Roasted Pumpkin Seeds {Super Easy}

fall has arrived and with it, the pumpkin season ! There are always enough of pumpkins to carve up round Halloween time and a great way to make manipulation of the pumpkin seeds is to roast them for an easily, goodly bite .

I love to eat them shells and all. If they ‘re properly toasted and are small to medium sized, they are wonderfully crunchy and easy to eat .

The larger carve pumpkins will yield large seeds, which are probably best to eat shelled .

Do n’t throw out your pumpkin seeds !

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How To Roast Pumpkin Seeds

How to Get the Strings Off Pumpkin Seeds

When you first scoop the seeds out of the pumpkin, it seems like it will be impossible to separate the sticky, clingy strings from the seeds. not therefore !

precisely rinse the mass of seeds and strings under cool water system and the seeds will separate easily. The leftover strings can be discarded or composted .

removing fresh pumpkin seeds to roast in the oven
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The Best way to Salt Pumpkin Seeds

The challenge is, how to get the salt inside the shells to the seeds ? It ‘s easy adequate to salt the outside of the shells, but if you want the salt to permeate to the seeds the method acting I learned from my mother years ago does the trick .

Boil the seeds first in salt water, then toast them in the oven. This way the salt gets inside excessively. And you can control the amount of salt by how much you add to the water and how long you boil the seeds .

roasted pumpkin seeds with salt
Elise Bauer

How long to Bake Pumpkin Seeds

careless of the size or count of your seeds, bake them at 400°F. Watch them cautiously — they ‘re done when they begin to lightly brown. belittled pumpkin seeds may toast in around 5 minutes or then, while large pumpkin seeds may take up to 20 minutes .

More Ways to Flavor Your Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds are fantastic merely seasoned with salt, but if you ‘re feeling adventurous, you can surely add other seasonings. Add a few teaspoons of your favored herb or spice blend after tossing the seeds with the vegetable oil and before ridicule .

  • For a savory snack, try tossing the pumpkin seeds with a few teaspoons of chili powder, curry powder, or herbes de provence.
  • For a sweet-and-salty twist, try a dusting of pumpkin spice blend (of course!) or cinnamon and sugar.

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