The Best Dry Rub for Steak

A good choice steak doesn ’ t motivation much more than a sprinkle of salt and pepper for seasoning. But if you want to take it to the following flat and give your steak that extra punch of season, this general-purpose rub will do it .

I bring a zip-top bag of it with me whenever we go camping and plan on grilling steaks at our campsite. It smells therefore good, I ’ ve had other campers walk over and ask what I ’ m grill !

Steak dry rub - spices in ceramic bowl
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What ‘s in This Spice Blend ?

here ’ s what ’ randomness in this blend :

  • Smoked paprika, for a little bit of smoke.
  • Dark brown sugar, for a hint of sweetness and molasses.
  • Onion and garlic powder, for some aromatic notes.
  • Oregano, for a touch of herbal greenness.
  • Cumin, for a little earthiness.
  • Cayenne, which brings a slight heat but not enough to light your tongue on fire.

Customize the Rub

Like all spice blends, you can customize this one to your own taste :

  • If you like your steak less sweet, reduce the brown sugar or swap it for the same amount of coconut sugar to make it paleo-friendly.
  • Add dried parsley if you want a more herbal note.
  • Consider more pepper or reduce the salt to your own taste.
  • Omit the cayenne if you don’t like spicy.
  • Swap out the cumin for coriander if you want a bit more citrus flavor.

beef rub spices in a jar
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Do n’t Use Old Herbs and Spices

Old herb and spices mean less flavor. And for this spice blend, we decidedly want newer dried herb and spices !

Dried spices and herbs have a ledge life of about two years when properly stored, depending on the spice or herb. To test potency, decay some of the herb or spiciness into the decoration of your hand with your fingers. If you can barely smell it or it ’ randomness dusty smell, it ’ south meter to get some new stuff !

Pro tip: Use an airtight glass jar to mix the ingredients together and you ’ ll save on killing !

How long Does This Rub last and How Should I Store It ?

If the spices you used are fresh, the rub should last about a class stored in an airtight container, clearly labeled with the go steady. Keep in mind the brown carbohydrate might harden a act in the meanwhile. This makes the rub difficult to use, and you should make a newly batch if it happens .

All Purpose Steak Spice Rub - overhead shot of red spices in jar
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What to Use It On

This spice rub is capital on hearty steaks like ribeyes, New York strip, or skirt steak. Avoid using it on tender steaks like filet mignon where you want the delicate beef spirit to come through. You can besides mix it in with meat loaf or burgers if you want !

How to Use It

Pat your steak dry with paper towels, then sprinkle a generous come of rub on one side of the steak. Use your fingers and hands to rub the zest blend into the steak. Flip and recur on the other side .

Though you can immediately cook the steak, if you let it sit at room temperature for an hour the rub will penetrate the kernel and give a deeper relish. You can even cover and let it sit overnight in the electric refrigerator for a more full-bodied flavor .

Once it ’ mho fix, grill or fry in a pan as you normally would. You can flush sous vide the steak with rub on it, though I would add more rub correct before reverse-searing it .

curious ? hera Are More Ways to Try Out This rub !

Three More Rubs to Know :

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