22 Inspirational Christmas HTML Email Templates

22 Inspirational Christmas HTML Email Templates

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This article was last updated on November 11, 2021
We are precisely a few weeks away from the greatest christian holiday – Christmas. Slowly, but surely the Christmas fever is spreading round, and not good that, but the shopping fever is spreading out besides. Banner ads, AdWords, Christmas Sales emails … it seems if the internet is on sale .
All your competitors are going to communicate their Christmas offers in the best possible means and you have to be on point besides. In terms of e-mail market, this means that to be successful your electronic mail scheme has to combine smart, catchy design with original and exciting copy. Do you fancy a little serve ?
We dug the internet for you and shortlisted the most concern Christmas electronic mail templates we came across. We hope that these will get you inspired to design your best Christmas email message .
good fortune and felicitous Holidays !

1. Starbucks Christmas Email

Christmas Starbucks
hera is a Christmas HTML email template from Starbucks. It is beautifully designed, it is all in crimson and it displays a solicitation of photos and illustrations, featuring Starbucks ’ celebrated Christmas cups. The greater part of the electronic mail ’ mho body is occupied by sections presenting Starbucks ’ Christmas products – the Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee, the Christmas cookies, the Christmas cards and eGifts and their Verisimo Coffee machines .

2. Happy Holidays from Hulu

Christmas Hulu
The on-line television receiver streaming service Hulu greets its friends with this super creative Christmas HTML email template. This collage of actual Christmas ornaments, newspaper snowflakes, and golden stars displayed on a wooden background looks sol real. The template ends with an image of a burn fireplace, which is one of the most closely consort images with Christmas eve .

3. The Holiday Shoe Edit

Christmas Shoe Edit
That is a creative one. It looks much more like an artist ’ s workplace than an actual e-mail template. A draw of things are going on here, but the style is consistent throughout the whole template. This hired hand drawing proficiency is quite original and it looks identical impressive particularly when mixed with actual photographs .

4. Christmas Gifts and Wrapping

Christmas Not On The High Street The personalized gifts and decorations website Notonthehighstreet.com prepared this Christmas edition email for its clients. The e-mail offers ideas for handcraft decorations and gifts wrappers in a beautiful and original direction. Along with that the top separate of the template is occupied by a radio link menu, which the reader may use to browse through the versatile categories of the web site .

5. All Things Bright and Christmassy

Christmas Paperchase
hera is a Christmas HTML email template from Paperchase, a company specializing in innovative, design-led stationery products. The template is very colorful and presents a long list of products. It start with a links menu on the top, goes through the products number and ends with a 3 for 2 Christmas newspaper wrapping conduct .

6. Little Black Dress – Christmas Reduction

Christmas Little Black Dress
identical fashionable Christmas Sale template in black and white. A fiddling black snip, a black necklace, and even a black Christmas corner, the architect of this electronic mail charged all elements with style. The independent message is besides in black and bolded – SALE. As a finish touch, the use of the darkest color makes the gift box with the crimson ribbon in truth stand out .

7. West Elm Christmas Sale

Christmas West Elm
West Elm, the furniture and housewares retailer, sent this Christmas electronic mail to its clients to let them know that it is the last day of their Christmas sale. The top of the HTML email template features a large Save More streamer in bolshevik. underneath, there is a list of merchandise categories with links to the web site. A memory locator comes after that .

8. Crate&Barrel – Christmas Cheer is Here

Christmas Crate&Barrel
Crate & Barrel, the US retail stores chain, greet their clients for Christmas with this e-mail. The manipulation of actual photos leaves a very lively feeling. The peak is occupied by a large photograph of a Christmas tree, surrounded by presents and snow. underneath, there are the main product categories with links to the corresponding pages on the web site .

9. TOMS – New Year Count Down

Christmas TOMS
Yes, that is right, this one is a class old, but you have to admit that it still looks great. The chief persona is large and it ’ s original, although you may need to step back a little to see what it says – 2015. The plastic snowflakes and the sugarcoat sticks are fine, decent details that give the e-mail template a finished expression. The fact that the image is an actual photo, adds a lot to its authenticity .

10. Happy Holidays from LevelUp

Christmas LevelUp
LevelUp, the Boston based mobile payment platform, came up with this colorful Christmas HTML email template. The surprises they have prepared for their clients are hidden behind gift-like buttons. You have to click on them to see what is awaits for you inside .

11. Merry Christmas from a Red Nose Santa

Christmas Happy Santa

Another retentive template with multiple sections for all your best products, services and deals. The discolor dodge here is crimson and white. red for the Christmas messages and the electronic mail inning and white for the background, which makes all the banners, buttons and text pop improving well. The contacts and the social media links are in the footnote .

12. A Chrstmas Email that Looks Perfect on Tablet

Christmas Looks Perfect on Tablet
here is a Christmas gifts template, starting with a Christmas greeting trace in a handwriting baptismal font. That modest present box in the middle of the page hints about what is to come – a choice of Christmas gifts for your loved ones. The layout of the template is nice and simple, which makes it looks great on tablet and early mobile devices .

13. A Christmas Email Wrapped in Green Ribbon

Christmas The Green Ribbon
hera is a abruptly Christmas HTML email template with beautiful graphics that looks like a red portray wrapped with a green ribbon. With this one it is all about the details – the smiley snowman on top with the aureate star, the courteous fleeceable decoration, the social media buttons at the penetrate, displayed as the ends of page markers, the habit of gradients .

14. What a Christmas Wish! Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Christmas Eat, Drink and Be Merry
A short light, but in the same time very neat design. The Christmas composition is subtly hinted by the mistletoe branches and the line Eat, Drink & Be Merry. The strength of the Christmas message would besides depend on the character of image you choose for the center of the body. That is besides a good case of how handwriting fonts constantly go well with the Christmas theme .

15. Ho Ho Christmas Sale Started

Christmas It's the Time
A classic Christmas HTML email template featuring all the right components – red standard on the top, Santa with the bag of presents, a pair of jingle bells and the Christmas tree in the middle of the page. The rest of the images are besides identical carefully selected and match the overall invention. The template ends with a footnote with an option to subscribe for a monthly newsletter .

16. Happy Holidays!

Christmas Happy Holidays!
here is a very courteous Christmas theme, with short circuit links menu in the top correct and a number of products underneath the close up. The graphics are light and non-intrusive and the layout is smart and bare .

17. Marry Christmas from your Friends at Harry Barker

Christmas Harry Barker
Harry Barker, the US dog accessories caller, greets its clients with this lovely Christmas email. It is about all white, which makes the loss Christmas message and the red udder with chase goodies stand out. On top you have links to the node sphere, products tilt and contacts. The sociable media hub is at the bottom .

18. Santa Joins the Christmas Party

Christmas Santa with a Penguin
That is a amusing one ! Santa and a penguin with a green hat greet you for Christmas. The fact that this HTML email template is that short makes the top exemplification stand out even more. The body of the e-mail is short and to the point, with the Christmas greetings placed on a egg white background, surrounded by snowflakes .

19. Pepperberry’s Invite

Christmas Pepperberry's Invite
A lot of colors, different shapes, and versatile baptismal font styles…. pretty artsy. This Holiday email looks as made of patches, which makes it feel like an old across-the-board, warm and indulgent. The main message is written with a ` chalk ` on a blackboard. Very smart and creative winter design, although not 100 % Christmassy .

20. X-Must

Christmas X-Must
here we have a curious X-Must electronic mail template. The warm, about fall colors used for the background make the Christmas green stand out better. The main merchandise on offer, featured in the upper function of the electronic mail, is surrounded by a hanging Christmas tree, a couple of giving boxes and Santa, which all look like Christmas chocolate bars .

21. A Colorful and Merry Christmas

Christmas Color Fiesta
A beautifully color template that will suit absolutely your Christmas promotion. The acme double includes both the Christmas message and the discount on offer. Underneath there is a green tab key with the social media links, followed by the consistency of the e-mail and the list of products or services your company offers .

22. The Festive Mail

Christmas The Festive Mail
A classical Christmas HTML email template with your Christmas greetings on the top in the form of a postcard. The ` postcard ` besides holds your Christmas discount message – Up to 50 % off. The main share of the e-mail displays more details about your offer and the accurate products you have discounted for your clients .

The Sequel

Check out the 2016 edition of our Christmas Emails Collection 23 Bright & Merry Christmas HTML Email Templates .

Few words of wisdom…

We hope you enjoyed our collection of Inspirational Christmas emails. But remember, as with everything, good results come at a monetary value and that is the clock and efforts you put into achieving them. So grab your sneak and keyboard and may the Gods of Inspiration and Creativity be with you !
In event you need help with your e-mail design or cryptography, see what MailBakery can do for you – HTML Templates from Scratch .

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