How to Write a Christmas Card People Actually Want to Read

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alternatively of sending your annual Christmas card out with scantily a signature… judge this alternatively. It ’ s a lot more playfulness and will create a sense of joining with those family and friends you care about .
I ’ ve looked forward to getting one Christmas card every single year for american samoa long as I can remember.

Aunt Cindy’s.
Every year when we bring in cards from the postbox, I look to see if one will be hers. It international relations and security network ’ thyroxine that she has the most expensive card or the most out of the box one either .
Nope. Her card international relations and security network ’ t thrust with endowment cards or homemade ornaments. It ’ sulfur much simpler than that .
Every class, in her card, she includes a sheet of paper. One tabloid of paper printed from her calculator or copied on a car that tells about her class ’ sulfur year .
How to write, make, and send Christmas cards that people actually want to read The highlights. The lowlights, if there are any. And fun farce in between .
It isn ’ thyroxine boastful or “ look what we did ” and it isn ’ t written to puff herself up about animation. It ’ south written to help her family and friends keep in the know about her life. Oh and it ’ randomness funny story .
It is so dadgum amusing we ’ re all normally in stitches by the time it ’ s over. then we read it again .
Now that, my friends, is a good Christmas card. 

50+ Connection Questions

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How to make a Christmas card people actually want to read

You don ’ t have to tug over every menu to make them anticipated. With a little think and plan you ’ ll be the most anticipate card every year .

Get your Christmas cards first

so first base things first, actually get your Christmas cards and envelopes. You can get something basic or personalized. Our Christmas cards this class ( which have not come in even ) have all 5 kids .
They are all looking at the television camera at one time. I ’ m serious. That alone is adequate to memorialize .
Minted has beautiful cards on sale correctly now. You can get match stamps, rejoinder address printing and you can tied get them to address the labels so wholly you have to do is chain mail ( after you ’ ve done below, of course ! ) .

Then… think back over your year then write a fun story and recap

This is the hardest separate. One year, no lie, I kept memo all year of the monthly highlights so we could add them into our Christmas circuit board. I ’ m not talking about Bragging Rights, but barely fun and concern things. Like…

“ We loved swimming this year. One day we perfected a now beloved game. Matt and the kids wore orange credit card cones on their heads and paddled around on pool floats while screaming at the circus tent of their lungs. ”

We ’ re going for fun here. If you aren ’ t good at funny story, good drive for highlights that meant a fortune to you. If you are passionate about what you ’ re writing it will connect with people. Did your daughter win a spelling bee or your son score his first goal ? Did your baby take their first steps or thrown an epic poem fit at Wal-Mart ?
It doesn ’ t have to be television worthy it just has to have made an impact on you. In no particular order the take after things made an impact on me :

  • My 3-year-old dumped an entire Cheez-It box of beach sand all over the minivan.
  • After many years of wait, I’ve gotten our preliminary house plans.
  • I paid off our minivan.
  • My 1-year-old finally said the words, “I wuv oo, mama”

You get the estimate. These didn ’ t make it in the Christmas card, but they could have. Just share things that have been close to you .
If you are sending person a Christmas card then – hopefully – they will care about the things you care about .
If you feel punch-drunk sending veridical life updates to some people on your Christmas card list then they should probably be removed from your Christmas menu list .
Give yourself permission to move on. You ’ ll feel better. And you ’ ll save money .

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Run copies and stuff it in the envelope….

then when you ’ ve written the letter good print multiple copies. The key is to not make it indeed complicated you don ’ t get around to it. Complication is the enemy here. You want childlike and heartfelt then print and stuff. Or if you want to get more techy…

Do a QR code for fun!

This class, since I have a blog and all, I decided to something fun I ’ five hundred never seen before. I put a QR code in our Christmas cards so people could scan it and be taken to my web log to read our update .
If you don ’ t have a syndicate blog but want to do some QR fun then you can link to a PDF or document elsewhere. here ’ s how it works .

How to do a QR code:
  1. Create your letter or recap in Microsoft Word then save it as PDF instead of a doc. (How to do that here).
  2. Save your PDF somewhere like Dropbox, Evernote, or even Gmail. Wherever you save this document needs a URL because this URL (the www….) is what will be used to create your QR code. (Here is how you do that).  Oh, you can also have your QR code link to a FB post if you’ve written something substantial this year.
  3. Go to a free QR generator like this one.
  4. Insert the URL where your PDF is stored and voila, you’ll have a QR code ready.
  5. Download the QR code onto your computer to be used later.
  6. Get a set of labels (I used Avery) and then print the QR code onto your labels.
  7. Stick the labels on your Christmas card and you’re donzo.

note : you can read any QR code with dislodge apps .

So there you have it…

You get your Christmas cards ( I prefer Minted because they ’ rhenium beautiful and the interface is easy to use ), you write up a annual compendious .
Get your kids to help, ask class members what stood out to them, get quotes, use photos, whatever. however you do it, don ’ t make it such a big deal that you give up. KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid Silly .
year after year as you begin this tradition you ’ ll find people hope your wag is the one they ’ re pulling out of the mailbox .
Be substantial .
Be fun .
Don ’ thymine aim to impress, target to connect .

50+ Connection Questions

Pull out these playfulness connecting questions to partake some laughs with your cute ones !
Use them at:

  • meal times
  • car rides
  • as a “calm down” trick
  • for dinner time conversation
  • or any time the day is getting chaotic or
  • you need a reset to connect.

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