How to Make Gift Tags with your Cricut + Free SVG Templates

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today you are going to learn how to make the most beautiful give tags with your Cricut ( Maker or Explore ) .
By the way, not only will I be showing you how to make Gift Tags from Cricut Design Space, but I will also provide you with 10+ Free SVG Gift Tags templates.

I assure you that if you read and apply this tutorial, you will be cook to make the MOST amazing Gift Tags for any ( Yes Any ! ) occasion .
Ideally, you will read this tutorial from the beginning because as we go, we will be implementing the concepts mentioned in the previews steps.
Glitter and fancy gift tags made with CricutLet’s make these gift Tags together! In a nutshell, these are the techniques you will be learning today :

  • How to make gift tags using basic shapes in Cricut Design Space
  • Learn how to find ready to cut gift tags
  • How to make gift tags using Cricut Fonts
  • Making gift tags with Print then Cut
  • Making fancy and spectacular gift tags with the templates, I provided you with.
  • I will only cover the cutting process of the last technique; however, you can still apply it to all of the other methods I will be showing you.

Are you ready ?
Let ’ s Daydream Into world !
Note: In this article, I assume you know some basics like changing colors, resizing an image, etc. I do my best to cover everything you need to know, but if you feel lost at some point, please check out my full Cricut Design Space tutorial.

The easiest means to make endow tags in Cricut Design Space is by using shapes. If you are in a travel rapidly and want to cut something truly quick, this is the option that will help you get the job done, fast .

step 1 – Add shapes and create the tag

To add a shape, pawl on the “ Shapes ” release located on the leave empanel of the poll and select the option you want to use ( I choose a r-2 ), then repeat the lapp tone and add a circle for the tag hole .
Resize the shape ( you want your give tag to be ) and the tag hole circle and rate it on peak of the shape .
When you are happy with the location of the hole, select both shapes and chatter on the “ Slice ” release located at the buttocks of the Layers gore .
Make a Gift Tag body with shapes in Cricut Design Space When you are done Slicing delete the undesirable parts, and now you have the body of your chase .
Tip: Explore and create more endowment tags variations by unlocking the proportions of your shape ( select it on the canvass and chatter on the little interlock of the right-hand corner of the choice ) .

measure 2 – Add Text to your Gift Tag

now it ’ randomness time to add text to your gift tag .
When you add text, the default option place is “ Cut ” ; but the theme with the chase is to write on them .
right ?
To tell your machine you want to draw you need to change the “ Linetype ” ( located on the top gore of the analyze ) from “ Cut ” to “ Draw. ”
Learn more about fonts on my How to Edit Text in Cricut Design Space
here ’ s the caveat though, if you change the baptismal font ’ s linetype from “ Cut ” to “ Draw, ” you will have an outlined font .
What if you want your text to look hand-drawn ?
If you want to write in a handwritten style, you need to use Cricut ’ south Fonts .
You can see identical quickly if a baptismal font has a writing style, by selecting it and then clicking on the Style drop-down menu on the top control panel of the canvas. If the baptismal font has the Writing font, then you know you can use it for handwritten style projects .
When you choose writing your Cricut will automatically change the linetype from Cut to Draw .
add text to a gift tag in Cricut Design Space When you are done with your textbook, stead it on top of the gift tag, then select both layers ( text and supreme headquarters allied powers europe ) and cluck on “Attach” located at the end of the level control panel .
Check out how different shapes would look like if you were going to use them as Gift Tags !
Aren ’ t they cute ?
different types of gift tags you can make with shapes in Cricut Design Space

Although making tags with shapes is flying and slowly, they can be quite plain as well .
Let ’ s add an extra touch of creativity !
After all, Isn ’ metric ton that the reason you got a Cricut in the first gear invest ?
On this footprint, I want to teach you how to make a custom-made gift tag using elementary shapes .
Create a custom gift tag with multiple shapes in Cricut Design Space Step 1: Add rectangle ( need to unlock the proportions of a square ), two circles, and a center .
Step 2 : Resize one of the circles and copy-paste it ( Ctrl + V/Cmd + V ) until you have three claim copies. then arrange the circles like the screenshot right above .
Step 3: “ Weld ” circles and overlap them ( two thirds in ) with the endow tag. Make surely that they are aligned to perfection. note : Weld is located at the bottom of the Layers dialog box .
Step 4: Select welded circles and rectangle and “ Weld ” again .
Step 5: Resize the heart and irregular circle. Use the circle at the lead for the giving tag hole, and the heart for the penetrate decoration .
Step 6: Select the chase and the set and click on “ Slice. ” Repeat with the center. ( Delete unwanted pieces )
Step 7: Add text, then select chase and text and cluck on “ Attach. ”
Easy, right ?
If you would like to learn all the things you can do with Shapes in Cricut Design Space, make sure to read my helpful guide.

If you have Cricut Access or like buying images from Cricut ’ s Library, you can find fix to cut endowment tags .
They are beautiful, and they have hundreds of options for you to use !
To find ready to cut endow tags, snap on the “ Images ” clitoris located on the left jury of the canvass and type in “ tag ” in the search box on the right-hand of the window .
Add ready to cut gift tags in Cricut Design Space By filtering with the word “ rag, ” you ’ ll find tons of options. Don ’ t be limited, though ; I encourage you to besides use words like Christmas, Valentine ’ s Day, Birthday, etc .
Tags a very easy to identify !
When you find the endowment tag, you want to use, snap on it and then click on “ Insert Images ” to insert them on your canvas .
At that steer, you can add textbook as I showed you above, or click on Make it, to cut them right away .

You can besides make Gift Tags by using fonts. They are cute, but honestly, I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate recommend you using this method .
I love it when you are making banners (read my tutorial) because Cricut Access has “ banner fonts, ” however, the tag fonts in Design Space are agio fonts, and I think you can get so much more from Cricut images .
If you still want to use this technique, foremost you need to find the right fonts. Start by adding a single word, then, click on the font menu and type in “ tag ” in the search menu and select the one you like .
When you choose the font you like, follow the following steps .
Using fonts as gift tags in Cricut Design Space Step 1: Add a letter and choose the chase baptismal font you would like to use .
Step 2: Duplicate ( or copy-paste ) chase .
Step 3: Select both copies and click on “ Align ” located on the top panel and select the option “ Center ; ” once centered choice both copies and cluck on “ Weld. ”
Step 4: Click on contour ( located at the bottom of the Layers jury ) and hide the letter. Learn more about “Contour” on my helpful guide.
Step 5: Add writing vogue text and early shapes you want to use ( exchange shape Linetype for “ Draw ” ) .
I bought the font, and this is how it looks once cut .
Isn ’ t it cute ?
I used an ocean manner pink wallpaper .

Another technique and one of my FAVORITES is to make gift tags using the Print then Cut setting in Cricut Design Space .
In Cricut ’ s library, you ’ ll find the most beautiful images and quotes to make your gift tag, and then you will print them with your home printer and cut them with your machine .
I won ’ triiodothyronine go into all of the details on how to use Print then Cut in this post, but if you have any doubts, I have a handy Print then Cut tutorial for you to learn how it works.
Note: If you don ’ t have Cricut Access and use multiple images this stick out can be a little expensive ( like 15 dollars ) ; though, if you only use a couple of images it can be anywhere from 2 to 5 dollars .
Learn more about “Cricut Access” on my helpful guide.

step 1 – Add Images

Log in to Cricut Design Space and go to your canvas. once there, snap on images ( left ) panel and then look for all of the images you want to use .
You can find images by typing in the search box the subject you want. For exemplify, if you ’ re going to make birthday tags, type in patty, balloons, birthday, candles, etc .
In this search box, you can besides type in the codes of a particular visualize ( I will give you the codes of the images I used in this project in the adopt gradation ) .
Add images for Print then Cut gift tags in  in Cricut Design Space You can besides type in conserve, wife, beget, Valentine ’ s Day, Christmas, etc. Try using different words for each set of endow tags so you can find respective options and make your endow tags extra fun and vibrant .
Don ’ t choose illustrations merely ; try picking quotes angstrom well. Oh, and you can besides add text as I showed you in the preview steps .
After picking all of your images, cluck on slip in images .

tone 1 – Add a Gift Tag Shape

Add a gift tag “ body ” to place the images on acme. I added one using the method acting I showed you above. But, you can besides use simple shapes or even a tag form from Cricut ’ s Library .
Tip: While you are inserting images and tags, items will be in a unlike order. To bring an element to the battlefront or to send it to the back, select it from the canvas and right-click on it to arrange it in the right field position .

Look at all of the images and tags I ended up using !
again, mix and peer quotes with illustrations, switch colors, and follow your ( creative ) heart .
If you want to recreate this project, here are the codes of the images for you to find them :

  • Enjoy your Day: #MB157D84
  • Candles: #MD6EF570
  • Create a life you love: #MCD7EDAB
  • I am glad you were born: #MB157B4D
  • Cupcake: #MB57612C
  • They say it’s your birthday: #MB157C7B
  • Cake Day: #M8B3C692
  • Happy Birthday: #M2F0AB
  • Cake: #MB43A156
  • Wishing you the Best: #MB157CB4
  • Cake Slice: #MB576137
  • I love you more: #MBE375F9
  • Birds: #MBFDAD29
  • For my husband: #MBD2BF16
  • Love to the moon and back: #MBD2BFA0

When you are done creating all of your endowment tag, and organizing them like the screenshot you see veracious above, select all of the items you have on the sail sphere and click on flatten ( located at the bottom of the Layers dialog box ) .
After flattening, all of your layers ( images, quotes, text, etc. ) should be in a single one.

Remember that with Print then Cut your visualize can ’ triiodothyronine be larger than 9.25. X 6.75 in. If your final layer is bigger than that resize before you click on “ Make it. ”
Note: Size is located on the top panel of the sail .
After resizing chatter on “ Make it. ”

When you click on “ Make it, ” this is the Mat preview you will see ; and this is the way you need to place the print replicate on your mat .
Click on cover, and follow the prompts to complete your plan. If you still have doubts, don’t forget to check out my Print then Cut tutorial.
I will be covering the cutting process on the following and last technique I will be teaching you .
expect at some of the photograph of these give tag !
They are then reek cute !
I love all of the colors and images. There are sol many possibilities you have with Cricut ’ south Images .

I besides “ Print then Cut ” these Gift Tags in Kraft ( brown ) cardstock. Although, for iniquity papers like this, you need a Cricut Maker .
Don ’ t they look AWESOME ?

As I promised at the begin of this article, here, you have twelve different Gift Tag templates to use for your ( personal ) projects .
To access them, right-click on each tag you want, and choice “ Save trope as ” to save it to your calculator. You can also use the download buttons below the thumbnails.
On the follow tutorial, we will be using the first ( Orange ) template and the flowers .

With all of the concepts I just showed you in the previews “ mini-tutorials ” you are ready to take on more complex and playfulness endowment tags .
Although all of the types of gift tags we ’ ve made so far are gorgeous, there are special occasions where you may want to make something extra fancy and dear I say, breathtaking ?
Fancy Gift tag made with the Cricut Maker Are you fix ?
Warning: This is a more boost proficiency. I mentioned all of these concepts at the beginning of this tutorial, sol seduce sure you ’ ve read it before you get going. Although if already rock Design Space, you ’ ll be just ticket .


  • Cricut Maker or Explore
  • Fine Point Blade (a sharp one)
  • Weeder
  • Strong Grip (Purple Mat)
  • Brayer (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Cricut Pen
  • High-Quality Glue
  • Glitter Cardstock (Choose two colors that have a nice contrast)

step 1 – Upload and Organize Images

The files are at the beginning of this part, and we will be using the orange endowment chase and the flower icons .
After you save the files to your calculator, log in to Design Space and when you are on the canvass go to the Upload option ( located on the leave panel ), then click on “ Upload Images. ”
Follow the prompts that Design Space brings up, and once your images are saved, you can see them in Recently uploaded images ; select them and click on “ Insert Images .
Upload a gift tag template to Cricut Design Space The screenshot down below shows how the images should look like when inserting them in the canvass area .
By default, when you insert an SVG file to the canvas, you will see that when you click on it, all of the layers are grouped ; but, since we need to edit them individually go ahead and ungroup the bloom and the Orange Tags .
Organize File in Cricut Design Space We will be using the double give tag ( it will be foldable ) and some of the flowers .

step 2 – Slice and Weld

For this Gift rag, I wanted to add a beautiful “ Cut-Out ” effect. There are many ways to do this, but I decided to use the Slice and Weld cock .
Check out the following image, then let ’ s chat about what I did in more detail .
Slice and edit gift tag Cricut Design Space This Gift Tag has a lot of things going on .
First, you need to change the linetype of the line on top of the endowment rag. Select it on the sail and go to the top panel and change the course from Cut to Score .
Second, for the “ Cut-Out ” impression, we will add a circle and position it on top of the bottom of the tag, then select the chase and circle and suction stop on Slice .
After slicing, you will have three different layers ; two circles and the tag with a “ cut-out ” circle. Delete one r-2 and make the other one a notch larger .
Third, place flowers on top of the circle. They need to overlap the other flowers, and the tag itself .
Last, select all flowers, and the orange tag and suction stop on “ Weld ” to create a individual level, then change the colors you want to use for your project. I went with purple and pink .
Tip: If a layer is on top, or back ( when it shouldn ’ triiodothyronine ) twist click on it and send it to either to the front man or the back .

step 3 – Add Text, Attach and Resize Tag

For this tag, I just added “ From : & To : ” but, there ’ mho something very IMPORTANT you need to do here .
sometimes it is difficult to envision a project after completion ; on this one, for case, we will be placing the cardstock “ reasonably side down, ” so we can cut, score and spell in a unmarried gradation .
So your text must look the right way before you send your project to cut. In this case, you need to rotate it 180° and place it where the screenshot down below shows.
add text to tag and rotate it in Cricut Design Space When you place and organize your textbook, select it along with the empurpled tag and score-line and suction stop on Attach .
After attaching, select all of the items on the canvas tent and size the give tag. For me, each tag ( including the score-line in the excerpt ) was 3 ten 5.5 in .
If you want more than one give tag, select all layers again and duplicate ( or copy-paste ) them until you complete the coveted sum of giving tags you want .
When you are done snap on “ Make it ” on the upper-right hand corner to cut your project. ( Make certain you have the correct machine selected, Maker or Explore )

When you send your project to cut, this is the preview you should have. You may have more “ Mats ” depending on the issue of copies and the final examination size of your endow tags .
Mat preview with tags in Cricut Design Space Click on stay to select the materials and install the tools you will be using .
Cricut Maker Instructions: Select Glitter Cardstock from the materials and choose the tools you are going to use .
On the joyride section, Design Space will always show the tools you will be necessitate and the ones you should initially install. If you don ’ t have the grade wheel, click on edit tools and select it from there .
Cricut Explore Instructions: Set the Smart Set dial of your machine to Cardstock Plus, or custom to select Glitter Cardstock from Design Space .
For the tools, install the ones Design Space calls for first. I am quite surely it will be the Scoring Stylus and fine detail blade .
nowadays let ’ s motion to real-life photograph !
invest Glitter Cardstock reasonably side down on a purple master of arts in teaching. You have to because we are writing on the white side, remember ?
Something I love recently is the brayer. If you have one, use it to extra secure the newspaper to your entangle. If you don ’ t own one so far, use the scraper, and make a little investment nowadays, and treat yourself with a brayer .
I love mine !

When you are done securing the paper to your mat, load it to your machine and press the flash go button on your machine .
Changing tool message…
At some steer, your Cricut will be done with one of the tools and since we are using three, depending on your machine and the tools you chose ( score bicycle or stylus ) Design Space will bring up a presentment to install the missing tool .
Change tool screenshot in Cricut Design Space I had to install the Fine Point blade because I used my godhead for this plan .
Changing the tools with your Cricut (installing fine point blade) When your master of arts in teaching is cutting the endowment rag, and if you are using Glitter Cardstock, you will notice that Cricut will do a second pass .
Since these cuts are so little and intricate, that second pass may damage the giving tag. so, I recommend you lone do one excrete when your Cricut is about to start the second one, tap the pause button of your machine, and drop it .
Important: Don’t use thick cardstock for this project. Ex: Martha Stweart cardstock is too thick and you’ll need two passes, this will destroy the intricate cuts. When in doubt test first.
Pause Screenshot in Cricut Design Space When you press the drop button after pausing your project, you are entirely “ canceling ” that flatness. Therefore you can load your second delirious without having to go back to the analyze area .
Isn ’ thyroxine that aplomb ?
When you are done with the first gear felt, repeat the lapp process for the circles .

once you unload your felt, remove the tags, and circles from it. The best way to remove the endow tag is by bending the mat and letting gravity do most of the work. ( Check the photograph down below )
After removing the newspaper, clean the flat with the scraper, and recur this process with the circles .

Since we didn ’ triiodothyronine do a second base on balls with our Cricut, you may have to use the weeder to push out some of the cuts .
After pushing the negative cuts, glue the lap to the inside of the endowment chase. Please, please use a high-quality glue, for your sanity and the final look of your project, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use kids glue .

Don ’ t they look amazing ?
The photograph don ’ metric ton do it justice, but in person, these endow tags are the most beautiful I ’ ve ever seen in my life .

No joke !
The question is, what occasion are you going to use them for ?

Sharing is Caring !

I hope this tutorial was utilitarian and easy for you to follow. If you followed along, I have no doubt you are immediately an adept in making giving tags with your Cricut .
Do you know it takes me over 25 hours to complete a single Cricut article ? I know, it ’ randomness crazy ! But I like to make certain that you understand EVERYTHING !

I would appreciate your support on Instagram / Pinterest / YouTube / as I am trying to grow my consultation to keep producing great content !

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