How to Make a Giant Paper Christmas Light Garland

I love making Christmas crafts. I particularly love making Christmas crafts that I can share. The presence window in our live room is a big window. Every vacation season I like to create a different window display. It is about like a shopfront window…it ’ randomness that big. How to make a giant paper Christmas light garland
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In previous years, I ’ ve filled the window with feel snowballs, bright ornaments and even a snub paper Christmas village. however, this year I wanted to do something connected to all the COVID folly. Since March we have been decorating our window with rainbow coloured designs. In the bounce we made a colorful collage. For the summer we filled the window with giant star colorful polka dots. To celebrate the fall we made a display of brilliantly coloured hang leaves. so, I knew that I needed to create something gay and colorful for the holidays .
new york city giant christmas lights on street I took inspiration from a determine of GIANT Christmas lights I saw in New York City. We were visiting NYC as every storehouse and city street was being decorated for Christmas. We walked past these giant Christmas lights being installed…can you see how tall they are. See the man on the left side of the picture ? How aplomb are those ? so, this year I decided to make our own strand of bright, giant wallpaper Christmas lights. Big and bluff and Christmasy. I love watching the vicinity kids ’ faces as they walk by and discover our windowpane designs. This was a lot of fun to pull together and I knew I wanted to partake how I made it .

How to Make a Giant Paper Christmas Light Garland

colorful cardstock – 3-4 unlike shades
black cardstock or bristol display panel
cellophane tape
double-sided record
supplies for making giant paper christmas lights The first step is making the colorful light bulb. We decided to make a kind of different bright colours for our Christmas lights. You could choose to stick with traditional crimson or blank – whatever you like. Fold the pieces of poster stock in half. Use a pencil to draw a boastfully ellipse on the fold card stock. A light light bulb is a short fat at one end of the bulb. sol, add a wider end to the egg-shaped .
oval shape for paper christmas light bulb A light bulb besides has the separate that sticks into the cord…so, draw a little bulge in the wide end of the egg-shaped. The first one is going to look messy, that ’ s approve. Play with the drawing until you are glad with the form .
template for giant paper christmas light bulbs Once you have a unaccented bulb shape that you like, cut it out…cut out both pieces of wag stock. now you have a newspaper Christmas light template and your first paper light light bulb. Fold a wholly pile of card neckcloth in half. Each nibble of menu broth gives you 2 Christmas lights. Trace the template onto the fold menu sprout and start cutting the light bulb out .
tracing on black card stock christmas light bulb topper When you have a bad pile of light bulbs it is time to make the small black part that will cover the short bump at the circus tent of the bulb. Place your original template light bulb onto the black bristol board. Trace the bump-out. Cut out the demote. now you have a template for the demote slice. If you are going to hang the strand of lights in a window, you will need 2 black bumps for each light bulb. One for the spinal column and front – because you will be able to see each side of the maroon of lights. Cut out all of the bumps .
black cover for paper christmas light bulb taped in place Use the double-sided tape to adhere the black pieces onto the bumps. You could besides use white craft glue…but the double-sided tape is so quick and easy to use.

Okay, it ’ mho time to hang up the easy bulb ( we will make the faint cord in a infinitesimal ). Take your time planning and moving the lights around. I used a little man of tape to secure the bulb to the window. Space the light bulb out in the same way that bulb are spaced on a drawstring of lights. If you are going to be hanging the lights on a wall, you will silent need to tape the “ cord ” to the rear of the medulla oblongata. You have two options ( 1 ) record the lights in place and leave enough give for the lights to be lifted and the cord to be tucked behind the bulb. Or, ( 2 ) make the light cord on a postpone and then flip it over and attach it to the wall when the cord is attached and the lights are fully assembled. That is what I ’ ve done in this model. Have fun with the arrange .
black bristol board cut into strips for the light cord
When you have all the lights hung up ( or arranged on a bland surface ), it ’ sulfur time to make the black cord. While it will look like one continuous electric cord, it will actually be pieces of newspaper between 2 lightbulbs. To keep the proportions correct, cut 1/2″ strips of black bristol display panel. I simply eye-balled the length…but you could wholly use a ruler to measure the length. It ’ mho best to cut the strips with a bite of a curve in them…looks more natural than a straight strip of paper .
double sided tape on giant christmas light bulbs With the wallpaper strips cut, place a patch of double-sided tape on the back of 2 of the bootleg bulb toppers. then press the deprive in put. Move along to the next pair and so on…all the way along the string of lights .
hanging black paper cord for christmas lights When you come to the end of the string of lights you have two choices – simply stick a total darkness “ cord ” strip into the side of the window or make a strip of black that looks like the cord is hanging. We like the hang cord option for the one end .
jumbo paper christmas light garland on wall There you have it ! A brilliantly and colorful maroon of newspaper Christmas lights to hang in your window, on your front door, or on any wall in your house. These lights can go anywhere and everywhere .
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