Christmas Dot Painting: Q-tip Tree Painting FREE Printable

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Christmas Dot Painting *This post may contain affiliate links. Read full disclosure and terms for more info.* Christmas Dot PaintingQtip Tree Painting: Christmas Dot PaintingQtip Tree Painting: Christmas Dot PaintingQtip Tree Painting: Christmas Dot PaintingQtip Tree Painting: Christmas Dot PaintingQtip Tree PaintingQtip Tree Painting: Christmas Dot PaintingChristmas Dot Painting ready for a FREE Christmas bodily process for kids ? Grab this Q-tip tree painting FREE Printable and create Christmas dot painting art projects that kids love doing !
Christmas Dot Painting
We are barely a week away from Christmas interruption, which means my kids will be home and bouncing off the walls with excitement ! That ’ s equal parts fun and terrific for me, my kids have a lot of energy .
I try to combat the Christmas hyper vibration with some fun structured activities both out of the house and at home. Fun Christmas crafts for kids or Christmas artwork projects keep kids entertained and help us keep things balanced and less nerve-racking. not to mention a free Christmas activity is constantly a welcome idea in our home !
Christmas Dot Painting

Q-tip Painting

We have fallen in love with q-tip art this year, and a Christmas dot painting felt in order ! If you haven ’ thymine hear of these, basically one fills in the scatter painting by using a Q-tip. It ’ s like a kind friendly pointillism ( that I know many teens and adults enjoy excessively ) !
It ’ mho in truth easy, it ’ second very bum to gather supplies if you don ’ thymine already have them. But best of all, it ’ s a actually FUN Christmas scatter painting plan that encourages creativity !
And we have you covered with two versions of a Q-tip tree painting template perfective for younger or older kids !
Q-tip Tree Painting
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Q-tip Tree Painting: Christmas Dot Painting

Christmas Dot Painting
Create a fun and easy Christmas craft for kids with these barren Q-tip tree painting printables to create fun Christmas dot painting crafts .
Prep Time

2 minutes

Active Time

15 minutes

Total Time

17 minutes




  • – 5-10 Q-tips
  • – Q-tip tree painting printable
  • – A few colors of washable paint or acrylic paints
  • – (Optional) Green cardstock


  • – Printer to print download (you can also send it to Staples or Office Max if you don’t have a printer)


  1. Download the free Q-tip tree painting printable.
  2. Print Q-tip tree painting prints on either white or green cardstock to create a tree base
  3. Place a few blots of paint on a washable plate to create a paint pallet.
  4. Place Q-tips next to paints to be used as the brush/paint applicators.
  5. Decorate the Christmas trees using individual dots from the Q-tip applicator. Have fun creating any type of tree and be creative with your Christmas dot painting!
  6. Let dry and enjoy your easy Q Tip Christmas tree project!


I love to reuse a paper udder and put it on my board to help prevent any paint messes .

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But most of all ENJOY !

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Christmas Dot Painting

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