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Braised rabbit with garlic in a bowl
How do you cook a rabbit ? This is how. Below is my collection of rabbit recipes, yes, but besides for hares and squirrels. All are among my absolute darling animals to eat .
These lapin recipes cover both wild and domesticate animals. Keep in mind that a boughten rabbit will be larger and more tender than a wood rabbit. Cottontails feed possibly two people, a domestic rabbit feeds four well. In general, you make a rabbit tender by slow cook it, if it ’ second wilderness. boughten rabbits can be fried or even poached and still be tender.

At the table, these critters are frequently maligned as “ poor people people ’ mho food. ” I get annoyed at this, because rabbits and specially squirrels can be far more matter to to eat than venison. But hey, let everyone else think they ’ rhenium no good. More for us .
rabbit and its relate meats are all high in protein and very humble in fat. rabbit is higher in protein and lower in fatten and calories than a comparable weight unit of gripe, lamb, joker, pork or wimp .
The consume of rabbits and hares has a august history in Europe. Greeks, Germans, Spaniards and Britons love rabbits and hares, as act Italians in certain regions. Most of the recipes I will post here come from these traditions. As for squirrels, these recipes are about uniquely american. After all, squirrel-eating is ampere american as apple pie. In fact, the original wimp pot pie was actually a squirrel proto-indo european. Really. And it is fantastic .
Hares, on the other hand, are, well, a whole different animal. Hares are by and large known in America as jackrabbits , although those blessed with snow-white weather get snowshoe hares as well. They are better eating than jacks, although I like both. Hares are large, up to 12 pounds in some cases, and one will serve six easily. Hares are besides night kernel ; they look more like beef than wimp. And finally, hares know longer and sol tend to be tougher. They are best served braised .
In fact, rabbits, hares and squirrels are all best braised .
Unless you are golden enough to get a new one. You can tell this in a lapin or hare by their ears : Tear them lengthwise, and if they tear easy, the animal was unseasoned. With a young rabbit or squirrel in hand, you actually oughta make that pinnacle of rabbit recipes, Southern Fried Rabbit, preferably with greens and sweet potatoes. You ’ ll like it better than fried chicken .


buttermilk fried rabbit

Buttermilk Fried Rabbit

The classical. If you ever get a young wood rabbit or squirrel, make this recipe. And if you are cooking domestic rabbits, decidedly make this recipe. You will eat more than you think you can…
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Rabbit Recipes

Kentucky burgoo in a bowl

Kentucky Burgoo

This is a big, hearty grizzle that always has at least three meats in it. In this recipe it ’ s squirrel, venison and pheasant. Feel free to improvise on your own !
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German rabbit stew recipe

German Rabbit Stew

A light, brothy german lapin stew made with lemon, bay leaves, capers and false cream. A knockout dish when served with ridicule potatoes.

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rabbit curry recipe

Rabbit Curry

Yep, the name is a joke, but this is a big – and easy – Indian-style lapin curry
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A bowl of rabbit stifado, called kouneli stifado in Greek.

Kouneli Stifado

This is the classic greek rabbit stew, one of the best ways to cook lapin, hare or squirrel. Red wine and LOTS of onions are the identify .
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Squirrel Recipes

pipian rojo recipe

Pipian Rojo

A fantastic mexican way of braising meats, in this case a Mexican flim-flam squirrel. You can use any kernel you ’ d like, though .
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homemade agnolotti with meat

Homemade Agnolotti

classic italian agnolotti pasta filled with squirrel. You can use any light kernel as the fill here .
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squirrel pie

Squirrel Pie

Hand pies made with a little acorn flour and filled with squirrel, walnuts, apples and melty tall mallow .
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Hmong squirrel stew in a bowl

Hmong Squirrel Stew

few cultures love squirrel a much as the Hmong, a Southeast asian group. This is a light, aromatic stew with lots of bright, fresh flavors .
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Hare Recipes

A plate of hasenpfeffer with semolina dumplings and glazed carrots.

Hasenpfeffer with Semolina Dumplings

To make this right, you will need a rabbit — snowshoe or jackrabbit — but it does of course work all right with rabbits, besides. Come to think of it, squirrel is evening better here. And be sure to make the dumplings. They are amazing.

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Sardinian hare stew recipe

Sardinian Hare Stew

A traditional way to serve an erstwhile hare or jackrabbit, with a little saffron and capers. Slow cooking brings out the spirit .
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