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Hello friends, here on this foliate I am gathering all the templates I have for unlike macaron shapes.

I always get questions about how I make my macaron templates .
I normally make my templates by going on Canva and trying to make them myself. And sometimes I use photoshop to alter the purpose to fit my needs. And I besides have an illustrator who helps me when I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find oneself or make what I need. This post may contain affiliate links. I earn a mission from dependent purchases. Please read our privacy policy here .
Click on each template to download, then you can print them and use at home ! Place the template under your mat or parchment wallpaper .

Do I have to remove the template from under the mat or parchment before baking?

I always like to remove the templates before baking the macarons. The newspaper under the master of arts in teaching will offer a barrier between the tray and the macarons, which will cause the macarons to have smaller feet because of the extra protection against the heat, so I strongly recommend removing it before baking .

Mirrored Templates

Certain designs require you to print side 1 and side 2, pipe, and bake both slope, differently you won ’ triiodothyronine be able to combine the cookies and form the macaron sandwich .
therefore let ’ s get to the templates .

Round Macaron Templates

Let ’ s depart with the basics. I prefer using a silicone flat with a template already in it. But for the longest time I printed my own r-2 templates and placed under parchment newspaper to be able to pipe my macarons. If you prefer using parchment paper that ’ south bang-up, so here are some templates you can use to pipe your macarons .
Find below different sizes, some people prefer to pipe their shells 1.75″ and some prefer 2″ shells. I personally like my shells slightly bigger, towards 2″ .
I am besides offering mini macaron templates, so you can pipe small shells. I personally love making mini macarons, they are fun to make, and besides playfulness to eat .
last, find the template for large 4 inch macarons, that you can use to make beautiful macaron cakes !

Giraffe Macaron Template

here we have two different giraffe templates, one is for a large giraffe ( which I like to think of as the Mama Giraffe ) measuring 4″ in stature, and the early one is for the baby giraffe, measuring about 2.75″ in altitude .
Remember to print side 1 and side 2 for each, they are mirrored, so you ’ ll be able to combine them into the “ macaron sandwich ”, if you pipe just one side, you won ’ metric ton be able to combine the macarons late to form the macaron sandwich .
You can check out my giraffe Macarons here .
Giraffe Macarons with heart sprinkles around, and a mama and a baby giraffe.

Beer Macaron Template

This is a fun template, when I made it, I besides added a royal ice decoration to the foam part, and painted the mug with food coloring to add some details to the macaron .
Remember to print side 1 and side 2 for each, they are mirrored, so you ’ ll be able to combine them into the “ macaron sandwich ”, if you pipe just one side, you won ’ triiodothyronine be able to combine the macarons subsequently to form the macaron sandwich.

Find the recipe for the Beer Macarons here .
macarons shaped like beer.

Flamingo Macaron Template

These Flamingo Macarons are some of my most popular macarons. Find the template below !
Remember to print side 1 and side 2 for each, they are mirrored, so you ’ ll be able to combine them into the “ macaron sandwich ”, if you pipe just one english, you won ’ triiodothyronine be able to combine the macarons by and by to form the macaron sandwich .
Flamingo Macarons.

Easter Macaron Templates

here are some fun Easter Macaron Templates. Bunnies, carrots, eggs, find your front-runner shape, print them, place them under your mat or parchment, and pipe away ! It will make Easter fun !
spread of easter macarons, macarons shaped like bunnies, carrot macarons, nest macarons, and robins eggs macarons.

Heart Macaron Templates

here we have a few unlike heart templates as featured on the blog. The Heart Shaker Macarons have a window in the middle, they are closely 4 inches in width because it ’ sulfur easier to pipe the borders of the heart if the template is boastfully. I am besides including 2.5″ template and a 2″ template. You can find how I used the 2″ template here, and the 2.5″ template was used to make these beautiful Heart Brownie Macarons .

Christmas Macaron Templates

These are the arrant Christmas Macaron Templates !
We will start off with the Reindeer Template .
Reindeer Macarons
These Penguin Macarons are ace cute and perfect for Christmas !
macarons shaped like penguins.
And last we have these cute Gingerbread Men Macarons .
Gingerbread men shaped macarons

St. Patrick’s Day Macaron Templates

I offer 3 unlike kinds of St. Patrick ’ s Day Macaron Templates : Shamrock Macarons, Rainbow Macarons, and Pot of Gold Macarons, check them out below .
When making the rainbow macarons, make sure to print both sides – side 1 and slope 2, so you can form the macaron sandwich by rights .
rainbow macarons and macarons shaped like pots of gold, filled with gold sprinkle coins, and with mini gold macarons.

Watermelon Macaron Template

watermelon Macarons were some of the most playfulness I ’ ve ever made. Download the template below and make indisputable to watch the video and read the post on this page then you can learn how to pipe them .

Pumpkin Macaron Template

These are by far the most popular download template on my web log. Find the broad recipe and television for the Pumpkin Macarons here. I besides published a template for 3-section pumpkins alternatively of 5. They are a bit easier to pipe, and they are mirrored because the root is facing sideways, you can always precisely print one template and pipe the bow upright .
macarons shaped like pumpkins.
Pumpkin Macarons shaped like pumpkins, on a plate seen from the top with pumpkins around and a sign saying harvest.

Apple Macaron Template

This is another very popular template. The apple template can be found below, and the full recipe and video can be found here .
Make certain to print and pipe both sides, so you can form the macaron sandwich .
macarons shaped like apples on a plate with caramel sauce on the side and an apple.

Square Macaron Template

Square Macarons are decidedly arduous to pipe. I have made them for the Minecraft Macaron set that you can find here. I have besides included below the template for the TNT macarons, I recommend strongly that you watch the video on YouTube before making them, square macarons can be identical slippery .

Sea Star Macaron Template

Find below templates for sea asterisk macarons, make sure to print side 1 and side 2, so you are able to make the macaron sandwich .

Pineapple Macaron Template

I had this Pineapple Macaron Template for a while but still seaport ’ metric ton had a chance to use it. still I thought it would be decent to make it available to anyone who wants to make them.

I hope you enjoyed the templates. I will continue to update this page with newly templates every time I make a modern one .
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