My First Knit Pattern: Christmas Ornament Gift Card Envelope

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that I may earn a small commission if you make a leverage. See our disclosure policy for more information. Learning to knit ? This knitted Christmas Ornament Gift Card Envelope form is the perfect way to learn how to knit and to practice your tension. As a bonus you have a finished item that will stay with the kin for years. I call that a succeed !

Knit Gift Card Envelope Christmas Ornament

Knit Gift Card Envelope Christmas Ornament

When Marly Bird asked if I would design a agile knit design for Christmas, I was terrified ! I am not a knitter, in fact I watched her novice videos throughout the weekend and practiced my tension before whipping up this design. This knit practice is geared toward a VERY founder knitter, just like myself ! For this knitted envelope endowment card holder we are knitting a basic square. The square needs to be about 4.5″, then we will fold it in a manner that creates a minor envelope just the size of a gift card. Grab your needles and let ’ s induce started !
Gift Card Envelope Christmas Ornament Knit Pattern
red Heart With Love in Holly Berry
Knitting needles in size 7 ( 4.5mm )
Favorite this form on Ravelry here .
We are using a smaller needle size than recommended for this thread because we want the stitches to be tight enough that we can ’ triiodothyronine see the endow card at heart. If, like me, you are newly to knitting, making nasty stitches may not be a trouble. 😀 Just do the best you can ! equally long as we end up with a square it will turn out finely .
Free pattern gift card envelope
Gauge: 20 garter sts and 40 rows = 4.5″ ( 11.43 curium )
Use long tail cast on and leave an excess 10 ” for seaming. Cast on 20 sts .
Rows 1 – 40 ( or until square ) : knit across –20 sts
Cast off leaving a long tail for sewing envelope .
You should now have a hearty about 4.5″ improbable and 4.5″ wide. As you can see, I am working on my tension, but like I said earlier… for this pattern that doesn ’ triiodothyronine count. Let ’ s fold it up !

Take the narration from where you fastened off and feed it through the opposite corner as envisioned .

now take the bottomland corner and bring it up to the center field .

now sew the two diagonal seams shut to form the envelope .

We are about done ! We just need to add the hanger, a closure, and a button .

For the hanger you can either crochet a chain ( which, as a crocheter, I find easiest ), or you can knit an i-cord. For my crochet chain hanger I attached in the top leave corner and made a close chain of 30 stitches. securely weave in all ends .
Attach yarn at the tiptoe of the envelope flap and make a crochet chain ( or another knit i-cord ) about an edge long. Secure it and weave in all ends. Add a release to the correspond spot on the envelope and you are finished !

If this was your first pucker radiation pattern I sure hope you enjoyed it ! If you are an have crocheter and you have a set up of knitting needles lurking in the corner, this would be an excellent way to both learn a new skill and practice your tension !
My first knit pattern

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