The Best Baked Garlic Pork Chops Recipe – Oven Baked Pork Chops

The Best Baked Garlic Pork Chops Recipe Ever is the best oven baked pork chop recipe ever – perfective ample, tender, juicy garlic baked pork barrel chops that are incredibly easy and restaurant quality beneficial !
With tons of tips for juicy baked pork chops, how to bake pork without drying it out, and how farseeing to bake pork chops for perfectly tender pork !

pork barrel chops are one of my favored easy, promptly, and delightful no-fail weeknight dinners .
The best baked garlic pork barrel chops recipe I ‘ve ever found is this simple, delectable, and crazy easy dinner that always gets rave reviews from friends and class – like my favorite brown carbohydrate garlic baked pork barrel chops, or my easily baked pork barrel chops !

These easy baked pork chops are the best and easiest way for home cooks of any degree to make perfect, delicious, and never-dry pork barrel chops .
They are quick seared to lock in the season and have a cover girl browned crust – and these pork chops are finally then baked to perfection, so you have perfect, juicy and delightful garlic pork that your whole family will flip over !
just like my darling crock pot pork steaks and my adust garlic pork combat zone, these easy baked pork barrel chops are absolutely tender and juicy – not dry and bully like pork gets a bad repute for !
This easy pork chop recipe will be your new front-runner oven baked pork recipe always – bursting with lemon garlic butter pork spirit that is just like you ‘d get at your darling restaurant – I hope you love it angstrom much as I do !

here at Sweet C ‘s, we have lots of types of readers – those who like to get straight to the recipe, and those who would like more data, including tips and tricks to feeling more comfortable in the kitchen .
We provide a hop to recipe button in the clear entrust corner, angstrom well as a clickable board of contents, good below, to help make this page easier to navigate .

What to Serve With Lemon Garlic Butter Pork Chops

These deliciously decadent lemon garlic butter baked pork chops are fabulous for a weeknight dinner on the go, a delectable dinner party, or even a vacation banquet !
Garlic pork chops in oven are a perfect dinner – and go perfectly with simpleton, delicious, and easy sides !
We personally love it with our comfortable sauteed zucchini and squash, rice pilaf, Easy Oven Roasted Asparagus, or Brown Butter Bacon Baked Brussels Sprouts !

Other Easy One Pot Pork Recipes

If you love this delectable and comfortable baked garlic pork, please be sure to check out some of my other favorite pork recipes !
These are all bursting with delicious flavor, take only one potentiometer, and are guaranteed to make you fall in love with the rich people and buttery pork flavor – you ‘ll want to make oven baked garlic pork barrel chops every night .

Tips To Cook Tender Juicy Pork Chops

The number one joyride you will need for any type of pork is a promptly kernel thermometer so you do n’t overcook pork barrel .
Overcooked pork barrel is the # 1 reason people complain about the relish or texture of pork since going over 145 degrees can dry pork barrel out in an blink of an eye .

Sear Before Baking

I know you ‘re thinking – expect – this is a recipe for BAKED, not fried pork chops – but giving your pork barrel a quick parch is essential for flavor .
Browning pork chops on the stave before baking helps seal in the juices from the combat zone and brings a rich, caramelize flavor that makes the pork barrel chops irresistible !
Seared pork barrel besides fair looks better – it has a lovely aureate brown, alternatively of they grey coloring material baked pork barrel can much take on .
Keep the pork barrel in the same pan, and toss the solid thing in the oven to finish your pork chop dinner !
a pork chop in a pan

What Temperature To Cook Pork To

pork barrel chops should stay in the oven until they have reached 145 degrees Fahrenheit internal temperature when measured with a meat thermometer .
Baked pork barrel chops cook time can vary so much depending on the thickness of the pork chop, the moisture in the chop, the temperature of your house, the size of the pork chop, your oven, elevation, and sol much more .
Please do n’t pop it in the oven, set your timekeeper, and walk away thinking you ‘ll have delightful and perfect pork chops .
Check your pork barrel chops every ten minutes or so until you ‘re close to 145 degrees inner temperature when measuring the thickest region of the largest chop ( insert the kernel thermometer into the center of the pork barrel chop, making surely you do n’t touch or are close to the buttocks of the pan ), and pull the pork when it is .

Pick Thicker Pork Chops When Baking

Thicker pork chops are harder to dry out – thin cut pork barrel chops cook therefore fast, they should absolutely not be baked in the oven if you sear them first – they will probably be cooked completely good from searing .
If you want to make this recipe with thin cut pork chops, skip the oven and cook wholly on the stovetop, adding the garlic and lemon juice to the pan to soften and caramelize after you flip your pork barrel the first time and ladle the butter, juice, and garlic over pork barrel chops as they cook to prevent the garlic from burn .

Know Your Chop 

For this recipe, I am using boneless chops – but you can besides use a center-cut pork chop, a bone-in pork barrel loin chop, or a bone-in rib chop .
Using a bone-in pork chop for this bake pork barrel chop recipe will add cook time to the dish – about another 10-15 minutes for this oven baked pork chop ( again, this varies wildly, so use your thermometer to check the bake pork barrel chop temperature as it cooks ! ! )


pork chops have such a light relish, and easy to mess up texture – they benefit from marinating more than about any other meat .
Marinating is an easily way to increase spirit and keep your bake pork chops tender and juicy .
I like to marinate pork chops for even just 30 minutes – you can make a simple marinade from olive oil and lemon juice – that can help a long ton in keeping flavor and moisture in your pork chops .

Please be certain to read my ultimate usher to pork barrel chops if you have any questions on types of pork chops, best cooking ideas, etc !

Recipe FAQ’s

Can I bake a thick pork chop? If you ‘re making these pork barrel chops with a loin chop, rib chop, or thick geld boneless chop, add 5-15 minutes cooktime, depending on the size of the chop. What temperature do I bake pork chops to? pork barrel is done at 145 degrees – which does leave a bit of pink.
Cook pork barrel chops to 140 degrees, and let them carry over cook to 145 while the rest.

The Best Baked Garlic Pork Chops Recipe Ever

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The Best Baked Garlic Pork Chops Recipe Ever


4 people

The Best Baked Garlic Pork Chops Recipe Ever

homework time :

5 minutes

cook time :

30 minutes

extra clock :

5 minutes

full time :

40 minutes

The Best baked Garlic Pork Chops Recipe Ever is the best oven baked pork barrel chop recipe always – arrant rich, crank, juicy garlic baked pork barrel chops that are fabulously easy and restaurant timbre .
With tons of tips for blue baked pork barrel chops, how to bake pork barrel without drying it out, and how long to bake pork chops for absolutely tender pork !


  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp garlic powder
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice, divided
  • 4 pork chops, ½” thick boneless chops – NOT extra thick or super thin
  • 1 tsp celtic sea salt
  • 1 tsp fresh cracked pepper
  • 3 tbsp butter or olive oil
  • ½ lemon, sliced into thin rounds
  • 10 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tbsp parsley, fresh cut, to garnish


  1. Add lemon juice, 2 tbsp olive oil, garlic powder, pork chops, salt, and pepper to a ziploc bag and marinate for at least 3 hours, and up to overnight. 
  2. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. 
  3. Pat pork chops with paper towel to completely dry from any moisture from marinade. 
  4. Season generously with salt and pepper. 
  5. Heat a heavy cast iron pan (or oven-safe heavy pan) on medium high until very hot.
  6. Add butter or olive oil until melted and foamy or light and shimmery. 
  7. Add in pork chops, without crowding the pan.
  8. Cook until browned on one side – about 3 minutes. 
  9. Add garlic, lemon slices, lemon juice to pan as you sear the other side. 
  10. As pork chops brown on the other side, stir garlic slightly and ladle butter/oil, lemon juice, and garlic from pan over the pork. 
  11. When chops are browned on both sides, transfer to oven and cook until internal temperature reaches 145-150 degrees, about 25 minutes for a thick pork chop. 
  12. For thin pork chops, only 5-10 minutes in oven might be needed. Use thermometer to gauge how close your pork is to being fully cooked since chops can vary so much! 
  13. If you go by the older guidelines, it used to be 160 degrees, but the USDA now says 145 is good. Note that pork can still sometimes look a touch pink even when fully cooked, so go by the temperature.
  14. Let rest 5 minutes before serving. 

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