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This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no monetary value to you. Make some gorgeous miniskirt paper angels this Christmas ! You can either hang these saint ornaments on the tree or place them on the mantel .
This craft is also in our Christmas paper crafts ebook.
Paper angel christmas craft for kids. Free printable template available

merely this week I was shopping in the supermarket and decided, completely on impulse, that we must have a raw Christmas tree this class .
The kids adore the ugly fiddling character ocular one my husband bought a few years ago because we needed the smallest tree possible for our bantam inner city terrace theater, but we have more outer space now and I like a pretty tree at Christmas .
so what did I do ? I picked up the first tree I saw in the supermarket Christmas aisle and put it in the streetcar. It looked pretty on the box .
What did I not do ? I did not look at the altitude of it in centimetres written distinctly on the front man of the box. Whoops. This matter I bought is 2m grandiloquent, and we need to fill it with decorations. That ’ s where these short composition angels will come in handy. Print them out, cut them out and fold them together, it ’ randomness actually that easy ( and quick ! ) .

How to make mini paper angels

mini paper angel template

You Will Need

• Scissors
• Construction paper ( or any paper you like )
• Ribbon or string and a bead for hanging
• tape
• The Mini Paper Angel Template below

How to

The best idea is to print the angel template out directly onto the newspaper you ’ re going to use but mine was besides belittled to fit nicely in the printer. here I have held it over the top of the paper I ’ ve used and cut them both out together .
To create the angel form you need to make a cone shape with the wallpaper and slot the two slits on antonym sides of the template together. This will leave you with the little orotund head popping up at the clear and one stern circle-shaped flank on each side. once you get the hang of this it ’ mho quite slowly. Secure the angel together with a piece of magnetic tape. The washi tape idea seemed good at the time but clear magic magnetic tape would credibly look better and you can stick it on the inside for a more seamless finish .
mini paper angels craft

Tie a bead to the end of a assemble of bowed stringed instrument. This stops it sliding out the top hole when you hang it on the corner .
mini paper angel template
Pop the ribbon through the holes at the top and there you have it !
Mini paper angel ornaments
I ’ ve made them in a rainbow of colours in plain construction newspaper but you can make them in any color, print or specialization wallpaper you like .
paper angel christmas craft
I love how bright and cheerful they turned out, perfective for our huge newfangled tree when it goes up soon .
If you like composition crafting you might like our latest ebook ! These miniskirt composition angels are one of 12 printable Christmas newspaper trade templates featured in the book .
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adorable mini paper angel template to make ornaments to hang on the tree. Free printable template

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