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The arrival was very nice, receiving a flower garland and smiles but when the balmy stopped and I had to climb besides many stairs merely to reach the chalet and then 3 more flight of stairs to the room, my smile was erased. immediately I said that was not the right room for my stipulate. then they accompanied us to a different one a small bite down which seemed gloomy to us with the balcony surrounded by a canopy of trees. I accepted it but even though was one degree down when I went to check where the restaurant, swimming pool and beach were, I had to go down and down many stairs. Of run going down is not the problem but if you need to reach your room or barely forget something ……. a happened to me next day …. it was intemperate very difficult. beginning night we were sad in a fusty room, television receiver did not work, besides the scale. I tried to accommodate to no avail. adjacent day after staying about the whole day without stepping in my room we went to the anteroom. We wanted to pay for an upgrade but was fully booked. High season. They told me that they had the perfect room but couldn ’ triiodothyronine find us, then gave it to other guests, of course, it was because we were downstairs the whole day. Promised another one adjacent day. That nox is was a little bit better, television fixed, courteous olfactory property and flowers. After changing room next day things started to be pleasant, we were near the beach and a short-circuit base on balls to the restaurant and pool then we could very enjoy the amazing serve, beach, nice sunset cocktails, beautiful float pools, very estimable breakfast, above all personalize attention. remarkable the work of people at the beach and pools, a soon as they see you arrive they provide water with ice cubes and towels and they refill your methamphetamine frequently. besides it was a big service picking us up from Saladan pier for free, helping with the tickets and taking us to the pier at the end of the stay to go to Phi Phi island. The director is always greetings people something that is not easily to see in other resorts. I think that my mistake was not ask a desirable room in advance telling them that I have some problems.

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