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This 15-minute recipe makes an easy, quick, delectable meal out of frigid seafood blend. The creamy sauce is made with grave cream, garlic, and parmesan. It ‘s delightful. Your only tax as a chef is to avoid overcooking the dish !Seafood mix served on a white plate with a napkin and a fork. I have quite a few fish and seafood recipes on this locate, but I am always on the lookout for more concern recipes. This one is a keeper – it ‘s therefore easy to make and it ‘s delicious. If you happen to have a udder or two of frozen seafood desegregate in your deep-freeze ( mine came from Trader Joe ‘s ), this recipe is a great way to turn them into an easy, delectable meal. We had it for lunch this weekend with steamer broccoli and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. perfection !


You ‘ll only need a few simple ingredients to make this tasty recipe. The claim measurements are included in the recipe wag below. hera ‘s an overview of what you ‘ll need : Frozen seafood mix : The one I like to use has shrimp, squid rings, and bay scallops. I get it at Trader Joe ‘s :A bag of frozen seafood blend. Butter : I love Kerrygold butter, but any butter will work. Kosher salt and black pepper : If using fine salt, you should reduce the measure you use, or the smasher could end up excessively piquant Minced garlic : Please use impertinently minced garlic cloves. The garlic is very authoritative hera and jarred minced garlic wo n’t be the same. Heavy cream and parmesan : These are the creamy ingredients that make the amazing sauce. Make sure to use dry-grated parmesan and not coarsely shredded. Cayenne pepper: Just a pilfer to add a elusive tip of spice. You can skip it if you wish. Parsley : Used strictly for trim. You can skip it if you wish .The ingredients needed to cook seafood mix.


Making this seafood blend recipe is so easy ! Scroll gloomy to the recipe poster for detailed instructions. here are the basic steps : Defrost : place the freeze seafood in a big bowl. Fill the bowl with cool body of water. Allow it to defrost for approximately 5 minutes, stirring lightly to separate the pieces, and replacing the water once during the march. Place the pieces on a clean kitchen towel or on newspaper towels to dry. Saute : Season the seafood with salt and pepper. Melt butter in a big frying pan over medium-high hotness. When foaming subsides, add the seafood and cook just until opaque, about 3 minutes. Be careful not to overcook it, or it could become tough and gluey. Remove to a plate, drain the frying pan and wipe it dry.

A photo collage showing steps 1-4 for making seafood in cream sauce. Make the sauce : In the lapp frying pan, cook garlic over medium hotness. Add the cream, cayenne, and more salt and pepper. then add the parmesan, stirring until it melts. You now have a beautiful creamy sauce. Finish the dish : Add the seafood back to the frying pan and stir it into the sauce. Serve the serve garnished with chop parsley .A photo collage showing steps 5-8 for making seafood in cream sauce.

Expert tip

In a previous interpretation of this recipe, I used to merely sauté the seafood in olive petroleum and spices. But I have found that it releases quite a bit of water into the frying pan, so that it ends up steaming quite than sautéing, and some of the spices are lost in the liquids released into the pan.
so now my darling method acting is to sauté it in some butter, drain the liquids, then make a flying cream-parmesan sauce and add the seafood to the creamy sauce. This is AMAZING. So delicate and creamy equally long as you take care not to overcook it .

Frequently asked questions

Can you cook frozen seafood without defrosting? by and large, the answer is yes, though you ‘ll need to cook it for a longer meter and ensure it ‘s fully cooked.

But in this particular recipe, I do recommend that you defrost it inaugural. otherwise, the pieces won ’ triiodothyronine fudge uniformly .What is the best way to cook seafood? There ‘s no one way ! This recipe uses sauteing as its cook method acting, but I besides have recipes that use baking, such as baked prawn. Broiling is besides commodity – check out this recipe for broil scallops .How can I incorporate more seafood into my diet? I find that one of the easiest ways to do that is to keep freeze fish and seafood in the deep-freeze. Whether a mix such as the one used here, bags of runt, scallops, or salmon fillets, it ‘s a convenient way to always have it available .

Variations and substitutions

I love this recipe as is and about always make it as written. But in character you ‘d like to vary the basic recipe, here are a few ideas for you :

  • You can use olive oil instead of butter. I must admit, though, butter tastes really good in this recipe!
  • Change up the spices you use. A pinch of dried thyme is very good in this recipe.
  • You can sprinkle the finished dish with bacon bits prior to serving it.

Serving suggestions

This is a impertinent dish, so it ‘s perfect on top of cauliflower rice or spaghetti squash noodles. I besides like to serve it on top of raw spinach or rocket leaves. The ardent sauce wilts the leaves just enough to identical lightly cook them .

Storing leftovers

You can keep the leftovers in the electric refrigerator, in a varnish container, for up to 3 days. Reheat them very lightly, though. It ‘s best to use the microwave on 50 % ability and to reheat them covered.

Seafood mix served on a white plate.

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