15+ Free Printable List and Checklist Templates for MS Word

15+ Free List and Checklist Templates of Daily Use for MS Word

Lists are the solicitation of specific items and things written or printed typically one below the other. They are used to preserve the information in linear form. It is besides used to show the serial of information to perform some tasks in the tabular phase. The independent aim is to provide that type of print list that attracts the customer and shows its singularity among all. It is made of special composition and early material that adds loveliness to its wall. It besides contains the criminal record of events and occasions proceeding in the near future. Designs vary in different varieties that show it exclusive among all. The manner of mark in the different forms has its own glance. Lists are widely used in shopping malls, grocery stores, as a cusp, asynchronous transfer mode ( s ), and respective bill-paying areas.

Shopping list

These are widely used in the shop malls where we can do some purchases and, in the end, we have a phonograph record of what we buy from that detail memory. A shop list reminds the person about the purchases of particular products from a particular store. It helps the individual to keep in take care the things for which he goes to the patronize plaza. These templates are created using MS Word 2016 with beautiful and professional designs and are freely available to download. You can customize them well with MS Word or any early Rich Text Editor you like .

#1 – Christmas Shopping List

Christmas is around the corner. It is an juncture on which we present our sleep together ones with limited gifts to show how much we care about them. The Christmas patronize tilt enlists all those gifts which you wish to buy for your love ones. It mentions the names of all those people to whom you wish to give a giving. It besides has a category where you can mention the endowment you have given to a specific person. In this way, your endowment survival does not mix up and furthermore, if any ones are missed you can always count on that. The Christmas shop list is train even before the occasion knocks on your door. It is a limited occasion for particular people whom you wish to have with you for a life. This proves to be an essential instrument that helps you remember your sleep together ones and not forget them. IconDownload 1,006.95 KB

#2 – Shopping Grocery List for Food Stuff

The shopping grocery store list for food items will include entirely food items that you wish to buy every time you go shopping. Food items are an essential character of the grocery store. These items are used in our everyday. Food items are largely in large quantities when they become a part of groceries. The dame of the house normally prepared this list by keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of syndicate members. This is devised by adding more of the things which are liked by the kin members and omitting those which are least wish or least favorite. normally this is prepared by keeping in mind your budget for a specific month. If for any reason, your budget for a specific calendar month is moo then you may in accordance with the most prefer items cut or omit the early items. Download 167.39 KB

#3 – Shopping Grocery List for Household Stuff

Going shopping to buy the necessary family items is a big game. You are not able to remember all the things when you go shopping and it happens that the forget is bought at some early time. It is full to track down all the things which are a part of grocery items. This helps to remember all the grocery items which are part of the grocery store. You devise a checklist of all the family items and whenever you go shopping, you just see the list and bring all the items without missing any item. This besides allows users to add any specific new item which was not bought previously and besides fewer things that are already at bridge player. Items of buy may change with time and indeed does the list then constant and flying update is essential and the key to glad shop. Download 114.02 KB

Travel Checklist

The checklist contains all of the items the person wants to keep with him the whole travel. This lists the things of day by day use which is essential to meet the consequences of whole-day needs. These are wide used to lessen the bring on the person ’ south hands .

#4 – Holiday Travel Checklist

This helps individuals to keep with them all those things that can be helpful during a vacation. This may not inevitably contain all the fabric items. It will have all those things which you may need to or wish to carry when planning a vacation. unlike holiday destinations require different items which you need to carry but somehow some things are common no matter where always you are going. Checklists help make ensure that all items with obedience to holidays are kept. here it is important to note that things must be kept in accord with the phone number of days you plan to stay at a particular set. Through the checklist, each detail can be re-checked and ultimately set in seat. A checklist helps remember all the necessary things which you require when you plan a particular stumble. Download 313.88 KB

#5 – Travel Packing List

The very think of going on a trip equitable excites the mind. It is a good practice that whenever you travel just list down all the essential things which you think you should carry with you while traveling. This indeed helps people keep a record of things that are necessary for them for a specific locomotion. It is though not surprise that everyone ’ south change of location packing items are different from another. In the travel packing list, you make a record of all those things which you feel you need to have during your travel. It may include little things equally well that are of certain importance to you. Al the essentials which you may require over the travel menstruation are written down in it. Through this, one can always counter-check for things that need to be kept at hand. Download 159.20 KB


This contains the record of the shape, a person would do in the whole day. To-do-list contains the bullets enlisted the work of the daily everyday. The main purpose is to remind the person about the tasks assigned to him. People desire to keep it with them so that they are well mindful of the assign work.

#6 – Daily To-Do List

This incorporated all those tasks which are a part of the daily routine. These tasks are a new accession to every individual sidereal day ’ south tasks as the tasks of each day are different from another day. An individual prepares this by enlisting all those tasks which are required to be completed on day by day basis. You set time for the completion of each undertaking and move ahead with another sidereal day ’ second tasks. If a finical undertaking remains uncompleted then it moves on to the other day ’ s tasks that need to be done. It takes the time of another day in which an individual completed his tax of the previous day. These daily tasks do not create a harass in life. They are rather a self-motivating instrument that allows an individual to manage his undertaking for a certain day effectively. Download 41.00 KB

#7 – Multi-Column To-Do List

As the name defines, this has some variable columns which can be added to make it authentic and easy to handle. It is for the appliance of the exploiter that it helps make many column fields so that independent descriptions of each can be done. It allows you to add multiple fields of a especial class thus making work expansion possible. Through this, one is able to add multiple categories to a specific airfield. It helps to complete every aspect of the job whenever it is needed. Users can arrange the column with respect to their oeuvre. You may require days to complete a job depending on the nature of the job. This besides helps you to close monitor that every aspect of a job is completed or finished and nothing else remains to be done. Download 104.00 KB

#8 – Simple To-Do List

This is a very easily and time-saving format that helps to keep track of all the work that is not complicated and which does not require much of an individual ’ sulfur time. In this format, all those tasks are listed down which do not need much attention but it is constantly adept to complete them in meter so that they do not get piled up. The presence of this list allows an individual to keep complete all his bare tasks on time and keep the sturdy ones aside. simple and easy-to-do tasks do not require much campaign. It is good to make a offprint list of childlike tasks so that these easy-to-do tasks are completed before time and then you can move towards the complicate ones. Download 170.73 KB

#9 – To…s Things list

This helps you create multiple rows of things. In this way, you end up doing multiple tasks being monitored on a unmarried plane. The number helps you create a course for people whom you wish to call thus separating the ones you wish to message only. Another space is left for the notes you wish to write for each. It is not uncertain that at times you need to tell many people about a sealed thing. This besides allows you to manage all this in an effective director as it separates people whom you can call from the ones to whom you can message. You can even do two of the tasks for all the people on your list depending on the prerequisite enlisted by you. It is a full way of managing multiple things in a preferably effective way using the available resources. Download 87.46 KB

#10 – Weekly To-Do List

This can either be prepared by a worker of an organization or an individual who is to manage his family chores. There are certain tasks that need to be completed within a limit time. One has to set his priority tasks so that he is able to manage things efficaciously. We need to be very considerate of what we are about to do. One must manage things in such a manner that it does not affect the other tasks ’ meter. The hebdomadally disturbance list allows an individual to complete those tasks which need a workweek ’ south time to be completed. You must organize things in such a way that you complete the most authoritative first followed by the future set of things that need to be completed in time. In this means, nothing remains untouched. You can check every detail of the work tasks that need to be done. Download 47.63 KB

#11 – Worker’s Priority To-Do List

unlike tasks are assigned to different workers with respect to their area of solve. These work tasks have to be completed within a given time frame indeed that upcoming tasks can be given to the proletarian and completed well in time. It is homo nature that we forget things well and do not remember when a sealed thing was to be done. It is for this argue that the worker ’ s disturbance list is created. In this list, the actor lists down the tasks which he needs to complete in holy order of preference i.e. the most authoritative undertaking is put first gear and the next authoritative underneath it and then the list goes on. Apart from mentioning the most authoritative undertaking, the actor here besides mentions the deadline within which the tax is to be completed. In this direction, the proletarian completes his list of tasks well in time. Download 106.45 KB

Bill paying checklist

Bill paying checklist plays an crucial character in the poster summary so that one is mindful of what he spends and how much he has right now. besides, the main sport is that each tilt contains different categories including ; family, policy, loans, savings, electricity, etc. These checklists keep a record of the monthly expenditures so that one can easily find out the money he saves in the holocene month .

#12 – Bill Payments Checklist for Whole Year

The bill payment checklist not merely allows you to keep cut of all your bills to be paid but besides acts as a reminder for any payments which are outstanding. You prepare this checklist by categorizing the bill requital areas and then devising a column of the total placard next to the class. The due date for the circular is besides mentioned which helps you keep path that all your bills are paid well in time. If by any chance a placard is left amateur then you will get to know it as it will appear in the not paid or great bill column. The checklist for the unharmed year allows you to examine close how much charge you have been paying for the wholly year with a certain amount in hand. It besides allows you to compare one year ’ s billing sum with another class ’ mho bill thus allowing you to have a clear comparison between different charge categories for a particular year or years. Download 67.86 KB

#13 – Monthly Bill Organizer

It is hard to remember at times which bills you have paid and which are left amateur. This difficulty is faced by every person who has to clear certain bills on monthly basis. This trouble is eased by the monthly bill organizer. In the monthly bill organizer, all the categories are written for which a specific amount of money is to be paid. Along with it is written the amount which is to be paid for that especial category. adjacent comes the due date of the bill categories. It serves as a reminder for the individual who has to pay the bill. If by chance you were ineffective to pay your circular due on a specific date, then you can even negotiate with the detail individual to whom the placard measure is to be given and then derive a raw section with the diagnose of the planned due date. It allows you to keep chase of your pay and unpaid bills. Download 61.27 KB
Lists are helpful in the everyday life. It alerts the person about the tasks assigned to him. It besides contains the things which we want to memorize when going outside to buy/purchase something. The designs of the lists show their singularity in their appearance. We are known for providing lists that are active in appearance and grab the attention of viewers. We focus to provide lists that are up to the mark and serve the interest of the people. The lists have a glitter effect when viewed by the people. Our list edifies the biography of the people so that they remain well-aware of their tasks .

#14 – Christmas Family Bucket List

Christmas is a identical auspicious occasion that is very happily celebrated in the west. On this occasion, people not merely decorate their houses but besides the streets where they live. Everything is lighted up and full of beautiful colors. People celebrate this juncture by exchanging gifts that are beautifully wrapped in giving paper with their love ones. It is intemperate to remember all the names as no matchless wants to miss out on his extra one on this occasion as the exchange of gifts represents a symbol of love. The Christmas gift number is prepared therefore that no one is missed out. In the list, the name of the person to whom you want to give a endowment is mentioned. next to the appoint the gift you have chosen for the person is mentioned. The address of the person is besides stated so that it reaches its adjust finish. This tilt is basically prepared for one ’ s own public toilet. Download 820.42 KB

#15 – Christmas Gift List

Download 553.13 KB

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