layout .
The contentedness needs to be easy to read—and there ‘s a few things we can do to promote that .
Do n’t be afraid of “ vacate ” or “ white ” space. This is frequently called negative space, in purpose theory. Packing excessively much message in one space can be overwhelming to look at and read .
besides, consider working with a grid. Align elements to “ match ” each other—it can make for a more harmonious, organized, ocular experience .
microsoft word letter templatemicrosoft word letter templatemicrosoft word letter template
Keep your content easy to navigate with a well-organized layout, like this premium professional newsletter template.

5 Newsletter Design Trends For 2022

If you want your newsletter design to stand out and engages your hearing, it ’ mho important to know the stream newsletter design trends. They ‘ll help you create a professional, polished, and modern-looking newsletter :

1. Split Layouts 

Split Layout design in a newsletter templateSplit Layout design in a newsletter templateSplit Layout design in a newsletter template
Split Layout design in a premium newsletter template

Create a more hire design with schism layouts. You can even change between image-text and text-image to break the monotony and make your newsletters more visually appealing .

2. Short Paragraphs, More Visuals

Keep your paragraph short and consider using more images in your newsletters. It ‘ll make your newsletters more engaging .

3. Organize Information in Columns

Make your data easy to digest by organizing the text into column. This bounty Business Newsletter template is a capital examples of using column in the newsletter design .

4. Modern Fonts

Stick with modern, sans-serif fonts for your newsletter design. They ‘re easier to read and will make your newsletter expect polished .

5. Stand Out With Color

Use color-blocking to make your newsletter stand out. This will help you draw attention to the important data. This newsletter Template makes excellent use of color-blocking .

Discover More Microsoft Word Templates

Looking for even more design inspiration ? Check out these fantastic collections of Microsoft Office newsletter templates for Word. There ‘s a draw to see, and they ‘re sure to keep your creative juices flowing and inspired .

Common Microsoft Word Questions Answered (FAQ)

When working in Microsoft Word, you ’ ll most likely have questions. here are some common questions answered :

1. How Can I Make a Flowchart Diagram in Word?

A flow chart can help explain a process. To create one, follow these agile steps :

  • Begin by clicking on View > Gridlines.
  • Next, go to Insert > Shapes when you click on shapes.
  • A menu appears. Click to go to the flowchart section of the menu.
  • Choose the shapes that you want to use. Format the shapes and add text.
  • Next, go to Insert > Lines. Draw the connecting lines.
  • Switch off the gridlines. Now you’ve got a flowchart.

Learn more in this tutorial :

2. Can I Draw Shapes in Microsoft Word?

Yes. With the freeform tool, you can draw neat lines. With the scribble tool, you can draw what you want .

  • To draw freeform, click on the Insert tab. Next, click Shapes > Freeform. Click and drag the cursor on the page.
  • To draw using the scribble tool, click Insert > Shapes > Scribble. Click and drag the mouse in the shape you want to make.

For a more detail tutorial, read this article :

3. Can I Format My Text?

Formatting text in Word means that you control how textbook appears in your document. There are several ways to format text .
For exemplar, when you set your textbook to be bold, size 12, and Times New Roman, you ’ re formatting your text. For more information on how to format your text read this tutorial :

4. Can I Add Page Borders?

Yes, adding borders is a way to add more off a design to your template .
To add a bound in Microsoft Word Design > Page Borders. When you click on Page Borders a window pops up. In that window go to the Borders and Shading panel options. now you can set the dress for your edge .
For more details read this tutorial :

5. How Do I Use ClipArt?

ClipArt in Word is on the Insert pill. Click Pictures > Online Pictures.
When you click the Online Pictures option, it launches a sidebar. In the search bar in the sidebar, type a keyword for an persona you ’ rhenium looking for .
Click Enter. Images will appear in the sidebar. Choose the one for you .

Five Benefits of Using the Best Microsoft Word Newsletter Templates with Pro Designs ( In 2022)

Are you still deciding if an MS Word newsletter template is worth the price ? possibly you want to know if there are benefits to using a premium template. hera are five benefits to using a premium template from Envato Elements :

  1. You Save Time. Premium MS Word newsletter templates are already built. This means that all you need to do is add your information, images and make customizations.
  2. You Get Better Results. Professionals design premium newsletter templates from Envato Elements. This means that you’ll end up with an impressive, finished product.
  3. Ideas are Built-In. Most premium MS Word newsletter templates come with premade sections. So, you don’t have to worry about forgetting an important element of your newsletter.
  4. You Don’t Give Up Customization. You might think that you don’t get to customize your template because you’re using an MS Word newsletter template. But most premium templates are easily customizable.
  5. The Newsletter Will Stand Out. Most people won’t use a premium MS Word newsletter template. So, the high-quality professional designs will stand out among newsletters that people try to make themselves.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements has hundreds of premium templates.Envato Elements has hundreds of premium templates.Envato Elements has hundreds of premium templates.
Envato Elements has hundreds of premium templates.

Envato Elements is a subscription serve where you pay a first gear flat rate to become a member. Envato Elements is a digital assets marketplace that includes thousands of agio templates .
Sign up for Envato Elements. Envato Elements has more than premium templates. They have high-quality images, fonts, audio, and much more.

Learn More About Using Microsoft Word

so, how do you create a newsletter in Microsoft Word ? Curious about working in Word and want to learn more ?
Whether you ‘re looking to learn how to get newsletter templates on Microsoft Word or how to wholly make one from boodle, there ‘s a wealth of free tutorials on Envato Tuts+ for you to check out :

Publish Your Newsletter With a Microsoft Word Newsletter Design in 2022

cook to start plan, right now ? There ‘s plenty more Microsoft Word template designs on Envato Elements if you ‘re looking for a bounty choice with enough to see. Or, if you only need a single Microsoft Word newsletter template, check out GraphicRiver ‘s impressive drift of offerings .
here ‘s hoping you ‘ve added some amazing new contentedness to your design toolkit and found some lovely absolve downloads that sparked your concern. Why not get started on your newsletter template design today ? felicitous design !
Editorial Note : This post has been updated with contributions from Brenda Barron and Sarah Joy. Brenda and Sarah are a mercenary instructors for Envato Tuts+ .

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