A Chicago Steak Company Sirloin Cooked to Medium Rare Perfection

grilled medium rare steak
It ’ s a well-known proverb, handed down from kernel lovers from generations past, that “ A effective steak is cooked to no more than culture medium rare. ” In fact, you might tied consider a culture medium rare steak the arrant steak. While some steak enthusiasts out there may be nodding their heads in silent approval of this sage advice, those among us without a degree in “ proper kernel doneness ” from the “ University of Beef ” may be wondering just what it means when person advises cooking steaks to medium rare. never fear, this Steak University feature will delve into the mysteries of a medium-rare steak and have you grilling like an adept in no time .

Just What is Medium Rare Anyways?


“ Medium rare ” is a shorthand term used to describe the degree of doneness of a cut of beef. While the broad definition is fine and bang-up, calling a steak mown medium-rare doesn ’ t bring a lot without a few key points of citation. Heat wise, the temperature of a medium-rare steak cut will reach a maximum of 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit. Visually, a medium-rare steak will have a metier pinko to red concentrate and will be warm to the touch. contrary to popular impression, the swerve will not be red kernel, undercooked kernel, or raw kernel, but preferably, have a light pinko center that ’ south condom to eat .
The benefits of cooking medium-rare steaks are numerous. The temperature of a medium-rare steak is just hot enough to allow the marbling, or fatten, to melt into the kernel and distribute relish and succulence. Cook steak to medium or well-done, and you ’ ll most likely get a baffling firearm of kernel that will give your chew muscles a exercise. Cook a steak less than medium-rare, and the fat doesn ’ t have the same opportunity to distribute ; not to mention, you will besides be jamming a hunk of cold spongy gripe in your mouth .

Is a Medium Rare Steak Safe to Eat ?

A distribute of people get concerned about seeing pink in their steak. Doesn ’ triiodothyronine that mean it ’ s not in full cooked ? Won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bacteria grow in there ? unfortunately, medium-rare much gets confused with rare steak, which has an easily identifiable red tinge. It ’ second important to know that medium rare steak is not the same as raw steak or rare meat. A medium rare rib eye won ’ thyroxine detriment you if it ’ s a quality piece of meat that ’ second cooked properly and stored safely before and after it ’ s cooked .
adam Medium rare steak gets cooked to a safe temperature. You normally stop cooking it between 135 and 140 degrees and then allow it to sit and rest for a few minutes. During this time, its temperature continues to rise slenderly because the heat keeps it cooking. When all is said and done, your medium-rare steak should be at 145 degrees, which is considered dependable to eat .

How to Check for Medium-Rare Doneness

now that you are armed with the what and why of a medium-rare perfectly cooked steak, it ’ s clock to talk application. If you don ’ metric ton know how to check the level of doneness of a steak, you might end up with a medium cooked or a medium well steak, despite your best intentions of cooking a steak to medium-rare .
Because cutting into a steak while cooking to assess the appearance of its insides will allow juices to escape and leave you with something resembling steak tartare, we recommend checking doneness in other ways to preserve your steak ’ s texture and flavor. When it comes to knowing how to cook steak or grill a steak medium-rare, there are a few try on and true techniques to choose from .

Method #1: Time It

One of the oldest and least complicate methods when it comes to understanding how to grill a steak to medium-rare is the standby timing method acting. normally, 3-5 minutes per side on a hot grillroom or pan will ensure your steaks are medium-rare and fat. The trouble with this proficiency is that not all grills, pans, oven, or steaks, for that matter, are uniform, therefore steak cook times can vary importantly .
A grill that ’ randomness merely 20 degrees besides hot, or a pan that ’ randomness been left in the oven just a few minutes excessively long, or even an irregular or thick cut of meat, can be the difference between cooking a medium-rare steak and cooking a well-done steak. The 3-5-minute guidelines will apply to a pre-heated grill or pan and for steaks that are about 1 ” thick. Thinner steaks will need less time, thick steaks more, to reach the perfect, drool-worthy temperature of a medium-rare steak .

Method #2: The Handy Meat Thermometer

What the timing method acting lacks in preciseness, the advanced kernel thermometer makes up for with technical accuracy. Cooking a medium-rare steak to the perfect temperature has never been easier, whether you ’ rhenium charcoal grill, searing and then baking, using the turn back parch method acting, or cooking steak a different way .
Simply insert the thermometer probe into the center field of the meat, make indisputable it is in the medium-rare temperature threshold of 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit, and voila ! Your delectable and absolutely cooked steak is ready to be served ! But, there are some drawbacks to determining doneness with a thermometer, no matter how advance .
For starters, inserting a probe thermometer requires you to pierce the kernel, creating an escape path for vital juices. additionally, depending on your cooking method, inserting a thermometer may be inconvenient in taut spaces, or require you to place the fudge instrument in the direct path of ardor or high heat, which can be a hazardous gamble. advanced thermometers have infra-red technology that measures airfoil temperature, eliminating both of these issues. however, it ’ s not closely as handy for determining the internal temperature of a medium-rare steak .

Method #3: The Expert Level “Touch” Technique

The concluding technique when it comes to grilling the arrant steak to medium-rare paragon can require a bite of trial and error. In the retentive streak, however, mastering the “ touch ” proficiency to steak doneness can not only create a perfect medium-rare swerve every time, but it besides looks pretty mend impressive to friends and syndicate .
When it comes to execution, a medium-rare steak will have some squelch or give when thinly pressed on with your finger. If a steak is rare, it will be all squish and will hold an indent from where it ’ mho been pressed. A medium steak, or one cooked even longer, won ’ triiodothyronine give at all, or only minimally. It may take some meter, trial and error to perfect the “ equal ” method, but we ’ ve found this is undoubtedly the best for ensuring the perfect grade of medium rare doneness time in and out .
You can use this method acting as you cook steak to gauge doneness. First, hold your hand up and touch the tip of your in-between finger to your hitchhike. With your other hand, poke the fleshy separate of your palm underneath the thumb. What you feel is how your steak should feel for medium-rare. ( tip off : For comparison, touch the tips of your other fingers to your thumbs, excessively. The firmer the fleshy function feels, the more it resembles a higher level of doneness, like medium or medium well. )

After you ’ re done searing steak, hold the steak with a couple of tongs. then, poke the thickest part of the kernel with one finger. Does it feel like the fleshy separate of your handle did in your examination ? If then, your steak should be medium rare !
The Wrap Up
Steak University has given you the tools to medium rare success. nowadays it ’ s your turn to go out and put these skills to beneficial consumption with Chicago Steak Company ’ s 5-star steakhouse quality steaks. Don ’ metric ton concern, like gallant parents, Steak University will constantly be here to serve as your handy bang-up character to grilled steak perfection .

Simple Medium Rare Steak Recipe

Grilled Medium Rare Steak

Servings 4


  • 4 8 ounce Top Sirloin Steaks
  • 1 tbsp Chicago Steak Company Seasoning
  • 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce


  1. Sprinkle each side of steak with Chicago Steak Company Seasoning and Worcestershire sauce
  2. Fire up the grill to high heat
  3. Grill steaks for 3-4 minutes per side ( based on 1″ blockheaded steaks )
  4. Use a kernel thermometer to ensure internal temperature is between 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit ( Keep in mind the inside of the steak will continue to cook a sting longer once it is removed from the grill )
  5. Remove steaks from grill and let baby-sit for 3-5 minutes and enjoy !

See below for more information about temperatures and cook time based on the thickness of your sirloins.

Top Sirloin Steaks Cooking Chart

Thickness Rare 110° To 120° F Medium Rare 120° To 130° F Medium 130° To 140° F
1″ 5 min First Side
3 min Second Side
4.5 min EACH SIDE 6 min First Side
4 min Second Side
1.25″ 5 min First Side
4 min Second Side
5.5 min EACH SIDE 7 min First Side
5 min Second Side
1.5″ 6 min First Side
4 min Second Side
1.75″ 6 min First Side
5 min Second Side
6.5 min EACH SIDE 8 min First Side
7 min Second Side
2″ 6 min EACH SIDE 7 min EACH SIDE 8 min EACH SIDE
reference : https://thaiphuongthuy.com
Category : Culinary

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