“How the Grinch Stole Christmas” Unit Study for Elementary &

This How the Grinch Stole Christmas Unit Study is based on the classic Christmas book by Dr. Seuss and includes all subjects areas for students in 2nd to 6th grades.

how the grinch stole christmas unit study

This Grinch Christmas unit study is designed to be completed in a notebooking format.

That means you can glue the mini-books, worksheets, and notebooking pages into a 3-prong folder or notebook for safe-keeping.

Then your kids can pull the folder out anytime they want to review or revisit what they’ve learned in this Literature and STEM How the Grinch Stole Christmas unit study.

In the Grinch Christmas unit study, your elementary students will not only complete many different Language Arts activities, but they will besides complete STEM activities and learn about caves, the human heart, caribou, the history of many symbols, music, and traditions of the Christmas season.

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas Unit Study Resource List:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas book by Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas authoritative cartoon A Muppet Christmas Carol or A Christmas Carol ( 1984 ) with George C. Scott Or if you ’ vitamin d prefer your kids to read A Christmas Carol rather of watching a movie, try one of these abridge versions : For middle elementary : A Christmas Carol fictionalize by Adam McKeown For upper elementary/middle school : A Christmas Carol (Abridged) : A Robert Ingpen Illustrated Classic An unabridged version : A Christmas Carol ( big Print Edition ) : complete and unabridged 1843 edition You can besides find dozens of A Christmas Carol audiobooks on Hoopla, Scribd, and Anyplay One of the stick to : Stars, Stockings, and Shepherds: Discover the Meaning of Christmas Symbols by Shersta Chabot OR Teach The Children the True Meaning of Christmas: A Beloved Christmas Legend by Jeanne W. Anderson OR Holly, Reindeer and Colored Lights: The Story of the Christmas Symbols by Edna Barth ( this book is best for upper elementary kids & contains a great total of historical information about the symbols of Christmas. Our front-runner of the three ) Limestone Caves ( First Books – Earth & Sky Science ) by Roy A. Gallant ( for grades 4th to 6th ) Caves and Caverns by Gail Gibbons ( for 2nd to 4th grades ) Facts About the Reindeer by Lisa Stratten The Heart: Our Circulatory System by Seymour Simon OR Hear Your Heart by Paul Showers Puppy Care (How to Look After Your Pet) by Kim Byran Christmas Around the World by Mary D. Lankford OR How Kids Celebrate Christmas Around the World by Pavla Hanackova The Printables for this Grinch Christmas Unit Study ( Scroll down to see options )

Grinch Christmas Unit Study Lessons & Activities

Language Arts

Grammar & Copywork

mark out the Grinch Copywork pages which use quotes from the book for Charlotte Mason style grammar : narration and copywork ( included in the Grinch products in the HHO Shop ). These can besides be found in the Free Resource Library under the Grinch Unit Study. Metaphors & Similes : The Grinch book along with the original cartoon ’ south song, You ’ re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch, compare the fuzzy beggarly green one to a lot of unsavory things. Learn the remainder between a metaphor and a simile to include comparisons in your own writings. Use these videos to help you : Metaphors and Similes then have your students complete the Mean Green One Metaphors and Similes worksheet ( included in the Grinch products in the HHO Shop ) .

Literary Analysis

Use this video from Miss Dexter Online Teaching ( for younger kids ) or this one from Samantha Clair ( for older kids ) to learn how to identify the elements of a plat. then, have your kids complete the Plot Summary Worksheet using the Grinch fib. These can besides be found in the Free Resource Library. Look under Individual Worksheets > Language Arts future, you and your kids should watch both movies, A Christmas Carol and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. My kin ( tied the teens ) prefer the Muppet Christmas Carol and the cartoon How the Grinch Stole Christmas versions of the movies. then, after your kids have watched both A Christmas Carol and How the Grinch Stole Christmas movies, let your students compare and contrast the main character ( The Grinch ) in the floor with the main character ( Scrooge ) of the floor A Christmas Carol using this Character Comparison worksheet ( also included in the Grinch products in the HHO Shop ). These can besides be found in the Free Resource Library. Look under Individual Worksheets > Language ArtsHow the Grinch Stole Christmas Unit Study Language Arts worksheets elementary middle school


Let your younger kids work on rhyming words ( rhyming is an essential part of learning to read ). Use these Grinch Rhyming Word Cards to play a memory game while working on phonics and vocabulary .

Reading Comprehension

Use the Grinch Reading Comprehension Worksheet to see how many details you kids remember from the koran ( also included in the Grinch products in the HHO Shop ) .

Real-life Writing

Write a “ Thank You ” letter to the Grinch to thank him for returning the Christmas decorations and gifts. Use the printable friendly Letter to the Grinch found in the Free Resource Library. ( also included in the Grinch products in the HHO Shop )

Fun Art Activities

Learn how to draw the Grinch with this easy tutorial from Art Projects for Kids. Create a Grinch hand-print craft with these instructions from elementary Everyday Mom. Make some salt-dough Grinch-inspired ornaments with Kitchen Counter Chronicles. Make Grinch Trees with pipe cleaners following instructions from Mommy Made That. Coloring Pages for the Grinch fib at Coloring alone .christmas symbols worksheet

Social Studies

Christmas Symbols

Using the Christmas symbols books, look up the history of : Christmas carols bells, stockings Christmas trees advent candles mistletoe. Have your students use the Christmas Symbols notebooking wallpaper to record what they ’ ve learned ( included in the Grinch products in the HHO Shop ).

next, let your kids find out when the exchange of gifts at Christmas beginning began. Have them use the Gift Giving Notebooking Page ( included in the Grinch products in the HHO Shop ) to answer these questions :

  • “What is the main reason we give gifts?”
  • “When did the tradition of exchanging gifts begin?”
  • “Can you think of other reasons we give gifts to each other?”

Christmas Customs

The Grinch fib gives an overview of how Americans celebrate Christmas ( and the commerce of Christmas ). But how do early countries celebrate Christmas ? What traditions do they have that are different from the United States ? Use the notebooking pages for Germany, Italy, and France, or another country you ’ d like to study to write the answers to these questions ( Printables for 7 countries, in 3 levels included in the Grinch products in the HHO Shop ) alternatively, you could use the Christmas Customs Around the World Lapbook alternatively of the notebooking pages .


Caves printables types of caves, cave formations elementary and middle school


print out the miniskirt cave books and use them to answer the postdate questions ( included in the Grinch products in the HHO Shop ). You can use World Atlas on-line or Caves and Caverns by Gail Gibbons OR Limestone Caves by Roy Gallant OR check out the many resources listed for the Caves Notebooking Pages

  1. How Are Caves Formed?
  2. What kinds of creatures live in caves?
  3. What kinds of rock formations are found in caves?
  4. What kind of climate does a cave have?
  5. Who has become famous for exploring caves?
  6. What kind of tools do people use to explore caves?

arrant one or all of the take after activities about caves .The human heart anatomy worksheets for elementary and middle school

The Heart

Watch Operation Ouch to learn some perplex facts about the human heart. Watch this video from Wise Wonders to learn how to construct your own work model of the human heart and then make your own model. complete these worksheets to record what you ’ ve learned. commend resources listed on the Human Heart pages. ( included in the Grinch products in the HHO Shop )Reindeer facts worksheet
grinch christmas unit study


Use the Reindeer Facts and Notebooking Pages to write down information you ’ ve learned about caribou ( included in the Grinch products in the HHO Shop ). There are resources listed on the Reindeer post .


dogs lapbook If you ’ d like to go down a rabbit trail and learn more about Dogs ( and their care, anatomy, history, and train ), complete this Dog Lapbook. Or good use the resources and Dog notebooking printables from this Dogs & Their Stories Notebooking mail to share what you ’ ve learned about pet dogs ( included in the Grinch products in the HHO Shop ) .

Grinch STEM

reused with permission from My Joy-Filled Life Make your own Grinch Glitter Slime with these easy-to-follow directions at My Joy-Filled Life Grow the Grinch ’ s Heart with Creative Family Fun Pile gifts on the Grinch ’ s sled with Lemon Lime Adventures early learners can work on estimating with this activeness at A Little Pinch of Perfect

Practical Arts

Bake some k Grinch cookies with XOXO Bella Or try these super cute Grinch cookies with obscure kisses ( and not food coloring alternatives ) from Spaceships and Laserbeams Try Who Pudding with this recipe from Seussville or a non-dairy version here. If you are feeling adventurous, try a gingerbread, sugar cookie, or red gum mocha infused Who-pudding at InLiterature. Or possibly you ’ d like a ( largely ) healthier option ? Try the Grinch Fruit Kabobs from Heavenly Recipes Make a few Grinch ornaments with Kitchen Counter Chronicles Create a Grinch heart with precisely a wallpaper plate and thread at Non-Toy Gifts


Listen to Faith Hill sing Where Are You Christmas ? ( from the live-action movie translation of the ledger ) Sing-along to the Grinch song Listen to the original Grinch sung sing by Thuri Ravenscroft Enjoy some of the music of How the Grinch Stole Christmas from the melodious, or the original 1966 cartoon. Bells are used in the soundtrack of the cartoon. so adjacent we ’ ll check out some examples of bell choirs and their discrete sounds .

  • A fun version of Jingle Bells with the Enchantment Bell Choir
  • Simple Sounds Christmas Concert High School Bell Choir

Add Even More Fun to Your Grinch Christmas Unit Study

Magna-Tiles The Grinch Toys How The Grinch Stole Christmas Plush Grinch and Book Gift Set Dr. Seuss The Grinch 9″ Soft Plush Toy hint Game : How the Grinch Stole Christmas Funko Pop ! Dr. Seuss – Grinch Grow Your Heart Card Game Watch The Man Who Invented Christmas about Charles Dickens ’ life as he wrote the celebrated novelette. stay in the “ real ” Grinch ’ randomness cave in Utah. Have you always wondered if Dr. Seuss had a especial reason for writing the Grinch report ? If so, you ’ five hundred be correct. Learn why he wrote it here .

Download your copy of the How the Grinch Stole Christmas Unit Study from HHO Shop. There are 2 different versions available: “Just the Printables” and the Complete Bundle that includes ALL RESOURCE LINKS, BOOK RECS, FULL INSTRUCTIONS AND THE PRINTABLES.

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how the grinch stole christmas unit study elementaryhow the grinch stole christmas unit study elementaryThe Mean Green One Notebooking Unit Study for the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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