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The Flash: Rebirth is a six-issue [ 3 ] monthly American comic book limited serial written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver. The series was published by DC Comics, and features characters from throughout the about seventy-year-long history of Flash comics. [ 1 ] This is the second “ conversion ” limited series issued by DC Comics, it was preceded by Green Lantern: Rebirth ( 2005 ), which reintroduced Green Lantern Hal Jordan into the DC universe. The beginning topic was published on April 1, 2009. The series was first base planned to last for five issues, but was extended to six. [ 3 ] The storyline follows the “ rebirth ” of the Silver Age character The Flash, veridical name Barry Allen after the character ‘s initial return in DC ‘s 2008 crossover voter storyline Final Crisis .

Foreshadowing [edit ]

In the third exit of Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge, Libra tells the Rogues that “ the Flash the Rogues first battled has come rear to the farming of the be ”. The Rogues reorganize in the basement of the Flash Museum and lament the possibility of Barry Allen having returned to biography, saying : “ He ai n’t like the kyd who took it up after him. He never gave us a dampen ”. [ 4 ] Captain Cold ended the express series by reflecting on and preparing for Barry Allen : “ The Rogues ca n’t outrun him. Once the skies are back to blue, the game ‘s back on … and if the Flash is actually back, there ‘s no more rules in this population to follow ”. The issue ends with an visualize of Barry Allen in his Flash uniform running highly promptly, and the last occupation of the series is : “ Coming future year : The Flash: Rebirth “. [ 5 ]

Ethan Van Sciver redesigned Wally West ‘s costume for this series so that Wally and Barry could be visually distinct. Barry once again becomes the primary Flash in the mini-series. [ 2 ] Bart Allen, the moment Kid Flash and fourth Flash, was resurrected in the thirty-first Century in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds # 3 by Brainiac 5 to combat Superboy-Prime and the Legion of Super-Villains and has a large function in The Flash: Rebirth. [ 6 ]

plot [edit ]

Two forensics scientists in Central City are killed by a mysterious world wielding a spear with a lightning bolt-shaped tip. He rearranges containers of chemicals on shelves and, using the spear as a lightning perch, recreates the accident that gave Barry Allen—also known as The Flash—his powers, then escapes from arriving police officers. His thoughts indicate he is responsible for Barry Allen ‘s render. In Central City and Keystone City, Linda Park-West announces that a celebration will be held for Barry ‘s return key. Members of the Flash family react to his revert : at Justice Society headquarters, Jay Garrick recounts how Barry inspired him to return to superheroics ; at Titans Tower East, Wally West remembers Barry with affection and respect ; at Titans Tower West, Bart Allen views his grandfather ‘s return with agnosticism ; and Iris West Allen waits happily for her husband to come home. however, Iris receives a earphone call from Police Captain Frye, who asks for Barry ‘s help. Barry is visiting the Flash Museum, trying to catch up with events that occurred during his absence, when he meets green Lantern ( Hal Jordan ). Barry ‘s memories from his time in the Speed Force are fading. He feels he was not supposed to come back, and that the Speed Force is trying to draw him bet on in. Barry tells Hal that he will not attend the festivities in his honor, and runs off. When Barry was a child, his mother was murdered and his father was arrested for the crime, despite proclaiming his artlessness. The evil super-speedster Savitar materializes out of the lightning symbol on Barry ‘s thorax. vitamin a soon as Barry catches Savitar, he receives some feedback from Savitar ‘s department of energy and the villain crumbles into dust. At the same consequence, all of the heroes connected to the Speed Force experience a sudden, afflictive exhaust of department of energy. [ 7 ] Jordan quarantines Savitar ‘s remains upon arrival, and Barry hurries home to talk to Wally about the asleep villain. In his center, Barry sees a patrol cable car outside Wally ‘s Aunt Iris ‘ firm and remembers the day they first met—the same day he gained his powers—after the trial of Sam Scudder. In a flashback it is revealed that flush after the death of his founder in prison, Barry continued investigating his mother ‘s mangle and hoped to prove his father ‘s purity. Barry arrives and meets with Captain Frye. Thanks to Wonder Woman and her government connections, the public believes that Barry has been in witness security during the years he was missing. Barry receives a phone name from Wally and learns of the “ rush seizures ” the early super-speedsters have experienced. Barry and Wally investigate a cryptic lightning storm in Fallville, Iowa, and discover the remains of the Black Flash. The pair are attacked by Lady Flash, but she disintegrates in the like fashion equally Savitar as Barry touches her. Barry ‘s costume begins to transform into that of the Black Flash. [ 8 ] At the Justice Society ‘s headquarters, Jesse Chambers is contemplating a statue of her parents, Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. Her conserve Rick Tyler confronts her, an explosion occurs in front of them, and an image of Johnny Quick materializes, beg Barry Allen not to hurt Jesse, then vanishes. In Fallville, the Justice League, the Justice Society, and other heroes have built a containment chamber for Barry, whose personal department of energy field has become tainted with a black aura that burns through focal ratio energy. The heroes plan to disconnect Barry from the Speed Force to save his life. Iris acts as Barry ‘s “ lightning rod ” to prevent him from being reabsorbed into the Speed Force. After remembering their first date, Barry ‘s energy battlefield overloads and destroys the chamber. green Lantern creates a raw bedroom with his ring and carries Barry aside from the other Flashes. Barry breaks out, achieves a condom distance from the other speedsters, and begins to run. He plans to run back into the Speed Force to spare his friends and family. Despite Superman ‘s undertake to stop him, Barry achieves the speed he needs to escape the corporeal airplane. As Barry re-enters the Speed Force, he sees past events of his animation in revoke, but begins to lose his memories and his identity. With help from a mysterious voice, Barry regains his memories and fully enters the Speed Force. Barry discovers Max Mercury and Johnny Quick, who are imprisoned in the Speed Force. Johnny grab Barry ‘s wrist and pleads with him not to let the force hurt Jesse. Barry ‘s energy kills Johnny. Before he and Max are pulled into a loss area of the Speed Force, Max tells Barry that he is not creditworthy for the deaths of the speedsters. The true villain reveals himself : Professor Eobard “ Zoom ” Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, boasts that he has shifted Barry into inverse. [ 9 ] When Barry questions Zoom ‘s render, [ 10 ] the villain says that he will be resurrected in a near-future consequence —as Zoom ‘s cadaver is hush buried in the introduce. As Zoom beats Barry and Max, he reveals that the loss energy field is a “ negative Speed Force ” created by Thawne ‘s energizing energy, and is poisoning the normal Speed Force. zoom reveals his plan : after Barry briefly returned to aid Kid Flash against Superboy-Prime during the Infinite Crisis, Zoom sent a subliminal pulse into the Speed Force to draw back the remains of Barry ‘s self-awareness, which led to Barry ‘s reappearance during the Final Crisis. Zoom then transformed himself into a new kind of speedster—the mysterious murderer seen at the begin of the story—and created his negative Speed Force to contaminate Barry and the early heroic verse speedsters. Zoom fades away. In Fallville, Wally decides to enter the Speed Force to retrieve his uncle. At the Wests ‘ home, Irey wants to help save Barry. After an controversy with her buddy Jai, she runs downstairs and encounters the reappear Zoom. At the Justice Society ‘s headquarters, Hourman is tending to Jesse, who has been repeating her founder ‘s Speed Formula. As Wally ventures deeper into the Speed Force, Max tells Barry that it was Allen who created the speedsters ‘ reference of power. Barry unwittingly created the Speed Force using kinetic energy throughout his career. Zoom seizes Jay and Iris and begins to mainline the pair ‘s deformed connections to the Speed Force. Linda calls for help oneself, and Jay Garrick and Bart Allen fire him but Zoom overpowers them. In the Speed Force, Wally reaches Barry and Max. Max is unconvinced he can escape due to his miss of a “ lightning rod ”. Barry convinces Max that he is like family to them, and the three begin to escape. Jesse Chambers, now crackling with Speed Force energy, stops repeating the Speed Formula. As the heroic speedsters are recharged with energy, Barry, Wally, Jay, Max, and Bart charge towards Thawne [ 11 ] and battle Zoom. Irey and Jai are painfully wracked with amphetamine energy. Iris realizes that their powers are unstable because they have been sharing the same connection to the Speed Force. She absorbs her brother ‘s speed department of energy into herself and passes out. Jesse Chambers arrives and revives Irey by reciting her speed Formula. Jesse and Iris join the struggle against Zoom, Irey now displays traditional super-speed. Wally uses his connection to the Speed Force to rejuvenate the speedsters and repair their suits : Barry, Jay, Max, and Bart retain their normal costumes, Wally gains a new interpretation of the Flash undifferentiated, Jesse wears a costume based on her father ‘s, and Irey becomes the fresh Impulse.

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Despite being outnumbered, Zoom remains convinced and notes how the Speed Force affects the age of the Flash class. He boasts of being creditworthy for all the tragedies of Barry ‘s life, including the murder of his beget and the frame of his don. Zoom says that Barry ‘s parents had been happy together in the original timeline. Thawne claims that his negative Speed Force gave him the ability to alter the by. soar begins to travel through time again, and announces his intention to kill Iris before her foremost date with Barry. By doing indeed, he hopes to wipe all memory of Iris from Barry ‘s history. [ 12 ] Barry and Wally chase after Thawne. Wally tells Barry to push hard to break the time barrier. They reach Thawne and become the lightning abscond that turns Barry into the Flash and stop Thawne from killing Iris. They chase Thawne, who to dissuade Wally, tells him that one of his children will make his life hapless in the future. Barry and Wally push Thawne back through clock. Barry and Wally return to the present where the other superheroes have built a device for Thawne. Barry tosses Thawne into it and Jay activates the device, which severs Thawne ‘s connection to the Negative Speed Force. Barry and Wally stand Thawne. Iris discovers Thawne ‘s weapon in the past and keeps it. With the threat ended, everyone celebrates and welcomes back Barry and the speedsters. Dr. Alchemy escapes from Iron Heights Penitentiary, where Hunter Zolomon talks to Thawne, hoping they can work together. In Gorilla City, an ape warns that Thawne has done something atrocious to their jungles. In Central City Police Precinct, Barry closes the case on his mother ‘s death and opts to take all the other cold cases. elsewhere, the Rogues prepare to deal with Barry. Barry spends some clock with Iris then goes to Washington to celebrate his return with the Justice League. [ 13 ]

aftermath [edit ]

With Barry Allen retold beginning and his continuity, The Flash: Rebirth sets the stagecoach for Flashpoint where Barry travels back in fourth dimension to save his mother ‘s life which alters the timeline, resulting in New 52 boot and DC Rebirth continuity. Following his retelling origin, The Flash: Rebirth made historical changes to Flash ‘s Mytho following his beginning appearance in Showcase # 4 to his sacrificial death on Crisis On Infinite Earths up to his time travel impact on Flashpoint. The Flash serves at the vanguard of the DC population following his revival of the Flash mythos. The lineage of the Speed Force was created by accident when Barry got struck by a bolt of lightning gaining super-speed proved that Barry is the main beginning to all speedsters from past to present. Thawne was mindful of Barry ‘s being and that without Barry ‘s presence, Thawne will be erased from the timestream which is why he choose to spare him and alternatively ruined his life following the death of Barry ‘s beget. The beginning of Thawne ‘s stew against Barry Allen was former retconned including his early liveliness which led down his way to becoming Flash ‘s greatest enemy. With the creation of the Negative Speed Force and his presence on Flashpoint, Thawne subsequently becomes the living paradox, a being without a past or future. He normally resurrected himself after suffering multiple deaths. During Joshua Willaimson ‘s guide on the Flash Age storyline, the villain named Paradox is well aware of Flash ‘s altering timeline and accuses him of his transformation, planning to destroy him and his timeline. Aftermath, Thawne successfully alters Paradox ‘s history and restores the timeline. In polish Line event, Barry forgives Thawne and apologizes for his suffering, in which he alters Thawne ‘s timelines and erases him from his history as the Reverse-Flash .

reception [edit ]

The first printing of The Flash: Rebirth issue # 1 sold out completely at Diamond Comic Distributors on the first day of its release. A second print with a discrepancy cover was immediately commissioned to be released on April 29, 2009. [ 14 ] Third and fourthly printings were subsequently announced, [ 15 ] followed by a fifth print. [ 16 ] The irregular consequence has besides had a second printing commissioned. [ 17 ] The beginning issue, and the hale series, have received plus reviews. Newsarama said that Johns ‘ drive on Barry Allen as peculiarly interesting : “ Johns ‘ main persuasiveness in Flash is the same he had with Green Lantern : he knows what makes Barry Allen tick. While Hal is a learn in recklessness and charismatic defiance, Barry is a small more down-to-earth. This man refused to believe the note between estimable and evil blurred like the scarlet and gold he wore. Me thinks this might be a theme, one that may even be a resonant as overcoming fear ”. [ 18 ] The serial has been controversial within its fandom. Some fans felt that the return of Barry Allen threatens the status of the then-current Flash—Wally West—who had a dedicated come, and did not want him to be displaced by Barry. Some fans complained that they believe the recurrence of Barry Allen negates the meaning of his death during Crisis on Infinite Earths. [ 19 ] In a partial acknowledgment of this common opinion, Zoom openly claims that his actions are intended to cheapen the martyr qualities the denizens of Earth have given to “ their ” bomber in fourth dimension. The series has besides been subject to criticism due to several delays in spill. [ 20 ] While issues # 1, 2 and 3 all came out as scheduled, issue # 4 was subject to closely a calendar month of delays and was released about 12 weeks after issue # 3. [ 21 ] The fifth publish experienced similar delays, and was released in late November 2009. [ 22 ] The final issue was then rescheduled for release in late December 2009, [ 23 ] then was delayed until late January 2010, [ 24 ] and again delayed until March 24, 2010. [ 25 ] It was rescheduled with a release go steady of February 24, 2010. [ 26 ]

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