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How hot should the BBQ be? 

“ The best way to cook sausages is over a metier heating system, ” Adrian says. “ But a lot of barbecues only have two temperature settings – high or very high. This means the sausages will much be burned and crisp on the outside but end up undercooked on the inside. ”
Grill sins : A burn sausage is a badly cooked blimp .
Pro tip : If you can ’ metric ton adjust your heat setting to medium, Adrian says the best way to make certain you don ’ thyroxine overdo it is to allow enough space on the plate to rotate the sausages around. “ You want them to be crisp and golden external and cooked all the room through the middle, but still damp and juicy. ”

How often should you turn them? 

If you ’ re wanting a blue, evenly cooked snag, Adrian says the trick is to make sure you ’ re constantly rotating them. “ Imagine a suckling hog on the spit that goes around and about, ” he says. “ Keep turning them round and they ’ ll cook dainty and evenly on all sides. ”

How can you tell if a sausage is cooked through? 

If you ’ re using a digital thermometer, Adrian says, the temperature should be between 75 and 80 degrees Celsius. But if you ’ ve got your tongs in one hand and an ice-cold stubby in the other – he says it ’ s just not virtual to be carrying a thermometer excessively. “ I always have one little victim sausage that I snap open to make sure it ’ south cooked right, ” he says. “ You should see that the kernel looks upstanding rather than pink, and you should see gain juice coming out of it. ”
Grill sins : ” Pouring a stubby of beer over the sausages while they ‘re cooking does nothing to improve the taste – it ’ s good a lay waste to of dear beer. ”
Pro tip : Cut a slice off the end – if it ’ second distillery pink and raw looking, leave it on for a few more minutes .

Flat plate or grill plate? 

“ I like cooking on the bars indeed you get the little cake marks, which look nice on the sausages, ” Adrian says. “ But you can use either. ”

How many sausages should you cook at a time? 

“ You don ’ thymine want to overload the barbecue, ” Adrian says. “ If you put all the sausages on at once, the heat will drop and you risk the sausages starting to boil alternatively of sizzle. A beneficial general rule is that you don ’ t want sausages to cover more than 60 per cent of the surface area of your barbie. This gives you space to move the sausages around. ”
Grill sins : test to rush the cook. “ Time spend around the barbecue is in truth significant, ” Adrian says. “ There is research that shows men are generally more tend to talk about personal issues around a barbecue. It ’ s a bang-up opportunity for men, in particular, to talk to other men so you want to try to prolong that time around the barbeque .
Pro tip : “ Put on a quarter of the sausages to start with, get those going, then move them away and put a few more on so you have sausages coming on and off systematically, ” Adrian says.

What about the grilled onions? 

merely like their sausage siblings, the onions are besides good cooked low and dense. “ Cut the core out, slice the onions, then drizzle them with some olive vegetable oil, and some salt and capsicum, then toss them onto the barbie, ” Adrian says. “ You want to cook the onions beginning, then transfer them to an aluminum tray to keep warm. ”
Pro tip : “ If you ’ ve fair got the bars on your barbeque, use an aluminum tray and put baking paper on the bottom. Add your onions, put some foil on top, then put them on the hot plate. They ’ ll steam and cook slowly in their own juices. ”

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