Free Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern with Toe Patch

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Learn how to sew a simple Christmas Stocking with this FREE Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern. The Christmas Stocking Pattern comes with two options. Make either a basic Christmas Stocking or make a fun version with a toe and heel patch for a bit of flightiness .

This adorable Christmas Stocking blueprint can be made with or without the toe and heel bandage and can be made reversible vitamin a well !

Supplies needed to sew the Christmas Stocking Pattern

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To make the Christmas Stocking without the toe and heel temporary hookup cut to step 6 to start .
Time needed : 30 minutes. Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern Instructions

  1. Print the Pattern Download, mark, and tape together the Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern. The design can be found in the Resource Library.
  2. Line up the heel patch Line up the heel and toe eyepatch curvature notches that were noted in the pattern being sure that the top and bottom of the patches are facing the right way.

  3. Pin the heel patch place the heel while RST over the stocking front piece. Pin in place. Since this is a curl piece you will want to use a lot of pins to make certain the pieces stay in place and the bend is sewed evenly.
  4. Sew the heel patch Sew 3/8″ wrinkle allowance along the natural edges of the heel part. tailored notches to allow the seam to lie flat when pressed.
  5. Pin and sew the toe patch locate the toe patch RST over the stocking front patch. Pin in place using a draw of pins to secure the curl firearm.
    Sew 3/8″ seam valuation reserve along the raw edges of the toe nibble. trim notches to allow the seam to lie flat when pressed.
  6. Press flat Press both the toe and heel pieces flat.
  7. Sew the outside pieces together topographic point the Christmas Stocking front and back pieces RST together and sew 3/8″ seam allowance along the outside edges leaving the top loose. Cut notches in the curved pieces as shown.
  8. Sew the lining pieces together place the Christmas Stocking lining pieces RST together and sew 3/8″ wrinkle allowance along the outside edges leaving a two to three-inch opening at the bottom. Cut notches in the crook pieces as shown.
  9. Sew the cuff place the handcuff pieces RST and sew 3/8″ seam down both long sides.
  10. Press Press the seam allowances open.
  11. Fold the cuff Fold the cuff in half WST so the raw edges line up and the seam allowances face each other.
  12. Make the loop Fold the bait objet d’art RST along the long edge and sew a 1/4″ seam allowance down the retentive edge. Turn right side out and press flat.
  13. Attach the cuff Slide the manacle over the stock with the right field side of the stocking facing up. Line up the natural edges of the stock and the handcuff being certain to besides wrinkle up the wrinkle allowances on the sides and pivot in place.
  14. Attach the loop Pin the hook iteration to the outside back edge at the seam allowance as shown.
  15. Attach the lining then slide the sprout line over the stocking front, handcuff, and hook loop with the stock pieces facing RST.
  16. Pin Line up the sensitive edges and pin.
  17. Sew together Sew around the entire circus tent edge using a 3/8″ seam allowance.
  18. Turn right side out Turn the stocking right side out through the hatchway left in the bottom of the line.
  19. Roll seam allowance flat Pull the stocking all the way out as shown and roll the wrinkle allowances flat so that it will lay nicely when gather inwardly.
  20. Sew the opening closed Tuck the natural edges of the lining inside and sew the opening closed. You can leave it as is, topstitch the opening closed, or hand stitch the open closed for a more professional finish up.
  21. Tuck lining inside Tuck the liner inside the stock.
  22. Press to finish Press the outside of the stocking and manacle flat to finish.


Watch the full-length video class with lots of tips here:

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