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Make origami Christmas ornaments using this fun, crafty tutorial. This class, I decided to post more than 10 modern Christmas decoration tutorials with a free pattern bundle called Homemade Holidays  – and this is one of them. Scroll down to see more !
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What I love about these origami Christmas ornaments is how you can create diversity with fair two fabric pieces. And how they look therefore intricate but are dim-witted to make. They involve sewing a set and a few hand stitches. The perch is just so easily !
I first saw exchangeable ornaments a while ago. They used a japanese fold proficiency but those ask accurate measure of a few subsequent folds. not thus much for me. I wanted an comfortable way. And ta-daa !

This room I ‘m showing here is easier for me, and I do n’t need to be besides accurate. Easier may be better, what do you say ?
Origami Christmas ornaments
If you like these easy Christmas origami ornaments, check out more tutorials here :

How To Make Origami Christmas Ornaments

beginning, take a quick look at the slideshow form of the tutorial, to get a touch of what the project is like :


  • two 8-inch squares of fabric in contrasting Christmas prints
  • a pompom for embellishment
  • 7″ – 10″ ribbon for hanging
  • matching thread, sewing machine, scissors, needle, iron
  • Free circle template: Feel free to trace a plate or use the template from my Homemade Holidays FREE Patterns Bundle – it’s FREE for all and contains more than 10 free Christmas sewing patterns. All made for you!

    Origami Christmas ornaments free pattern
    Get FREE PATTERN BUNDLE HERE. (No coupon required. Just free.)

UPDATE: MORE templates to be ADDED to the Homemade Holiday FREE Pattern Bundle ! – Join our mailing list here, so you do n’t miss out on any new tutorials !


How To Make Origami Christmas Ornaments – Step 1

Cut two 8-inch circles out of the two framework pieces. Either trace a plate or use the circle template that ‘s included in this FREE Homemade Holidays Pattern Bundle in my shop. The template has quarter markings that should make your project even easier. No coupon code required :

How To Make Origami Christmas Ornaments – Step 2

Origami Christmas ornaments
Place them right sides together and sew around using a ¼ ” ( 7 millimeter ) seam valuation reserve, leaving a few inches open for turn :
Origami Christmas ornaments

How To Make Origami Christmas Ornaments – Step 3

Turn right side out, press and edgestitch all the manner around, closing the turn hole besides :
Origami Christmas ornaments

How To Make Origami Christmas Ornaments – Step 4

Start close up : fold the circle in one-half so the main fabric will be on the inside of the congregation. I wanted my red fabric to show in the end item, so I made indisputable to hide it into the fold. Press. then fold again in half so you get quarters. Press well again :
Origami Christmas ornaments

How To Make Folded Christmas Ornaments – Step 5

quarter marks are visible now – you should have four folds. then hand-stitch the ends at the face-to-face marks together ; first base two :
showing how to fold the fabric origami ornament

Folded Christmas Ornaments – Step 6

then the other two. Leave the acerate leaf on the thread, you ‘ll need it to sew on a pompom :
stitches on the red and green fabric origami ornament

How To Fold the Origami ornament- Step 7

What you have now is the central compass point – you ‘ll want this one to lie two-dimensional. Place the while on a flat coat, flattening the back and the sides :

square shaped green Christmas origami ornament

Fold Back the Corners – Step 8

You ‘ll see some extra framework on corners – fold these to the back side :
folded Christmas ornaments

Finishing touches – Step 9

Use the ( still threaded ) phonograph needle and the remaining screw thread to sew on a pompom or some other embellishment – place it correctly above the center front the circle edges were sew together :
diy folded ornament

Add the ribbon – Step 10

final thing to do : attach the ribbon to one of the corners, hang and admire !
Origami Christmas ornaments
If we did n’t have tons of other handmade ornaments, this would be an easy way to decorate the wholly Christmas tree, using merely this practice .
Scraps in two colors, this simple tutorial and a plate to trace – or the free circle template from the FREE Bundle (here), that ‘s all you need ! speak of homemade Christmas ornaments, please remind me if I forget to post a whole list of links to my exempt tutorials. There is a million of those on AppleGreen bungalow from the past years !
Make surely to save the project for divine guidance – and thus you find all the release templates when you need them :
Origami Christmas ornamentHomemade Holidays Pattern Bundle – you’ll be able to use all the patterns in there once I’ve published all the free tutorials that I have planned – all in a few days’ time. Make sure you don’t miss out on any! And do n’t forget to download the FREE- you ‘ll be able to use all the patterns in there once I ‘ve published all the free tutorials that I have planned – all in a few days ‘ prison term. Make indisputable you do n’t miss out on any ! I ‘ll be back soon with a new tutorial, make indisputable to follow or subscribe to my hebdomadally newsletter so you do n’t miss out on the newly stuff !


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A clever stocking stuffer. besides, a handy gift on it ‘s own .
Origami Christmas Ornaments

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