Free Printable Christmas Card List

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If you’re getting your Christmas cards in order for the season, I have a great Christmas card list that you can print for a little organizational help. It’s a simple way to keep up with all of those you’re sending a little card love to this year. Download this Christmas card list below (and check out the cute Christmas cards I bought this year).

It’s actually been a few years since we’ve sent Christmas cards out. But, with the passing of my mom this past summer, we’ve been back in touch with a lot of friends and family. It’s inspired me to send a little love across the miles. I’m jotting down my addresses on this Christmas card list to make sure I don’t miss anyone. (Just FYI: I totally made up


of the addresses on the Christmas card list you see in today’s photos. I promise I wouldn’t show my friends’ and family’s addresses like this!) Download your own Christmas card list below.

Our 2018 Christmas Cards

Our cards this year are truly some of my favorites. Check them out below. 

I just had to choose something with some greenish blue !

I went with a non-photo card from Minted, this year. I love the beautiful typography of this one and it can be personalized with your own message on the back. This is called the Merry Little Lines wag. It ‘s actually available in three discolor options. I ca n’t wait to frame one for my walls, excessively. I love using Minted products during the holidays. A couple of years ago, I decorated our family room ( hera ) with lots of Minted goodies. And final year, I created this stallion holiday drift wall with Minted artwork .
While I was perusing the Minted site, I besides grabbed some personalized stationery for myself. I like to send thank you notes to neighbors and friends who send gifts and such this temper. I besides grabbed a typeset for a friend who loves this kind of endowment. Personalized gifts are the best. This card I bought is called the Peony Floral Vine and is available in four color schemes .
I besides grabbed a stage set for my conserve since our anniversary is this workweek. He ‘s a note transmitter, besides. Check out all of Minted ‘s Stationery for Him hera
And then I just had to grab a few personalized notebooks for my kids and husband for the holidays. Minted had a in truth fun choice of these. Check them all out hera.

free Printable Christmas Card List

Download this Christmas Card List printable below. You can print as many pages as you like for the length of your Christmas card list.

not sure how to Print a printable ?

See my complete video tutorial below covering how to print your printables on both a Mac and a PC…on your home printer.

Do you send out Christmas cards every year ?

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