The Tree Cone Templates are Finally Ready!

Fabric covered poster board tree cones for the holidays.  Link to template that has 5 sizes of cones on it. {The Creativity Exchange}

Tree Cones- Poster Board Tree Cones- How- Make- Buy- Templates- Cone Template

Poster Board Tree Cones- tree cones- Fabric Covered Cones- Template- Pattern

Poster Board Tree Cone Covered with Sheet Moss {Tree Cone Template from The Creativity Exchange}

last ! ! The Fabric Covered Poster Board Tree Cone Template and Tutorial is finished and is now available for sale and download in my new on-line store here. Yes, immediate download ( you receive the download link immediately after buy ) Instant cone making gratification ! !
After receiving then many emails over the last class from readers asking if I offered tree cone patterns/templates for sale, I last decided to go ahead and create them. I have come up with an easy to follow template ( with 5 cone sizes on it ) and tutorial that makes it easy to create your own fabric covered tree cones .
On the design itself, I have cut dashes/marks and scissors to show you exactly where to cut, how to cut, where to roll and precisely where to place your framework. I spent weeks designing the convention so it would be as easy and drug user friendly as possible :

I am actually excite that I was able to eliminate a big step by designing the template in a way that we can attach our fabric to the bill poster display panel first and then roll the cone using design lines that tell you precisely where to put the framework and guide you to rolling a perfective cone :

I decided to go ahead and design the template not only for creating framework covered corner cones, but I besides wanted to the form to be used for basic craft cones for other ( year-round ) projects. If you ’ re a regular craftsman, I don ’ t have to tell you that pre-made cardboard trade cones are ridiculously priced ( $ 9.99 for an 18 inch cone ) and you can ’ thymine find anything improbable than a measly 18 inches ( we like big cones and we can not lie ) .
With my template, there are five (5) sizes of cones all on one traffic pattern ! ! The size of the cones on the model rate from the superintendent tall 28 inch and the smallest being 8.5 x 11 inch that can be used for cosmetic cardstock/paper cones. You can use these patterns over and over and you will never have to buy a craft cone again ! I have besides perfectly spaced the cones so they will complement each other when displayed in a group .
Ok, so here are the sizes that are included in the template/pattern download :

Craft Cone Templates- Buy- Craft

The best part of all of this is that bill poster board is dirt cheap ! You can pick up post horse board for 3 for $ 1.00 at Hobby Lobby and Michael ’ south. Because of the way I designed how you form the cones, the cone is basically doubled up, which makes them super uncompromising and just as strong as the pre-made $ 9.99 cardboard craft cones ! You can paint them, glue stuff excessively them or cover with any kind of framework. The possibilities are endless !
besides, included with the template/pattern is a very detail, step by step tutorial ( with pictures ) for not only making the trade cones but for creating these beautiful fabric covered bill poster control panel tree cones. By the way, because the cone itself is open at the root ( unlike cardboard or styrofoam pre-made cones ), all you have to do is slide the finished cone over a candlestick and you have an moment base/tree stalk :

Fabric covered poster board tree cones- Craft- Buy- For sale-templates- Pattern- Instructions

Fabric Covered Tree Cones- Make- Buy- Christmas- How

Fabric Covered Poster Board Tree Cones- Pattern for making poster board tree cones

Of course you don ’ t have to cover them with fabric, you can cover them with about anything ! Because the tallest cone is more than 10 inches taller than store bought pre-made cones, these cones actually look dramatic with not only fabric but you can use sheet moss to make year rung topiaries :

or you can simple hot glue natural items like pine cones :

Tree Cone- Pattern- Template- Buy- How- DIY- Christmas- Craft- Pine Cone Tree Cone

or do something fun and capricious like covering the tallest cone with kyd ’ sulfur foam spine letters and spray painting it any color conceivable :

How to make poster board tree cones- pattern-template-instructions
Poster board tree cones- template- pattern-instructions- how- craft

You can cover these cones with anything if you do not necessarily want fabric covered trees .
The cones are besides a perfect vacation centerpiece for luncheons or Christmas parties !

how to make poster board tree cones- instructions- pattern- how

last, one of my favorite things about making the tree cones over the last two years has been making them with my friends at our tree cone crafting parties ! This is one of the best crafts to make with a group and if you ’ rhenium looking for a vacation craft to do with the syndicate or girlfriends, this is a in truth fun project to do with a group :

craft party ideas- Christmas craft party idea

thus here are the details on the PDF download for the templates and tutorial ; the download is available in my workshop for $ 9.95 ( I know the image says $ 11.95 above but they are $ 9.95 ) and includes a bit-by-bit tutorial ( with images ) for making the framework covered tree cones and the basic craft cones. The download besides includes a pattern/template that you print out on standard 8.5 ten 11 copy paper that you tape in concert ( the practice is entirely 9 pages ). After you tape the pages ( details are in the instructions ), you will have a post horse board size radiation pattern that has five ( 5 ) different sizes of cones on it for you to cut and trace onto a bill poster board for your chief template in each size .
In the tutorial, I walk you through every gradation of the way and I start by walking you through the elementary summons of tracing your master templates for each size .
Ok, so you will need to have Adobe Reader ( most of us have it on our computers ) to download and view. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can get it barren at With the download, you will receive instructions on how to download and save it to your calculator .
You can buy the template by visiting my new on-line store hera. I will be adding new items to the store over the future few months but wanted to get the storehouse up today so you could make the cones for the holidays .
I will besides be adding an on-line photograph drift in the adjacent week on the web site to show off finished tree cones from readers ! I can not wait to see what you guys come up with to inspire us all ! The details for submitting pictures for the gallery are in the download .
Thank you so much to all of you who have sent emails and left comments requesting the cone templates. I would have never done this without you guys encouraging me and while it has been a distribute of function, I am very gallant of the finished product. Thank you thus much to Shannon and Don with East Texas Scanning/Security Shredding for all their amazing help ! !

I ’ ll be back to my regular projects shortly !
Cheers and glad tree cone make ! !

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