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UPDATE: I created a new I created a new no-sew DIY version of this Christmas stocking for dogs !

Decorating for Christmas with dogs in the house can be a challenge. I ’ meter always careful what ornaments I place on the tree at “ tail acme ”, and I don ’ triiodothyronine normally put out presents until Christmas day unless I want them unwrapped early on ! With sol many tempting but off-limits things around the family, it ’ second nice to make the dogs their own decorations like a individualized Christmas stocking .
I love to share this free DIY dog bone Christmas tutorial! This easy sewing project can be customized to match your own holiday decor and your dog’s personality. In this post, I show you how you make your very own pattern, sew the stocking and add personalized finishing touches. 
I love how these dog bone stockings look hanging on my mantle because they give an supernumerary dog-obsessed touch to the remainder of the decorations in my dog-friendly home !
Making this bone-shaped darling Christmas stocking is a pretty easy sewing DIY. I encourage you to try out this complimentary model and sewing tutorial ! Photos, bit-by-bit instructions and a video can all be found below. If you want a no-sew version, click here .
free dog christmas stocking pattern

How to Make a Dog Bone Christmas Stocking

One of the reasons I love to DIY is because I can make things precisely how I want them. My vacation dash is a little capricious and vintage-inspired. For this DIY dog bone-shaped Christmas stocking, I picked out fabrics that perfectly coordinate with the rest of my vacation interior decoration style .
Living in a cold climate, I constantly enjoy the lights, decorations, and joy that the holidays bring. The dogs and I spend many nights cuddled up on the couch with the Christmas tree light and a few candles on the mantle ( check out my fave Fir Baby candle ! ) .
One of my darling nights of the class is when we get the first big coke. I love to walk the dogs around my vicinity when it ’ s passive and covered in a fresh level of snow-clad shimmer. Walking in the snow and admiring my neighbors’ holiday decorations one of my favorite memories with my dogs every winter! That memory is the divine guidance for the framework I chose to use for this DIY stocking tutorial .
DIY dog bone christmas stocking

DIY Dog Christmas Stocking Tutorial

I ’ megabyte going to show you precisely how easy it is to make this bone-shaped dog stocking from rub. I made my own sew form and will show you how you can do it, excessively !
First: Find Great Fabric!
Making your own Christmas stockings for you and your dogs is thus great because you can use framework that coordinates with your other decorations. At Joann, I found a snow-clad tree print for the external of my stock and bolshevik and blacken buffalo tartan for the inside. ( BONUS : I sewed this so it ’ randomness reversible ! It ’ s a fun way to good sew once and get 2 Christmas stocking look ! )
Pick up ribbon and notions
I besides found a fabulous decoration at Joann ! Skip the regular ribbon aisle, and search for the special Christmas ribbon aisle. I found this extra-wide burlap decoration with loss whipstitch. I like how it looks wrapped around the bone it ’ s a great space to customize the finished stockings with my dogs ’ names .
You can order fun supplies online from Joann, Michaels ( I love this snowflake ribbon ! ) or get truly cool fabrics from Spoonflower !
diy dog bone christmas stocking
make your own pattern dog bone stocking

How to make our own dog bone stocking pattern

I made this stocking 16 inches long and 9 inches wide at the widest point. To make the Christmas stock blueprint myself, I use quarrel paper ( or the rear of wrapping paper ! ) to trace out the supreme headquarters allied powers europe. I use a ruler to draw the straight edges and a belittled nosh bowl or big mug to trace the ends of the cram to make them round .
Keep in mind that when you sew it, there will be about 1/4″ lost on all the edges for your seam allowance. You ’ ll want to allocate for that in the blueprint or when you cut out your framework .
I have confidence that you can make this DIY Christmas stocking practice yourself ! I see a lot of people searching for release printable stock patterns, but I recommend that you precisely trace and draw it yourself precisely how I did. I even show a more hands-on tutorial in the YouTube video recording a bit far down in this station. Making your radiation pattern yourself will allow you to make it the accurate determine and size that you want !

If you have a little dog, you might want to make a smaller bone. For larger dogs, like my labrador, I like to make a larger bone stock. To make a stocking precisely like mine, follow my measurements ! here they are again :

My dog bone stocking pattern is 16 inches long and 9 inches wide at the widest point. I use a ruler for the straight edges and a small snack bowl to make the round parts of the bone. 
once you have your DIY pattern fix, it ’ s time to cut out your framework .
To make this stock reversible and amply lined as I did, you will cut out 2 pieces of both fabrics that you ’ ra using. When it ’ sulfur cut out, place them with right sides together, pin the edges and get ready to sew the stocking in concert !
dog bone christmas stocking
dog bone christmas stocking DIY

Sew Your Dog Bone Stocking Together

With correct sides facing, sew your bone pieces together along the sides and bottom curves. I stitched about halfway up the curve of the top rounded edges of the bone. * Do not sew the top edge completely together because that ’ s where you ’ ll sew the outside framework to the lining fabric .
When the outside fabric and the lining fabric have been sewn together along the sides and the bed, it ’ s time to sew them to each early. once again, you ’ ll want right sides together as you stitch one fabric ’ s peak bone edge to the other fabric ’ south top bone edge .
Take your time and make sure it’s going to line up correctly when you flip the lining inside. As you ’ ra lining it all improving, remember that this is for a reversible frump bone stocking. indeed if you do it correctly, all the seams and raw edges should be on the inside .
Stitch the other top bone edges together but leave a 2-inch hole to flip it all through. You ’ ll besides use that hole to attach the ribbon to hang your stocking from .
>> Please watch the YouTube video I created below for a more hands-on look at this sewing tutorial. 
dog bone christmas stocking

Add the finishing touches to your Christmas Dog Stocking

once the bone and line are complete, I cut a strip of the buffalo plaid fabric to use as the strip to hang our stocking. This direction it perfectly coordinates with the liner and has a courteous finished attend .
To make the hanging ribbon strip, fold the long sides of your leach into the focus on, so you have a finished folded edge on both sides. then fold it in one-half and insert it into the hole you left in the top of the bone. Hand-stitch it into place and close the hole that you left to flip everything through .
free dog christmas stocking

Watch the Video Tutorial of this Dog Bone Christmas Stocking

due to the popularity of this DIY tutorial I created a video recording showing you precisely how I make this project ! Check it out below. I hope this clears up any questions you might have. Remember that when you DIY, you can customize things to be precisely how you want. I hope you use my sewing tutorial as a start sharpen, but make it your own to suit your style and your chase ’ south personality !

Personalize Your Dog’s Christmas Stocking with their Name

I personalized this cram stocking with my andiron ’ second name using a childlike black market on the burlap ribbon. The framework marker I used bled, so pardon the indistinctness ! *This year I re-did the Ribbon with black acrylic paint and a very small paintbrush! That did not bleed at all and looks much better! 
For a more professional-looking name, I could besides take the ribbon up to a local embellishment workshop and have my dog ’ randomness identify stitched on. Or if you have a sew machine that can do embroidery, you can program it to do that for you. It ’ s truly up to you how you choose to add your frank ’ randomness name or initial. Drawing or painting it on will look more homemade, while embroidery will give it a professional finishing touch.
Sidenote : If you have a Cricut that would besides be a great direction to add your pawl ’ second name, initial or a cad paw outline to their custom-made Christmas stock !
dog christmas stocking pattern
Sewing Reversible dog Bone Stocking

DIY Dog Bone Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Christmas Stocking Stuffers for your Dog

once you finish your dog ’ mho Christmas stock, you have to fill it up with some excellent stocking stuffers ! My dogs love treats and I love cute accessories, so we ’ ll credibly do a desegregate of both. I have lots of Amazon lists of our front-runner products .
But I recommend that you SHOP SMALL! The Wear Wag Repeat Shop has some fun stocking stuffers for dogs and dog moms this year. Dog ma shirts are constantly democratic, I love gifting the Fir Baby candle and you ’ ll find many other gifts made by frump moms for pawl moms !
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No-Sew DIY Version of this Dog Bone Stocking
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DIY Dog Bone Christmas Stocking

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DIY Dog Bone Christmas Stocking DIY Dog Bone Christmas Stocking

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