Snowy Christmas Village Silhouette Candle Jars – Practically Functional

I can ’ t resist putting out candles in winter ; something about the flickering light and warmth is merely so comfort, tied when it ’ south bantam tea inner light candles ! But candles by themselves are a small boring, so I made a super cute white Christmas village silhouette candle jar for my tea easy candles this year !

It ’ s such a cute way to display a candle, and it ’ s superintendent quick and slowly to make besides ! I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the vinyl and the whole undertaking took less than 20 minutes ! And if you like the Christmas village silhouette picture I used, I ’ ve provided a dislodge downloadable cut file and PDF template below !

Snowy Christmas Village Silhouette Candle Jars

here ’ s what you need to make these candle jars : ( affiliate links to the products I use and recommend )

  • empty glass jar
  • black adhesive vinyl
  • Christmas village silhouette (you can download the cut file or PDF template for the silhouette I used below)
  • Silhouette Cameo (or scissors or an X-acto knife if your hand is steady)
  • spray snow
  • tea light candle

note : If you ’ re precisely getting started with adhesive material vinyl, Silhouette has a vinyl starter kit out that has everything you need to get started crafting with adhesive vinyl, including a crochet tool and a sail of black vinyl, which you need to do this project !

Spray a few light sprays of snow inside your jolt until it is covered. It doesn ’ t have to be wholly covered in a midst layer ; you placid want light from your candle to show through !

then cut out your Christmas greenwich village silhouette using your Silhouette Cameo, or an X-acto tongue if you have super sweetheart hands !
If you like the Christmas greenwich village silhouette I used, you can download it for barren here !
Peel away the background .

then peel off all the bantam extra pieces like the windows, doors, and holes in the fences. I used my Silhouette hook tool for this and it was super helpful ! ( It comes in the vinyl starter kit, btw ! )

once you are done weeding out all the extra vinyl pieces, all that ’ sulfur left is to attach the vinyl to your jar ! I found the easiest way to do this was to peel up a short length of the vinyl silhouette, attach it to the clash, then peel up a little more vinyl, “ rolling ” it onto the jolt and off of the backing newspaper as you go .

If your jar is rounded at the bottom you may get a few wrinkles or bubbles in the vinyl near the bottomland, but they should be little, so good ignore them ! Or if you want to avoid them wholly, precisely move the silhouette up a short higher on the jar so it lone hits the square parts of the side of the jar .
once your vinyl is completely wrapped around your jar, you ’ re done !

Stick a candle in it and enjoy !

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