Oven Ready Roast Chicken

Comment Sue Herera Sue Herera
“ This is the best wimp ever. It ‘s foolproof and is much better than doing it from scrape yourself. It ‘s always tender and juicy. For the last 45 minutes I make the top incision in the bag bigger and add carrots and potatoes to the pocket and they cook in the chicken juices. Dinner is done. I give it 5 Stars. Wish you guys could do this with Turkey ! ! ! Thanks Sue “
Comment Jane Jane

“ This has got to be the best chicken in the world. I buy one every week. Makes great leftovers. I hope you never stop sell them. “
Comment Char char
“ sol delectable ! The wimp is perfectly seasoned and thus damp. It melts in your mouth ! My family kept saying ummm ummm at dinner. I used the “ frozen ” method which made the roasting hassel release. Buy it. You ‘ll love it ! ”
Comment Carol Bollinger Carol Bollinger
“ The best roast chicken I have ever eaten. This is a great meal no other like it ”
Comment Dawn Long Dawn Long
“ If I could, I ‘d give it 10 stars. Why are n’t these sold in Pittsburgh, PA ? I had mine delivered from Jet.com, but even they do not sell the Oven Ready Bone-in Chicken Breast, which is the most tender and delectable wimp summit I have always had. Please, please get your PR people and start selling these oven ready wonders in Pittsburgh, PA. Thank you, Dawn ”
Comment Judy Jaggers Judy Jaggers
“ This is the best chicken I have ever tried. It is damp, tender, and seasoned absolutely ! ! I have added it to my weekly menu rotation. ”
Comment Regina Burchett Regina Burchett
“ I saw this Over Ready Roast Chicken on sale at Food Lion and it is fantastic ! ! so easy to put in the oven, and bunch of left-overs. fantastic relish and well worth the price ! ! ”
Comment Judith Richards Judith Richards
“ tasty but never got brown like the photograph and skin stuck to the bag. Do n’t think I ‘ll buy this again. Would quite temper it myself. “
“ Have had these MNY times, LOVE them “
Comment Hester regan Hester regan
“ Love it “
Comment Diana Beatty Diana Beatty

“ This chicken is therefore tasty and tender I love it thanks for selling it and hopefully it will always be in the store would n’t want to buy any early. ”
Comment Pamela McAllister Pamela McAllister
“ What a fantastic estimate and then flavorful. easy peasy as the English say. ”
Comment Janet Davis Janet Davis
“ so easy and damp and delightful ! ”
Comment Linda Herrin Linda Herrin
“ I always buy in bulge when my grocery store store has the oven ready roast chickens for sale … they are without a doubt the very best to me..they are perfectly seasoned and even leftovers are great … I try to use legs and thighs first and save breasts for amazing chicken sandwiches … ”
Comment Diane Laffey Diane Laffey
“ This is the way to do chicken ! ”
Comment Julie Anne Julie Anne
“ such a great chicken ! Always comes out perfective and makes a fantastic Sunday dinner ! ”
Comment Kwaters Kwaters
“ amaze ! This chicken is the best. You have to try this chicken ! ! ! “
Comment Jackie Blough Jackie Blough
“ This was the best chicken iodine have ever eaten ! ! I will buy one every where one see them. Thank you ! ! amazing ! ! ! ”
Comment Claudia Claudia
“ My conserve and one had this chicken for Thanksgiving. It was big. Easy, damp, fell off the bone, can not beat it. Will buy again soon. “

Comment Linda Barry Linda Barry
“ Best chicken I ‘ve ever had ! “

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Category : Culinary

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